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Dyon’s anger raged, the small flickers of black flames playing in his hazel-green eyes.

The campaign heads watched on in interest. Although they didn’t like Dyon, they couldn’t help but admit to themselves that they had severely underestimated him. But, this was something anyone would have found ridiculous. If you had paid attention, how could a first in line genius fall in love with a normal man? They should have realized this a long time ago instead of letting their biases play their thoughts.

“Dyon? What’s wrong?” Delia looked confused. “I only haven’t awakened my const.i.tution to 100% because Patriarch Niveus wanted to study the pill to see if more of our sisters could benefit… I hope you don’t mind.”

Dyon’s heart broke at Delia’s naivete. She didn’t have access to the senses Dyon had with his aurora, how could she tell that the pill she had given in good faith had already been used?

“What an excellent sect you are.” Dyon’s eyes sharpened, not yielding to Evelyn in the least.

“What do you mean?” Evelyn said playfully. “The truth is just as younger sister Delia has said. It can’t be that you want to keep such an ingenious thing to yourself, right? You should be kinder to women, I’m quite good friends with Madeleine, I wouldn’t want her to know of her future husband as a short-tempered brute.”

Dyon turned to Delia, “When my soul reaches the 8th stage, I’ll form another one for you. Are you willing to follow me?”

There were not enough pills to condense to be effective at 100%, Dyon had already used too many of them. Therefore, he could only wait until he became a high-level grandmaster array alchemist. So, his soul would need to climb to the peak of the 7th stage before he could boost it to the appropriate level.

Delia looked at the person she had called big sister for the better part of the last year and half. She was slowly beginning to piece together what was going on – but, she didn’t want to believe it.

“Dyon.” She said softly. “Are you sure?”

Dyon walked over to Delia, ignoring the glances of everyone and walking right past Evelyn.

He placed his hand on Delia’s shoulder, “You’re Madeleine’s little sister. Therefore, you’re mine too. I want nothing but the best for you and a corrupt sect like this isn’t.”

Delia looked down, gripping her fists at her knees as she tried to control her emotions. There was nothing she wanted in life more than to get stronger. She had watched her father age away in a backwater Academy for much of her life. She had learned her mother was taken away by the Clyte G.o.d Clan, a clan she knew next to nothing about. And now, the sect she had chosen to grow stronger, one she had put her faith in, had betrayed her.

“Leaving the Niveus G.o.d Sect is nothing short of a crime punishable by death. I’m not sure what it is you think happened, but I hope you won’t be following a fool to your grave.” Evelyn spoke calmly, her smile never leaving her face.

“You’ve taken our resources, our techniques, you’ve learned our secrets and so much more. Our patriarch has even spent precious amounts of her time diligently teaching you. You’re quite ungrateful.”

Dyon’s head snapped, the back of his hand flying towards the unsuspecting Evelyn.



The eyes of everyone widened as Evelyn was sent flying across the room, the shrieking of her voice causing them to wince.

Erea stood violently, “YOU! That’s my sister!”

Dyon said nothing to her, instead looking back to Delia, kneeling down one knee, “Hey,” He said trying to get the attention of the dazed Delia.

No one knew what was going on. Evelyn was a first in line genius! Her G.o.d const.i.tution wasn’t among the best and her talent couldn’t compare to Madeleine or those with faith seeds, but that didn’t change the fact she was a high-level Meridian formation expert. And yet, Dyon sent her flying when it was clear he had no cultivation!

Delia looked up and into Dyon’s eyes weakly, “I’m so sorry Dyon. I – I lost something precious of yours…”

Dyon’s heart saddened looking at Delia. From what Madeleine had told him, he was quite aware that Delia had a tough exterior but was still quite weak. She had a lot of room to grow as a person and the situation with her parents was fast-tracking the progression. But, she felt like this was a wall she had hit. And yet, she cared more about letting Dyon down than not having awakened her const.i.tution.

Dyon sighed, “When I give something, I don’t claim it to still be mine. I gave the pill to you and you had every right to use it as you wanted. You have a kind heart and wanted to help people. How could you know someone you thought of as a big sister would take it for herself?”

Erea froze at these words, slowly turning towards the bloodied Evelyn. Her sister’s usual beautiful appearance had become swollen – even some of her teeth were missing.

“Very good!” Evelyn shook violently, shoving medicinal pills into her mouth. “From this day forth you’re expelled from the Niveus sect!”

Dyon turned a sharp gaze to the bloodied white-haired girl, “Say something else and I’ll kill you.”

Evelyn froze mid-sentence, shaking violently under Dyon’s gaze.

Dyon looked her up and down in disgust, “I can already tell what happened. You practice a technique that requires chast.i.ty and yet you didn’t keep it. You’re pathetic. You have no conviction, so you seek to make up for it by stealing what belongs to others. Tell the old b.i.t.c.h of your sect that Delia will no longer be in the Niveus sect. The fact she manipulated a young girl for the benefit of such a pathetic first in line genius is enough for me to kill her.”

Evelyn eyes widened at Dyon’s words, “Y- you!”


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