Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 499 – I Am Like A Pervert 2

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Chapter 499: I Am Like A Pervert 2

The white s.h.i.+rt was half rolled up and was hanging between her arms. It restricted the movement of both her hands. Shen Qianshu was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. She had no means of escaping in front of the big wolf.

“Master, it hurts…” Shen Qianshu cried. She did not know whether the sensation she felt was shame or pain. She was trembling so much. Ye Ling tried to deceive her by kissing her lips. It was as if he was pacifying her. However, his hands below did not stop at all.

“Wooo… ” The sound of a cat was heard. Ye Ling and Shen Qianshu, who were engrossed in their worldly desires, suddenly froze. As they turned their heads to the side, they saw Burger. Burger was a little kitten. It was white and furry and had a pair of eyes which looked like gla.s.s. They did not know when it had jumped onto the bed. It made a curious wailing sound and laid on the soft and comfortable blanket. It looked at the man and woman, who were intertwined together, with a pair of serious and curious eyes.

“… ” Ye Ling was fuming mad.

Shen Qianshu was speechless.

The air was suddenly quiet.



A rush of suffocating awkwardness came over them.

Burger did not know of any troubles and even stuck out its claws to touch Shen Qianshu’s fair shoulders.

Shen Qianshu was speechless.

Burger, will you be able to live beyond tomorrow?

Ye Ling’s eyes made it look like he wanted to eat someone up. He suddenly grabbed Burger and made a throwing posture. Burger was so frightened that it made a wailing sound. Seeing this, Shen Qianshu quickly stopped Ye Ling. Ye Ling was so angry that he threw Burger out, but there was much less force. Luckily, it did not get thrown to its death against the wall.

Burger rolled around sharply and landed on the carpet steadily. It seemed like it felt that their bed was very comfortable. It crouched on the floor, raised its head, and made a jumping posture. Shen Qianshu saw Ye Ling’s temple jumping out suddenly.

Burger jumped and came up again. It looked at them seriously, grimly, and curiously.

Ye Ling took a deep breath. This situation was simply too awkward. Shen Qianshu quickly pushed him away, rus.h.i.+ng madly to collect her clothes, and she then ran towards the cloakroom. Ye Ling looked at Burger with a darkened gaze as if he was considering whether to steam it or to stew it.

Burger was ignorant. It jumped into Ye Ling’s arms and licked the back of his hand gently.

“… ” Ye Ling was fuming mad.


What kind of person would rear a cat?

A lot of guts like a lackey!

Tong Hua was looking for Burger everywhere. “Did anyone see my Burger?”

“Burger, where did you run to?”

“Don’t be naughty, we are going to sleep.”

“Burger, Burger… you had better not run into daddy and mommy’s bedroom.”

“Burger, I have a bad premonition… ”

Little Tong Hua looked for Burger like he was singing opera. His voice was just outside the room. It was as if he had done it on purpose, and he just would not leave. Ye Ling carried Burger expressionlessly, ignoring its wails, and threw it outside the door.

“Look after your cat properly!”

Burger was being thrown to the floor and was extremely pitiful. It surrounded little Tong Hua with its tail hooking onto Tong Hua pitifully.

Tong Hua was terribly heartbroken. He carried Burger up. “Humph, ruthless!”

Shen Qianshu changed into her home clothes. Her face and ears were red, and she practically did not dare to look at Ye Ling’s eyes. She scratched her head in distress. “I’ll go… find something to eat.”

She ran downstairs in an instant. She had eaten a lot for dinner and was not hungry yet. However, she really could not stay in the same room as Ye Ling. Recently, the misfiring had been getting more and more serious. Although the chefs worked around the clock, Shen Qianshu did not want to trouble the chefs. There were four refrigerators in the kitchen which were practically filled with food. There was a big refrigerator which was specially filled with fruits, desserts, beverages, and alcoholic drinks. Shen Qianshu took out a small dessert and a cup of yogurt, and she ate listlessly.

Ye Ling came downstairs. His gaze was dark and cold, and he did not look happy. Anyone would not be happy if they were interrupted by a cat while being engrossed in doing something of their interest.

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