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Rex was lying in the deep pit in the ground

[alert… you have been affected with dark Qi]





[Lesser Darkness Resistance(Lvl 1)u003eu003eu003eLesser Darkness Resistance(Lvl 2)]

[due to the effect of ‘Lesser Darkness Resistance’ the dark Qi in your body has been neutralized]

‘d.a.m.n looks like I have broken few bones…what’s the damage report’ (Rex)

[you have two broken ribs, your left shoulder had dislocated, and the muscles on your back are torn from few places and you have several bruises and cuts on your wings]

‘Eh.. Why is the injury on my body is not healing’ (Rex)

[actually it is healing but it is just too slow]

After Rose said that he noticed that injury on his wings and muscles was slowly healing, it was the effect of Lesser Regeneration but in his current situation its effect was not that good

‘No that’s not what I mean, since I acquired Gamer’s Body all my injuries healed in seconds but now why is it not working’ (Rex)

[oh that.. Its because I forcibly turned it off]

‘Huh… why?’ (Rex)

[earlier didn’t you said that you wanted to raise the level of Lesser Regeneration so i thought using it in real battles will raise its level faster]

“…” (Rex)

[Lesser Regeneration(Lvl 1)u003eu003eu003eLesser Regeneration(Lvl 2)]


Rex facepalmed*

Rex indeed decided to level up Lesser Regeneration fast because when he bought the skill and used it for the first time he discovered a very precious thing

Normally when Rex’s injury healed because of Gamer’s Body his body can recover to peak state in an instant but the drawback is the lost HP does not return

But Lesser Regeneration is different when it heals the body it also regenerates HP and increases HP regeneration rate

That’s why Rex gave it priority but he dare not use it in a life and death battle especially at its current level

‘Little Rose please give more importance to my life and stop thinking like that now let me heal’ (Rex)


[a.n.a.lyzing damaged bone structure..1%..29%.43%..75%..91%…100%]

[damaged bone structure a.n.a.lyzed]

[a.n.a.lyzing damaged muscle structure..1%..27%.39%..65%..95%…100%]

[damaged muscle structure a.n.a.lyzed]

[a.n.a.lyzing damaged nerve structure..1%…31%.41%..69%..88%…100%]

[damaged nerve structure a.n.a.lyzed]

[whole body’s damage a.n.a.lysis complete]

[starting full body restoration]

[Restoring damaged bone structure..1%..21%…43%…56%..74%..93%..100%]

[damaged bones Restoration complete]

[Restoring damaged…]

[total consumption is 89 SE points]

Many notification alert rang in Rex’s head but he ignored them and slowly walked outside the range of dust cloud

Because a dust cloud might be good to hide against a mortal but is it really useful in front of a cultivator who has spiritual sense?

When Rex walked out of the dust cloud he still had several visible wounds on his body but he was not worried about them because he knows that Rose has already started to work so it will only take few seconds to return to his peak state

When Rex walked out of the dust cloud his expression was not good because whenever Rex’s body healed like that the pain he feels is like his body had been destroyed and reformed again at a very fast speed

“f.u.kkk that really hurt” Rex spoke as he walked out of the dust cloud

Chang Jong was shocked when he saw Rex coming out of the dust cloud but just when he was about to speak no words came out of his mouth because he saw something that made him dumjbfolded

He saw that the wounds on Rex’s body healed at the speed visible to the naked eyes

At that time the only thought that came to his mind was

Medicine Pill

‘This b.a.s.t.a.r.d wasted a high grade recovery pill….even the sect master do not have such high grade recovery pill and it was wasted on this b.a.s.t.a.r.d… I need to kill him fast or who knows how many pills he would waste’ (Chang Jong)

The corpse puppet moved showing that it was ready to attack

“Sigh.. Looks like going all out is the only option” (Rex)

Rex placed the axe back in his inventory and took out a 2nd tier sword

Rex did not had any axe technique to use and martial arts plays a vital role in battle so he chose to use sword because he did have a martial art which can work with both sword and blade

‘Rose activate Twilight'(Rex)

Rex received Twilight as a pa.s.sive skill but he asked Rose to temporarily deactivate it because every night when he was under the moon his hairs started to s.h.i.+ne which made him look like a walking lamp in the dark night so he decide to temporarily deactivate it

[Twilight is activated]

[your STR, AGI, VIT, DEF and END is increased by 10% temporarily]

Rex long white hair gave off a white l.u.s.ter

Chang Jong was shocked again but Rex ignored his shocked expression and raised the sword in hand to attack the corpse puppet

’12 Overlord Slashes: 1st slash'(Rex)

When Rex executed his attack his movement became more swift and faster not just because of Twilight but the martial arts itself

This time Chang Jong was taken by surprise but he didn’t care much after all Rex was not able to do much damage even when he dealt a direct blow to corpse puppet earlier


Rex pa.s.sed by corpse puppet’s side

A long cut appeared on the puppets chest


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