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Chapter 334
Chapter 334: What kind of life?

Junlan Church

Still, why does Lyn attract so many guys? Indeed, she’s pretty, but these guys aren’t after her appearance . When they arrived at the church, they were welcomed inside . They didn’t seem surprised to see them . Currently, they were in a section of the church .

Lyn tugged on his hand, “Kazuya, they said my old room is still around . Do you want to see?”

Huh? He looked over at the other two who were busily engaged in conversation . He supposes it’s okay right? Kazuya nodded, and Lyn pulled him out of the room . They made their way up a large flit of stairs . After walking for a few minutes, Kazuya realized how high up they were going . On the way here, though, Kazuya spotted that all the rooms were together .

How come hers is separated?

Eventually, they arrived at the top of the staircase .

“You stayed here?”

“Yes! Isn’t it pretty?”


Pretty? This place? There’s only a single bed and desk . An individual bookshelf and cabinet, the window is tiny too . It looks like the place where they would lock up those who commit crimes and make them repent . But for Lyn, she may not have a problem with this place . It was the same when he brought her out to the market too . Lyn feels like the cheap things are good enough for her . The plain stuff – the leftovers . It made him sick whenever he thought about the kind of life she has lived these last few years .

How can she be content with this?

While she doesn’t have to be lavish, but she shouldn’t degrade herself to a single spec of rice . Lyn should at least allow herself to have a normal living standard . Kazuya glanced around the room, such empty walls . Not only is she a girl – but she lived here as a child? This is not the environment you raise a child in .

“Lyn, can I kiss you?”

Lyn laughed awkwardly, “Uh, well . Okay . “

Kazuya sat down on the bed, too, and pushed Lyn down . His hungry lips on hers . She tastes so sweet . .

Lyn is so pretty . . . Porcelain white skin, such fair skin . . though some people would argue that it is a sign of unhealthiness . But, Kazuya found it beautiful . He moved his lips away from hers and kissed behind her ear . Before his lips made their way down to her neck, and then . . .


She–she makes noises like this too . Lyn… He wonders what she would look like if he were serious . If he didn’t treat her so preciously, what kind of expressions would she make?

“T–time out!” Lyn exclaimed as she lightly shoved him away . “Kazuya, what are you doing? Were in a church . . “

“Right, sorry,” he mumbled .

Lyn lightly pecked his cheek and laughed . “What’s wrong with you, Kazuya? You’re acting weird?”

Her smile is so innocent; she is so radiant . She calls herself dirty, but then what does that make him? Kazuya brushed their foreheads together, and Lyn looked at him puzzled . “Kazuya, is everything okay?”

“I’m just tired . “

“You should rest?” Lyn seemed unsure, and he wrapped his arms around her .

“Tell me about your time here . “

Lyn smiled, “Okay . “

He likes listening to her talk, even if she is talking about other guys . His thoughts broke off when he felt Lyn’s lips graze against his cheeks . At first, he didn’t think much of the girl’s actions, but when he felt her kissing other places . Kazuya immediately bolted up .

‘d.a.m.n, what is she doing now?’ Was it because of the mood just a few minutes ago? “Lyn, you…”

The girl seemed very puzzled and suddenly exclaimed, “Ah, it was bad?”

“I don’t think that’s the issue here…”

Lyn laughed, “I’m sorry; you just seemed to be in a daze so…”

Right, Lyn wouldn’t think anything about her actions just now . Kazuya caressed her cheeks . He really does want to treasure his relations.h.i.+p with her . Maybe it’s because he is the same age as her . But unlike Rhys, he doesn’t want to use any underhanded means to get what he wants .

Unlike Rhys, he wants to . . treasure Lyn properly . “Kazuya, where’s my present?”

Ah, Kazuya stood up and picked up his bag from the corner of the room . He took a small box out of it and gave it to Lyn . “Sorry, it isn’t an accessory this time . ” Kazuya did think to get her another accessory, but it feels like she has a lot of those now .

“A globe?”

“It’s called a snowglobe . Do you like it?”

“It’s so beautiful! Wah, you can see snow falling from inside . . ” Lyn observed the item curiously .

“Yeah . “

“Kazuya, Kazuya . Where is this? Is this a place?” Lyn asked curiously .

“It’s actually in the Sound Kingdom . ” It surprised Kazuya when he saw some globes based on the places in the Sound Kingdom . According to the merchant, he bought them from a wandering traveler .

“Sound Kingdom?” Lyn’s eyes sparkled . “Have you come here?”

“Yeah, it’s a nice place . I’ll show you when you come,” Kazuya ended his sentence abruptly . When she comes? Will he ever be able to bring her to the Sound Kingdom? With the way things are now, there is no chance of that happening .

But even so, Kazuya wanted to try . He wants to show Lyn the beauty of his home . While the ones in charge right now are beyond corrupt . The environment isn’t .

“Okay, I can’t wait to see it!”

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