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Chapter 571: The Shameless CEO Ji

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After a good night’s rest, she crawled out of her bed spiritedly.

It must be because she had not been to work for so long that she felt very energetic today. Getting up early in the morning, she chose a formal outfit she had not worn in a long time.

Once she was done putting on the black business attire, she took a seat before the vanity mirror and combed her hair into a neat bun.

“Perfect!” She smiled brightly at her reflection in the mirror and then went to wash up in the comfort room.

Done with dolling herself up, she rechecked the items in her bag and left the confines of her room.

“Hm? Smells so good…” The fragrant smell of food traveled into her nostrils – it was a very familiar scent.

With this aroma wafting in the air, she made her way downstairs.

She quickly spotted the man in a suit elegantly having breakfast at the dining table.

“Why are you up so early, too?” She regarded him with surprise. She only took special care to wake up early because she would be going to work after much effort.

It was still not the normal working hours, yet… this CEO was up earlier than she was?! That makes no logical sense.

He took a sip of the soup in his bowl first before he answered her question.

“I am the company’s CEO; tell me what time I should wake up, then.”

“Still, it’s far from the time work starts. Aren’t you up a little early…” she countered softly.

As though he did not hear her remark, the man calmly and coldly asked, “Aren’t you going to sit down and have breakfast?”

“Ah? Oh!” She belatedly took a seat at the dining table.

She could not help but widen her eyes in shock when she noted the rich variety of Chinese dim sum.

“Wow! What a sumptuous breakfast we have today,” she involuntarily muttered.

“Mhm. Hurry and eat.” He did not ignore her this time and even urged her to eat.

Although she felt odd about him saying that to her, she did not think about it much.

Using the ladle to serve herself a bowl of porridge, she realized where that familiar smell was coming from. It was from the porridge!

“Is this sweet potato porridge?!” she exclaimed in disbelief.

It was beyond her expectation to find such a simple porridge on this man’s dining table.

“Yes, what’s wrong? Do you not like it?” He frowned at her.

“No, it’s not that. Of course, I like it…” She hurriedly shook her head.

She was just surprised that the chef in this man’s household would cook this type of simple porridge for him.

Once she said that she liked it a lot, the man’s grim face turned bright.

“Have more if you like it,” he urged, continuing to have his breakfast.

Nonetheless, his statement stunned her, not having expected for such words to come out of his mouth.

Calming herself down and settling her heart, which had suffered numerous shocks in this one morning, she happily dug into her breakfast.

In fact, not only did this porridge smell familiar, its taste… was also very familiar to her.

This sweet potato porridge had a similar taste to her mother’s cooking, except that it was richer in flavor.

“Ziming, this porridge from chef is really delicious!”

Polis.h.i.+ng off a bowl of porridge, she took this chance to tell this to the man.

The man nodded absentmindedly at her remark, seemingly not caring much for it.

This att.i.tude was his usual, so she did not suspect anything.

Naturally, unbeknown to her, while she was happily gulping down her porridge, a certain Mr. CEO was secretly peeking at her the entire time.

The enjoyable breakfast quickly ended.

As the breakfast truly suited her palate, she downed two buns, a plate of steamed dumplings… and a large portion of others. Basically, she had taken at least a bite of every item on the table.

She was so full that her stomach bulged.

“Burp!” Having eaten a lot, she involuntarily burped the moment she stood up.

She, who was making good headway in her etiquette cla.s.s, astutely apologized to the man in sheer embarra.s.sment.

“Sorry. I ate a lot.”

He was instantly amused by her abashed look. It looks like this dumb woman’s etiquette cla.s.s isn’t for nothing.


She looks really adorable whenever she burps…

“Let’s go,” he said.

“Huh?” Not understand what he meant, she questioningly stared at him.

“Go to work. Aren’t you going to the company today?” He did not even look back while he was saying this and just continued to head to the door.

“Yes, I am.” She still did not get it.

“Quickly follow me there, then.” Having finally realized that she was not catching up to him, he paused in his steps and turned his body slightly to look at her.

“Follow you there?” At this point, she finally understood what he was talking about.

Still, after figuring it out, she only felt even more baffled.

“I can take a cab there myself.”

She had not once considered getting a free ride from him to work!

“Stop fussing and just hurry up,” he coldly rebuked, not giving her another chance to respond.

“…” Does this annoying fellow speak human language?! I even put emphasis on taking a cab instead of his car: why must he still insist on making me follow him?!

Doesn’t he know that we should be avoiding arousing any rumors?!

“Aren’t you going?” Noting that she remained in place, he turned to look at her with a seemingly uncaring face. His next words, however, made her follow him obediently.

“I’ll have someone send you to Bauhinia Court, then.”

“…” F*ck! This shameless and despicable person!

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