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BaoBao huddled into a ball, turning around as if he couldn’t see her. [You can’t see me, you can’t see me.] His cute shivers of fear could only make people pity him. XunMi softened, yet didn’t know where to put her anger.

Now that she was temporarily safe, XunMi was now primarily focused on what to eat. In this condition, with the occasional help of BaoBao and the system market, XunMi dragged her half-paralyzed body around Death’s Eye for a year.

Day after day, she had the same routine. She would wake up, eat, and cultivate. When her spiritual energy was abundant, she would direct some of the energy to her leg.

When she had enough spiritual power, she experienced with attempting to reconnect her tendons. After half a year, XunMi successfully restored all the meridians in her legs and began practicing walking. In the beginning, each step felt like she was stepping on needles, causing her to break out into cold sweat each time.

If not because she was longing for her lover, she would have given up and just bought a wheelchair to get around. Luckily, she finally saw the fruits of her labor after a year.

Now, she can jump and run without much issues. The only issue now was that her body itself was still on the weaker side. However, the XiSui pill had made it so that her muscles and bones would be affected by cultivation faster. XunMi was already very satisfied with these results.

When she was done with her mission, she find her dear husband and then nurse herself back to full health.

The first thing she did after she was able to walk again was to run towards the closest water source and take a delightful bath. For half a year, she hadn’t been able to bathe, only getting by wiping herself clean with clothes soaked in water. After two hours and her skin had begun to wrinkle together, she finally climbed out.

Currently, she still had about a year before the storyline began. She could take advantage of this time by leveling up.

In TianZe Mainland, there were distinct divisions between different levels. Soul disciple, soul scholar, soul master, soul commander, soul king, soul monarch, soul sage, soul senior, immortal soul, demiG.o.d, and G.o.d. There was also martial arts disciple, martial arts scholar, martial arts master, martial arts commander, martial arts king, martial arts monarch, martial arts sage, martial arts senior, martial arts emperor. Within these, they were separated by low, middle, and high rank.

Before Liu XunMi had been crippled, she cultivated in magic and martial arts, being a soul monarch and a martial arts king respectively. She really was a true daughter of heaven. After all, in Tian Ze Mainland, there hadn’t been anyone that has reached demiG.o.d status in thousands of years. The population of spirit sages and spirit seniors was also rare.

Being a spirit monarch in TianZe Mainland could even allow you to take control of a kingdom. Unfortunately, Liu XunMi was too unfortunate.

XunMi wanted to recover her spirit monarch rank and then breakthrough to spirit sage. Her martial ranking was unthinkable right now- her body wouldn’t be able to bear it.

For the remaining year, XunMi spent all her time cultivating. Finally, her hard work paid off. However, even though her ranking was recovered, she still didn’t have actual personal combat experience.

XunMi threw her tent into her inventory, grabbed BaoBao and opened up the protective force field, and advanced towards the center of Death’s Eye.

She urgently needed to practice her powers on some demon beasts, especially on that wretched rabbit. The most depressing thing about XunMi’s last two years was that white fluffy adorable rabbit. Everyday, it would appear in front of XunMi, and even tilt its head to stare at her. But when she looked over, it would disdainfully turn its b.u.t.t to face her. That arrogant manner made XunMi’s lips twitch.

Using her grief as strength, she blew the flute near her lips. One moment, she played with thick killing intent, the next she played the tone warmly.

The ice-blue flute she had handily brought with her from the last world was considered a high level tool in this world. After strolling through the area, XunMi satisfactorily glanced at the pitiful demon beast before her. With a wave of her hand,  she had them all scurrying away.

She was now able to determine her strength was on par with spiritual sages. But her body was still a flaw. It was only the early hours of morning and she was already feeling tired and in need of rest.

[Madam Host, where are we going now?] BaoBao excitedly floated in front of XunMi. He had been in this pit for two years now. It was so boring, he really wanted to see his host go torture those sc.u.m and smack their faces.

XunMi leaned on the tree and played with the flute in her hand. “The female lead is almost here. Don’t I need to go protect her?”

“Liu ZhenXin should be living in the lap of luxury right now. I really would like to know what her reaction would be when she sees me.” She mischievously curled her lips upwards.

BaoBao didn’t bother to stop Madam Host’s delusions. He only knew that he wanted to leave this boring place.

All the demon beasts: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Do we not even exist?

Although she had said she wanted to leave, XunMi still stayed for another month. Everyday, she would go out to fight the demon beasts. When the people from the outside saw the people fearing wild beasts, they all began to hide as soon as they smelt XunMi’s presence. If they were so unlucky to meet her, they would just lay on the ground and play possum.

XunMi had done an exceptional job at displaying the original body’s use of fists. With the lead Xiao Bai (XunMi’s new pitiful rabbit), they were able to escape out of the Death’s Eye.

XunMi almost broke down in tears of joy. It really has been too long! She had  spent two years as a wild woman deep in the forests. She truly missed the taste of civilized society.

Carrying Xiao Bai, who was looking for the right opportunity to slip away, she quickly plundered forward. With the help of original body’s memories, she finally found her way to a small inn.

XunMi pulled out some gold coins and asked for a private room. She plannned to just wait here for the female lead’s arrival, and get a good night’s sleep in the process.

Most importantly, she needed a bit of time to melt her gold. Within a day, the Cool XunMi has made about a thousand gold leaves. Satisfied, she went to take a comfortable bath.

Obviously out of place, a beautiful girl stared in shock at her surroundings. Cl.u.s.ters of weeds disorderly piling around her. No buildings in front or behind her. Looking further ahead, she realized she couldn’t even see the edge of the horizon.

All she had done was fall asleep while taking a bath at home. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in this place.

G.o.d, are you joking with me? What is this? Please have pity, she just wants to go home. Transmigrating isn’t fun at all! She was an adult, she’s not excited about this at all!

But everything she saw before her made her want to cry. What is she to do, where was this?

Ouyang HanShuang randomly chose a direction and determinedly walked forward. Due to her luck, she was able to meet someone after persisting for a day.

However what they were wearing gave her a bad premonition. In addition to the way they were looking at her, they made her tremble in fear.

She was someone that has risen up to general manager at her company. She knew how to read people, especially when she needed to understand what someone wanted.

Soon, her premonition was affirmed.

“Boss, is that her?”

“It should be. Our employer said the girl would be wearing very strange looking clothing.”

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