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Chapter 821 – A Different Dao


Two great halberds collided. Sparks flew everywhere, and the void split. The two both possessed innate divine force. This place was about to erupt with divine force!

Everyone protected their ears with symbols, quickly flying in retreat. This type of scene was too horrifying. Were these even still supreme experts? They were powerful to the extent of making deities fearful. 

This was especially the case with these two great halberds. Neither of them were ordinary objects, able to split open the void. The enormous black crack was enough to make deities fall back, not daring to touch them. 

It was because it was a crack in the void!

No one expected their collision to be this intense.


Immortal Palace Inheritor cried out. The immortal feather battle armor released radiance like that of a flying immortal, blazing and resplendent. His body surged with killing intent, and then with the great halberd in hand, he rushed over again.

Enemies collided, eyes red with anger. 

“Too ferocious! This is an unmatched quality!” The supreme experts that retreated all s.h.i.+vered coldly. This scene made even their souls tremble. Immortal Palace Inheritor, after merging his two bodies, became powerful to a heaven defying degree. 

s.h.i.+ Hao released a long roar. His entire body erupted with heaven overflowing radiance, blood boiling within him. He held the Void Halberd in his hand, sweeping it forward.

He didn’t hold anything back as he slaughtered forward. The halberd’s blade was snow-white and s.h.i.+ning, illuminating the sky. It was as if the ancient era’s most powerful war G.o.d had appeared, his power unmatched!


This time, the two halberds collided again. The void was torn apart, and divine radiance surged. A sea of light erupted in all directions. The two individuals were like human True Dragons as they continuously clashed. 

“Immortal Palace’s inheritor is actually unable to stop him even after merging with the main body!” There were supreme experts who were shocked. 

The entire world knew that once Immortal Palace Inheritor’s true body emerged, it would exceed the past, enough to make him comparable to ancient freaks. He would become an expert at the peak of this realm, already becoming unmatched in the present world!

However, when he brought out his weapon and fought a great battle against someone else, his eyes bloodshot from the intensity, he still wasn’t able to defeat the other party. This made others deeply shocked. 

“This is nothing unexpected. It is because that is… Huang!” Someone said quietly.

Even though s.h.i.+ Hao’s appearance changed greatly, the halberd in his hands was too striking. It was originally Immortal Palace’s treasure, a priceless weapon, but it was seized by him instead. Many people knew about this.

This was also why Immortal Palace Inheritor was immediately filled with killing intent. That was his second body’s weapon, yet it ended up in the hands of the enemy. It truly was a type of humiliation. 

“I will suppress all enemies. Hand over your life!” Immortal Palace Inheritor shouted loudly. Countless feathers danced about his side, all of them formed from a rain of light, holy and shockingly powerful. 

His eyes formed silver symbols, and everything in his view seemed to slow down. He was searching for s.h.i.+ Hao’s weakness. He raised the halberd and slaughtered his way over again.

s.h.i.+ Hao knew that this person likely started to open his Martial Dao Heavenly Eye, the resplendent silver symbol in his eyes already proved everything. He could see through all fabrications. 

Even though this wasn’t Huang’s appearance, the other party immediately understood his intrinsic aura.

It had to be said that Immortal Palace’s inheritor truly was powerful to the extreme, shocking past and present. In the Supreme Expert Realm, he had the power to move unstoppably through the nine heavens and tenth earth!

Only, he encountered s.h.i.+ Hao. This glory was now filled with variables!

s.h.i.+ Hao, who was at the great circle of the Supreme Expert Realm, and even underwent a lightning tribulation, now possessed unmatched might under the heavens. The aura he exploded with here was enough to suppress all others at his level, enough to make the distant spectating supreme experts tremble with fear.


The two collided a third time!

Killing energy swept out like a tide, symbols were concentrated. Brilliant light shocked the world. 

No one could see what was happening there. Later on, after they separated, only then did they discover with shock that the void was burning!

Many people were shocked so badly by that wave of energy that they almost fell weak onto the ground. 

At the same time, outside the uninhabited region, everyone became stupefied. They had just entered Immortal Ancient, yet the two of them were already setting the resolution to cut down their old enemy, deciding life and death there?

“Something isn’t right. Why did Immortal Palace’s inheritor run out? He should be advancing into the Divine Flame Realm right now, or else when the others successfully transform, they would come back and kill the others. It would be extremely dangerous then!”

