Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 858 – The real expert (2)

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Chapter 858: The real expert (2)

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Huang Yueli smiled, “To tell you the truth, I’ve gained some knowledge related to refining of armaments previously so I have some understanding of Profound Armaments quality and power.”

Tang Jinhua replied, “Really? Then tell me your reasons for choosing them?”

Huang Yueli smiled as she spoke frankly with a.s.surance.

“This dagger’s colour distribution is filled with glossiness and it’s due to the equal distribution during the convergence process. As a Water attributed Profound Weapon, the degree of convergence is extremely important. The amplification of ability for Water attributed pract.i.tioners is much stronger than other Water attributed Profound Armaments!”

“You even know about all these!” Tang Jinhua praised, “This were all taught to you by your father? He’s really something!”

During the refining process, the point of emphasis for different attributed Profound Armaments are not the same and only by bringing out the implicit qualities of that particular area to the max would be most suitable for the pract.i.tioner with that attribute.

Unfortunately, this kind of knowledge was only known to Armament Masters. In order to be able to sell the Profound Armament that they refined at a high price, they would never pa.s.s on this key to others.

So for Huang Yueli to know about all these, Tang Jinhua thought she was rather impressive.

He continued to ask, “Then how about this chest-protecting mirror? What thoughts do you have? This is an Earth attributed Profound Armament and the fineness is rather ordinary so why did you choose it?”

Huang Yueli replied, “Because this chest-protecting mirror, amongst all the fourth tier Profound Armaments, is the only one which has supplementary Profound Skill added on!”

When this kind of Profound Armament was worn, it was able to activate the supplementary Profound Skill to attack the enemies. This was equivalent to obtaining a Profound Skill without the need to cultivate!

This kind of Profound Armament was worth a lot of money so there was no need to say anything else!

Tang Jinhua was tongue tied, “This…. You can even see through this??”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards, “I’m merely guessing! Looks like I’ve made the correct guess?”

Tang Jinhua looked at her deeply before shaking his head and sighed with emotion, “This really… the student the master! That year, your father’s foresight had always been good but you’ve already surpa.s.sed him by leaps and bounds! Looks like your understanding of Profound Armaments is just like a little bit, like what you said!”

Speaking of this, he suddenly seemed to remember something.

“I’ve heard others say that you’re a Fire attributed pract.i.tioner! That should be following your mother? I remember your father belonged to Metal attribute! Do you also have Metal attribute innate talent?”

Huang Yueli replied, “I do have some Metal attribute innate talent but my main cultivation method is Fire attribute.”

Tang Jinhua’s eyes lit up, “You la.s.s, you’re actually a dual Metal and Fire attribute pract.i.tioner! This is great! I believe you also know that dual Metal and Fire attributes are the fundamental requirements for Armament Refining training! I’d never expected you to have such innate talent, plus the fact that your foresight and understanding is so great… have you ever considered to become an Armament Master?”

“Ug…..” Huang Yueli was stumped by his question.

Armament Master? Of course she had thought about it, and probably no one could compete with her over this!

But how was she supposed to reply to this kind of questions?

Tang Jinhua added on, “Li’er, Uncle Tang thinks you’re a good successor for learning refining of Armaments and if you’re interested, you can learn from me! I believe based on your understanding, to become a proper Armament Master is imminent! How about it?”

Huang Yueli never expected him to come out with this idea and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this moment.

She hurriedly rejected him, “This… I’d never thought of this kind of matter!”

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