Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 1100 – Love From The Elders

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Chapter 1100: Love From The Elders

Elder Lin looked over. He also smelled this.

It cleared up his mind.

Liu Zhiyun said calmly, “This tea is made from a Tree of Life’s leaf and Spring of Life’s water.”

Xu Bingbai and Elder Lin were stunned.

Xu Bingbai hurriedly poured himself a cup. “Ze, you brought back such good stuff?”

Elder Lin rushed up. “Old Xu, don’t drink it all. Leave me some!”

He took the kettle and poured himself a cup.

Liu Zhiyun: “???”

Why weren’t the two elders shocked?

Lu Ze smiled. “Yes, Elder, we have some more things from the Elf Race that can improve our race. I’ll give them to you soon.”

Xu Bingbai and Elder Lin looked keen.

They sat down on the couch.

Xu Bingbai said, “Let’s see it.”

Lu Ze handed over the storage ring he organized over to Xu Bingbai.

Xu Bingbai took the ring, and the two elders scanned it with their mental force.

Elder Lin exclaimed, “There’s so much?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Indeed, use it as you see fit.”

The two elders had serious eyes.

This much resource was beyond their imagination.

After some silence, Xu Bingbai said, “We’ll split these resources into three portions. One portion can go to the Shenwu Army on Planet Shenwu. One portion can be brought to Planet Jinyao for the younger generation. One portion can be brought back to the ancestral planet as a backup.”

Elder Lin nodded.

“That’s fine, exactly how we divide it will have to be discussed with Nangong and Augustus.”

“Then, let’s go back now.”

The two didn’t even drink water and planned to leave.

Lu Ze quickly said. “Two Elders, wait. I still have this.”

He took out a white crystal.

Immediately, the spirit force in the room intensified many times, and it was still rising.

Everyone gasped. “Medium-grade spirit gathering stone?!”

Lu Ze nodded. “This is the most precious item I got this time. Where should this be placed?”

Xu Bingbai’s white eyes turned red. “Of course, on Planet Shenwu! The Shenwu Army has the most prodigious soldiers in the Federation. With this, their cultivation speed would shoot up by a lot!”

He smiled at Lu Ze. “You guys are used to the Cultivation Building. If you’re in the Federation, then use it. If not, how about leaving it to the others?”

Elder Lin rolled his eyes.

“We should contact Nangong. Perhaps he wants this on Planet Jinyao.”

Xu Bingbai asked, “Why notify him? I think it’s great to leave it at Planet Shenwu!”

Lu Ze and the girls felt that they had gotten into trouble.

If they didn’t tell Elder Nangong, he would beat them up.

If they did tell Elder Nangong, Elder Xu would beat them up.

Elder Lin coughed. “If you install the stone here without telling Nangong, he would tear Planet Shenwu apart after he finds out.

Xu Bingbai asked, “Are we going to let him install it on Planet Jinyao then?”

“There are prodigies on Planet Jinyao, but how many of those would be coming to the Shenwu Army or leaving the galaxy afterward?”

“This…” Elder Lin was at a loss for words.

To be honest, Planet Jinyao was the center of the Dawn System. The Dawn System students are at the top of the Federation, but there might not even be one each year that can come out to support the race.

It was indeed a waste to leave it on Planet Jinyao.

But at the Shenwu Army, it was different. Every soldier there was a prodigy fighting for the Human Race.

But in terms of building a foundation, it was better to place it on Planet Jinyao.

Elder Lin didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, s.p.a.ce rippled and Elder Nangong appeared.

He immediately saw the stone in Lu Ze’s hand.

“There really is a medium-grade spirit gathering stone?!

Xu Bingbai and elder Lin were dazed. “Why did this old guy come?”

Lu Ze and several people asked, “How does Elder Nangong know this was here?”

Elder Nangong sneered. “If I didn’t come, this stone would be placed in the Cultivation Building! How can you?! This thing must be placed on Planet Jinyao. The prodigies need to get a better foundation while they are younger!”

Xu Bingbai’s eyes glared. “Bulls.h.i.+t! Those prodigies haven’t even been to the void s.p.a.ce. Giving it to the Shenwu Army prodigies is better?!”

Elder Lin sighed. “Let’s talk this out? Sit down and talk nicely. Look at the good tea that Ze brought back…”

Elder Nangong roared. “Drink bulls.h.i.+t tea! Stay out of this, Old Lin! Old Xu, you want to fight, right?!”

Xu Bingbai grinned. “Come, it’s been a few hundred years. Let’s fight today then!”

“Sure! Winners keepers!”

The two tore open s.p.a.ce and disappeared.

Only then did Elder Lin sit down slowly and pour himself some tea to drink.

Lin Ling asked, “Grandpa, would they be alright?”

Elder Lin smiled and waved his hand. “What can happen? We’ve been fighting right from the beginning.”

“With you guys here, the Human Race has been getting better and better. They can relax and move around.”

Nangong Jing said with some doubts, “Why did my grandfather suddenly come?”

Everyone looked at each other before looking at Liu Zhiyun.

Liu Zhiyun smiled. “Ze, you’ve given me such good tea. I don’t have anything nice to give you, so I called Elder Nangong over. This is love from your elders.”

Lu Ze was very grateful.

Elder Lin raised his brows and said, “What? Ze, you gave that to Liu Zhiyun? That’s a waste!”

Liu Zhiyun: “???”

Elder Lin glared at Liu Zhiyun, and he immediately looked away.

He couldn’t beat the old guy.

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry Elder Lin, we have some portions for the elders.”

Elder Lin smiled. “I was originally wanting Liu Zhiyun to give me half.”

Soon after, two figures came back.

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