Everyone frowned, a bit confused. 

Six Crown King Ning Chuan, Sword Valley’s inheritor Gu Jianyun, Chang Gongyan, and the others definitely wouldn’t be wasting time. They were choosing a divine precious land to immediately carry out a perfect transformation.

Immortal Palace Inheritor shouldn’t have violated this type of logical plan. 

“What a powerful Immortal Palace Inheritor, divine bravery world shocking. In the Supreme Expert Realm, he truly has reached the absolute limit!” 

This was a sect master that released a sigh of admiration. He wasn’t exaggerating, because it really was like this. 

The others also approved of these words, because after Immortal Palace’s inheritor merged his two bodies, he truly did evolve to the peak, his power ferocious like a volcanic eruption. He should be unmatched.

“Huang… is also terrifying. He has reached the limit of the supreme expert path. Could it be that he still wants to take another step forward, continuously treading on paths not taken to transcend the ancients?”

“Do you dare stay here and fight? I am going to kill you!” s.h.i.+ Hao shouted. His entire body shone. These words shocked everyone. 

The limit of the Supreme Expert Realm, there was already no further path, but from how s.h.i.+ Hao was acting, could it be that he still wanted to create another heaven and earth? That type of confidence, that type of unmatched style made everyone’s minds tremble. 

The Kun Peng wings on his back were suffused with chaotic energy. With a ferocious shake, heavenly winds swept about. Yin and yang energies swirled about, sharply increasing s.h.i.+ Hao’s fighting strength. He rushed at Immortal Palace’s inheritor!

Everyone knew that this strike would definitely make heaven and earth tremble. It was terrifying to no end. 

However, what left everyone shocked was that the arrogant Immortal Palace inheritor who looked down on all those under heaven actually evaded, not taking this head on.

“What is going on?”

Not only were the surrounding supreme experts shocked, even the experts in the uninhabited region outside were stupefied. Was he scared? 

Immediately afterwards, everyone understood.

In the rear, the void split apart, and an enormous dragon head appeared. It opened its mouth and bit down towards s.h.i.+ Hao, about to swallow him. 

Meanwhile, Immortal Palace’s inheritor turned around to leave, once again breaking through the realm wall of another mottled ancient land, leaping into a ‘bubble’, escaping without even turning around. 

s.h.i.+ Hao’s reactions were fast. He used the void halberd to slice open the void, throwing himself inside, disappearing from this place. Then, that enormous mouth closed, clamping down on this s.p.a.ce until it distorted. 

This was a Flood Dragon that had reached the Heavenly Deity Realm. 

With a hong sound, it rushed out, leaping out from the void, shocking the nearby cultivators. It was actually such a dangerous creature!

Everyone now understood why Immortal Palace’s inheritor would come back. It was because he was being chased by a heavenly deity, and just now, he clearly wanted to use s.h.i.+ Hao as a sacrificial lamb, dying in his place. 

The Flood Dragon was thick like a mountain range. It opened its mouth again, and in that instant, several tens of supreme experts were devoured, unable to run even if they wanted to. They were sucked in by a wave of power.


Metal chains trembled, the sounds of metal rubbing against each other ear-splitting. The Flood Dragon unexpectedly had metal chains around its body! It was shackled up, connecting it to an unknown place behind him, unable to travel any further.

As such, the other supreme experts ran for their lives, leaving this place. They weren’t devoured by it.

Those metal chains shone, symbols covering everything densely, releasing powerful mysterious force to suppress it, as well as pull it backwards. In the end, the Flood Dragon released a long cry of unwillingness before being dragged back into the bubble. 

In a flash, everyone saw an ancient place. That place seemed to have a mysterious dragon nest.

This Flood Dragon was locked up right beside a cave with a stone stake. 

“That is a precious land!” All of the supreme experts were shocked. They now understood that Immortal Palace’s inheritor knew about a divine precious land, so he went to look for it. He wanted to light his divine flame there, but never expected to end up startling a heavenly deity. 

In the outside world, even the great sect masters’ minds were shaken. What kind of place was that? Even a glorious heavenly deity was being locked up by a stone stake, used to guard the cave entrance.

s.h.i.+ Hao narrowed his eyes. He didn’t go looking for it, because that bubble’s world was definitely vast and boundless. Without the coordinates, he would have to waste a lot of time just searching around. 

