Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2684 – A Real Strong Practitioner (6)

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Chapter 2684: A Real Strong Pract.i.tioner (6)

Seeing Lord Zhan walking nearer and their wish to self-explode becoming a mere desire, Bai Liufeng felt extremely devastated.

Although his determination was powerful enough and he did not fear any torture, he did not wish to die a horrible death in front of Huang Siluo…

But now he had no way to be relieved of this…

Lord Zhan drew out his sword and thrust it at Bai Liufeng!

But before his blade had even touched Bai Liufeng, he sensed an incomparable powerful force from his back!

This gust of Profound Energy was not only powerful and pure, but the speed was also extremely fast. He did not even have any time to react when he was sent flying!

He gave off a “pfft” sound!

Lord Zhan spat out blood in mid-air and a few teeth also dropped out.

Following that he crashed heavily on the boulder next to the blood pool!

“You… What…”

Lord Zhan was seeing stars from the huge impact and he felt dizzy.

It took him a while before he finally regained some consciousness. He wanted to check what happened but the moment he opened his mouth, he spat out several teeth again and the b.l.o.o.d.y taste in his mouth was so fishy that he almost choked.

Moreover, as he lost several teeth, he couldn’t speak clearly at all and could only give off blurry mumbling noises.

At the same time, all the meridians and bones in his body seemed to be shattered.

Lord Zhan felt his entire body feeling pained and itchy, as though numerous worms were biting at him from the inside. But unfortunately, he could not even lift a finger. His entire body seemed to have turned into a lump of mud.

He looked towards the blood pool’s direction in fear and astonishment.

In the hazy blood mist, a tall figure slowly appeared above the pool.

His body was levitating upright and he held an amethyst electrical current light sword. There was a pair of dazzling electric wings behind his back!

“Sov… Sovereign!”

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu instantly recognized their Master. For a moment, they almost cried happy tears!

“Sovereign, you… you’re really not dead! That’s great, that’s really great! This Subordinate knows that you will not possibly die in that despicable villain’s hands!”

Bai Liufeng and Huang Siluo were in a daze and they revealed an ecstatic expression.

“It’s Moying! I didn’t expect that Blood Moon Great Array to be unable to trap him! We… are saved!”

Liu Buyan rejoiced for a short moment. But when he recalled something, a dark expression appeared on his face.

Lord Zhan had already seen the countenance of the man who walked out. He was extremely shocked and his mind went blank. “No… this cannot be true! How could Li… Li Moying possibly be alive? I… I must be dreaming… this must be a dream…”

Li Moying’s handsome face had no expression as he walked silently towards Lord Zhan.

Thunder attributed Profound Energy kept leaking out from his body.

Every single place where he walked past, the fluctuations in the air turned disorientated, as though it could not stand the powerful energy from him.

Li Moying walked in front of Lord Zhan and stopped. Then he looked down coldly at him.

Even if Li Moying just stood there and did not move, Lord Zhan could sense how powerful the strength in his body was. It had far exceeded the instant surge of strength that he had, from eating the evil pill which was refined from the human races’ pract.i.tioners!

The current Li Moying was simply too powerful!

He was so powerful that Lord Zhan only had desolation and fear left in him. He totally lost any desire to compete against him!

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