Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 1008 – As long as the child in her stomach disappears…

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Chapter 1008: As long as the child in her stomach disappears…

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Ji Ziming carried his fiancée to another bed in the ward as though he were carrying a treasure.

After placing Pei Ge carefully on the bed, he gently covered her with a blanket.

Once he was done, he planted a kiss lightly on her forehead. Smiling thereafter, he sat down by her bed and gazed at her quietly.

Just by looking at her, his mood improved and he kept smiling.

However, not long after, his phone rang, and the smile on his face was replaced by coldness.

After he saw the caller ID, he left the ward quietly, afraid to wake up the woman.

Closing the door softly, he walked to the corridor and picked up the call.


He stared ahead, his voice sounding cold.

“Is the matter settled?”

The voice was filled with chilliness, and even though it was a simple question, it made people shudder.

“Sir, Miss Qiao…” Du Wen’s hesitant voice was transmitted over the phone.

“What’s wrong with her? Did she go back on her words?”

His voice grew colder and lost every shred of gentleness it had earlier when he was with Pei Ge. Right now, he was like a horrifying demon from h.e.l.l.

“It isn’t that, sir. She didn’t go back on her words. It’s just that the doctor said that… her condition isn’t suited for an abortion.”


The man’s frown deepened at his secretary’s words.

“Not suitable?”

“Right. The doctor said that, given her condition, if she insists on getting an abortion, it will affect her fertility in future, so…”

“…So it can’t be done?”

When those words were spoken, his face turned ugly.

The secretary gulped as he perceived his boss’s unhappiness from his voice before he forced out the rest of his words.

“It’s not that it can’t be done, but it can’t be done now. The doctor said that the risk will be much lower if it’s done a month later.”

“A month later…”

He could not wait even for a month anymore, unfortunately.

The moment he thought his fiancée catching wind of this, he had the urge to strangle that woman to death.

It went to the extent that he did not care whether Qiao Jingyun could have a child in the future or not. He just wanted to have that unborn child… aborted as it could not exist in this world.

Alas, that woman was not anyone else, but someone who had once saved him and was once the sun in his life…

Reason was telling him to wait, but the love in him wanted to be rid of that child as soon as possible, regardless of complications.

“That’s right, sir. What should we do…”

Although the a.s.sistant knew his boss pretty well, he did not dare to suggest anything right now; thus, he carefully asked for his superior’s opinion at this point, afraid of incurring the latter’s anger.

Honestly speaking, he actually hated settling this kind of matter for the man. Who knew that, one day, he would settle something like this for his boss?

His boss was clearly morally upright and was a devoted lover. Who knew why something so horrible had happened?!

“What did she say?” Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes coldly.

“Miss Qiao… said she wants to wait for a month,” answered the a.s.sistant tentatively.

He could empathize regarding this kind of matter. Which woman did not want to become a mother? Since it was just a month’s wait, she would definitely not choose to abort it now!

Hearing his secretary’s reply, the man remained silent for a moment before sighing. “Arrange for people to look after her during this one-month period. Don’t let her go anywhere and don’t let anyone visit her.”

Just let that woman disappear this one month.

Only once that child is gone will everything go back to normal.

What the man did not realize was that this was just a ploy to separate him from Pei Ge…

Thus, the moment this plan was executed, everything he and his fiancée shared was bound never to return to normal again.

“I understand, sir.”

Once the call ended, Ji Ziming stared intently at the phone in his hand for a long while. In the end, he sighed deeply and re-entered the ward.

His frustration disappeared upon seeing the sound asleep woman inside.

He walked slowly to her bed, and under the gentle lighting, his gaze mellowed as he looked at her face.

“Pei Ge… you’ll always be by my side, right?”

He softly caressed her face as he stared greedily at her slightly curled lips.

Don’t leave me… Pei Ge, please don’t leave me. You’re forbidden from leaving me… If not, I don’t know what I’m capable of doing.

It seemed that, having experienced the matter with Qiao Jingyun, the dark side of him had been roused.

When it came to his relations.h.i.+p with Pei Ge, he always had the anxiety of losing something.

While he feared that she would discover this matter between him and that woman, he did not want lies to exist between them, either.

These two contradicting thoughts tortured him ceaselessly.

That woman getting pregnant was the last straw, and as a result, his personally became warped.

The moment that woman told him that she was pregnant, his first thought was not to let Pei Ge know and his second thought was to make that woman disappear.

Even though that woman was someone who had once saved him, in his mind, there was only the thought of making her disappear—disappear completely…

That was because she had become a ticking bomb between him and Pei Ge. As long as she was around, there was a possibility of it all exploding one day.

If that ever happened, his fiancée would likely… leave him.

“Pei Ge… I won’t let you have any chance to leave my side…”

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