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“Ling Xiaoxiao, don’t worry, I will definitely help you retrieve your chest armor. You need to return to the Dragon Fighting Realm immediately and tell the managers about what happened here.

They would immediately search for the Ming Clan’s base and destroy it. If time dragged on, they would open the altar and summon the demons from the other world. Then, the Human Clan would be annihilated.

You saw their cruelty as well, so we should unite now to fight against the Ming Clan together. ” Shen Longxuan said seriously.

Ling Xiaoxiao had always been with him, and through this matter, she gained a new understanding of Shen Longxuan. He now felt that the excuse Shen Longxuan had said might be true, because an honest and upright person like him shouldn’t have done such dirty things.

Although he was bad sometimes, that was when he was dealing with bad people, especially when he killed Tie Mu and saved him. This made her feel that Shen Longxuan was a hero.

“Alright, I will bring back this news as soon as possible. I won’t go back on my promise even if I think about it. I will come back for you.” With that, Ling Xiaoxiao turned and left.

Shen Longxuan suddenly had a headache. He could not go and find the Black and White Emperor because they were his enemies. He could not go and seek help from other Martial Saints either.

In the eyes of these people, he was already a dead man. Yue Tianhe and Ri Qingtian should know that he was not dead, but, once they became Martial Saint Stage, they would part their soul and place it in the Soul Nurturing Palace.

Therefore, the two of them were not safe, so if he wanted to inform the other boundary field about the Ming Clan’s base, he would have to rely on himself.

“Sigh, my four great clones are respectively in the Four Great boundary field s and underworld s. If they can have a type of sacred art, then it would be perfect, and wouldn’t be as pa.s.sive as this two times.

He didn’t know why his clones were in trouble, nor did he know what they were doing there. What if one of his clones turned bad?

Shen Longxuan suddenly felt a sense of crisis, why did he have to steal another woman’s breastplate for no reason, stealing was not a good thing at all!

“I have to find a way to contact the avatar, and it should start from the soul. That is my soul, but the distance is too far, I cannot sense it, and it is already the cultivation of the Martial Saint Stage, and the Spiritual Soul is also much stronger. There must be a way to do it.”

Shen Longxuan casually found a mountain and personally established a simple cave abode. After that, he released Lord Turtle, and when he was in danger, he also stored Lord Turtle into his dantian.

“Hmm? “Why am I here? Milord, I was bathing in the hot spring just now, why did you bring me here?” Lord Turtle faced the sky, his hands continuously moving about, but he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Shen Longxuan hated him so much that his teeth started to itch. He was dead outside, but he was bathing in the hot spring, so he asked with a cold face: “Little Turtle, next time we fight, you come with me!”

“Ah?” My lord, I was wrong. In fact, I was on a continent, interacting with a large red beetle. She said that she was very lonely and wanted me to accompany her to play.

I thought it must have been raised by an adult, so I played with her for a while. I was just teaching her how to swim. Master Tortoise saw that Shen Longxuan’s face did not look good and quickly explained.

Shen Longxuan looked at Master Turtle. With his lecherous personality, he would definitely not do anything good.

“Little Turtle, do you know of anything that can connect to my clone?”

Lord Turtle blinked his green eyes, and said with a faint smile, “Sir, then are you still going to enter the relic?”

“What’s the point of this following us into the relic…” You mean there’s something like that in the relic? ” Shen Longxuan suddenly realized.

Lord Turtle sat cross-legged on the ground and said, “During your time of closed door cultivation, the relic has already been activated to the third one. Only the fourth relic has not been officially opened yet.

I have already investigated thoroughly, the fourth relic is the original Celestial Soul Clan, they were born with a strong soul, but they were unable to condense or refine clones, so they can only possess bodies.

The most important thing was that they had invented a method that allowed them to take control of more clones. It was called Great Soul-Multiplying Arts, which was said that this technique allowed one to split one’s soul and take over another’s body without any limitations. At that time, the Celestial Soul Clan had relied on this Arcane Arts to dominate a large race.

Later on, their cultivation method was known to outsiders, and they thought that this Great Soul-Multiplying Arts was too vicious, so they were killed by the alliance of other races.

However, the Celestial Soul Clan used their unique soul power to preserve the majority of the clan, making them the most complete of the Four Great Remnants. “

Saying that, Master Gui looked at Shen Longxuan. Ever since he had explored the first ruin, this lord of his had suddenly lost interest in the ruins.

How could he know that at that time, Shen Longxuan was in a state of turmoil, he basically did not have the mood to go to any kind of relic, but it was different now.

“Tell me when the relic will open.”

When Master Turtle heard, he knew that there was a door, he immediately said, “This relic is different from the others. Because it is relatively preserved and the soul of the Celestial Soul Clan is strong, even though the entire clan is exterminated, there are still remnant souls protecting it.

Every hundred years, the ruins would open, and the remnant souls there wanted to find a suitable successor and pa.s.s on the Celestial Soul Clan’s Great Soul-Multiplying Arts.

The opening this time around should be in the next few days. Right, in ten days! “

“Alright, I must obtain this Great Soul-Multiplying Arts. Oh right, Little Turtle, is the small beetle you mentioned a male or female?” Shen Longxuan’s tone suddenly changed.

“Of course it’s female … Ah? Master, why are you asking this? ” Lord Tortoise immediately became alert.

Shen Longxuan brushed off the dust on his body and stood up, “Of course I have to ask, because that is the only living being that I keep!

Ah!” Rest a.s.sured, my lord, I am only teaching her how to cultivate, nothing more. ” Mr. Turtle wiped his cold sweat.

Shen Longxuan patted his shoulder and said: “That’s good, then teach her more, maybe she will be as powerful as you in the future.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Rest a.s.sured, my lord, I will definitely teach her well when I have the chance. However, I have a question. Could it be that it’s an area that humans and Demonic Beast have never been to before?

And I’ve also discovered that the land is growing every day. Master Tortoise asked, puzzled.

He had even specially run to the edge of the continent, wanting to see through the void beyond the land. However, after two hours, he discovered that he was almost three hundred meters away from the edge of the land.

There was one time when the continent had more than doubled in less than two hours. The continent’s spirit energy and laws were very complete and seemed to be even more lively than the Profound Dragon Continent. That was the ideal place to cultivate.

“Hm!” This is a place of cultivation that I have specially opened up for you. As my strength increases, the s.p.a.ce there will become larger and larger, and the benefits will naturally increase as well. “

After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, Lord Turtle looked at him in shock. How was this possible, to open up a s.p.a.ce, that was an ability only the Martial Monarch Stage had, Shen Longxuan had just broken through the Martial Saint Stage, how could he have this kind of ability?

Although he had countless question marks, he did not dare to ask too many questions. That was because it was better to not interfere in the matters of adults. Whatever the Lord wanted, he would do.

Therefore, he did not doubt Shen Longxuan’s words.

“Master, let’s go back together!” Lord Turtle said.

Shen Longxuan almost fell to the ground. How did he get into his own s.p.a.ce? Then did he still exist? Was he, after entering the s.p.a.ce, left with another s.p.a.ce in his body?

He discovered that he was trapped in an endless cycle of death. He clearly knew that it was impossible for such a thing to happen, but he still wanted to practice it.

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