Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 804 – A spanking for each one (1)

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Chapter 804: A spanking for each one (1)

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Huang Yueli’s shocking performance left Jiang Tuxin dumbstruck, thinking that he definitely had seen an illusion.

“Is… Isn’t this too outrageous? She’s just a new student and yet….. even Zhu Jiucheng was defeated by her! If I didn’t remember wrongly, she’s only fourteen!”

Zhu Jiucheng was already the top thirty core students and this type of person had a high possibility of joining Celestial Light Sect. Because of that, he had left an impression with the

Mo Yi said, “Is there a need to be so shocked? There’s always someone better out there so it can only be said that this Miss Bai is really an outstanding cream of the crop. Moreover just based on her looks and demeanour, you can tell that she’s extraordinary. Her future achievements and fate is unimaginable.”

Jiang Tuxin didn’t expect Mo Yi to give her such a high evaluation.

After all Mo Yi himself had joined Celestial Light Sect since young. His innate talent was extremely outstanding, adding on to the Sect’s nurturing, his potential and cultivation when he was fourteen was even higher than the current Huang Yueli!

He had actually spared no effort in praising this new student…..

What Jiang Tuxin didn’t know was when Mo Yi finished his words, he turned secretly towards Li Moying to steal a glance.

Ever since Li Moying had arrived at the viewing platform, his expression was icy and he didn’t say a single word while staring at the tournament stage. That cold, aloof look was akin to the stars in the sky, high up and out of reach.

Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin were scared stiff when they saw his expression not daring to speak a single word to him.

Only Mo Yi was able to tell that even though Li Moying had an aloof expression, his mood was extremely good. That sharp peach blossom eyes looked more peaceful than ever.

Especially after Mo Yi had praised Huang Yueli, Li Moying even casted a glance at him. The glint of smile in his eyes was obvious that he was delighted because the lady that he liked was praised, no different from a young lad experiencing love for the first time.

Mo Yi sighed in his heart: Master had really gone deep this time!

When Jiang Tuxin heard what Mo Yi said, they also started to praise Huang Yueli with all their might.

Li Moying heard those praises for a while, suddenly stood up and said, “Today’s not early anymore. Since the tournament had ended, then you can also go prepare a little.”

Jiang Tuxin went into a blank, “This…. Young Sect Master, forgive me for my ignorance. I wonder your purpose in coming to Celestial Light Academy is for …..”

Li Moying looked at him and said, “ Jiang please don’t be worried. My purpose in this trip is to settle some personal matters only.”

“Personal matters?”

Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin looked at each other in the eye, both looking confused.

Li Moying didn’t explain further but put his glance back onto the tournament stage before he suddenly said, “The new top student on the stage….. where is she staying right now?”

Jiang Tuxin was at a loss now but he still replied, “Every first year’s top ten students have their own individual courtyard and as Bai Ruoli is the new top student, the location that she’s staying is is the best, not far away from below the Spiritual Artery. There are mountains on one side and water on the other, the Profound Qi is also more abundant which makes it suitable for cultivation. Our academy will always give those outstanding innate talented students …..”

Jiang Tuxin wanted to take this opportunity to exaggerate how effective his management of the academy was but who knew he had just started and was cut off.

“Help me arrange a courtyard just beside Bai Ruoli and additionally help me arrange an ident.i.ty. Tomorrow onwards, I will stay at Celestial Light Academy for a while a.s.suming the ident.i.ty of a student.”

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