Apart from this, there was a heavenly deity there, so he definitely couldn’t investigate it right now. 

He believed that Immortal Palace’s inheritor had no choice but to look for another place of rebirth as well. Even after becoming a Divine Flame Realm expert, it would still be a long time before he might head back.

This place calmed down. More and more cultivators appeared. All of them continued on their way, heading to different regions, entering different small worlds.

Of course, all of the regions were connected and not separated. They would at most just have to break a realm wall. 

s.h.i.+ Hao stood in his original place, silently thinking to himself. Right now, becoming a Divine Flame Realm expert was the most important thing, because regardless of whether it was exceptional talents or ancient freaks, they were all doing this. 

He believed that in the future, many people would rely on higher cultivation levels to suppress their old enemies!

Time was pressing. Those powerful top level geniuses didn’t dare waste time. 

In the end, s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t choose any ‘bubble’. Even though there were many of them, brilliant light swirling about them, the inside of these bubbles having mysterious opportunities, he never went inside them. 

s.h.i.+ Hao concealed himself, and without any sound, he avoided everyone, returning to a remote bluestone path. He came back to this place.

It was because his dao was different, needing to stay here. 

Divine Flame Realm, for cultivators, was the foundation for building divinity. Its effects far exceeded all other cultivation realms, and it decided how far one’s future accomplishments could reach. 

s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t want to walk a path of those before him, instead wis.h.i.+ng to step into a different heaven and earth. Even if it was extremely hard, and those before him that tried to do so didn’t have good conclusions, he still had to try it out.

“Some people, even though they didn’t undergo a complete transformation, still obtained a set amount of accomplishments, not seeking the normal path of igniting a divine flame.”

s.h.i.+ Hao had read many bone books, all of them given to him by Qi Daolin. The experiences and wisdom of the most dazzling group of people from the ancient era gave him endless inspiration. 

“With the world as a furnace, ten thousand dao as the flame to ignite the self, burn the primordial spirit, construct the true self.”

He returned to the bluestone stairs, standing on a road with no others. 

The Immortal Dao Flower Bud had now blossomed for the three thousandth time. Every single petal carried a type of dao, resonating with each of the three thousand bluestone paths. This was precisely what s.h.i.+ Hao needed.

He wanted to use the ten thousand dao as his flame, using it to ignite his body and mind, construct the foundation related to his future and undergo a complete transformation, so this was perhaps the best choice. 

In the outside world, the cultivators of all sects were shocked, a bit confused. They were able clearly to see that he returned. Why was this?

Others were in a rush to break through and find divine precious lands, so why did he return to the start? Even though there was hazy true meaning of all different great dao, it was impossible to grasp and difficult to comprehend. 

Moreover, with so many ancient roads, how could he possibly comprehend them all in a short period of time? He would inevitably fail.

Once he lagged behind in cultivation realm and was discovered by another, he might be killed!

Several days later, the only one left on the three thousand bluestone paths was s.h.i.+ Hao. The last few supreme experts successfully walked out, heading towards various secret realms. 

Heaven and earth calmed down. s.h.i.+ Hao was the only one that accompanied these bluestone paths. 

Time flowed on. In the blink of an eye, a month pa.s.sed. Within the mottled worlds, there were already a few Divine Flame Realm experts. Quite a few supreme experts succeeded. 

However, there was still no activity from the powerful individuals. 

Two months pa.s.sed. A few exceptional talents emerged, their transformations complete, turning into deities!

Three months pa.s.sed. The most powerful exceptional talents were now moving. The ancient freaks were still quiet. 

“That is… heavens, a lump of precious blood! How can it be so sparkling and translucent, even more beautiful and auspicious than agate jade!” 

Outside in the uninhabited region, someone cried out in alarm. 

Even a few heavenly deities were shocked. They stared at the scene reflected from the monument. That was an ancient freak. 

“Immortal blood, it’s actually immortal blood!” Immediately afterwards, even sect masters couldn’t remain calm. Many of them were shocked, their eyes widening.

They stared at that person. In his hand was a fist sized crystal, sealed inside was blood that was filled with immortal radiance. It was dazzling and brilliant, leaving others bewitched by its beauty. 

“He chose immortal blood, using this as a flame to plant an immortal seed, walking a different path. He will definitely shock the past and present!” A higher realms’ giant sighed in admiration. 

A single drop of immortal blood was hard enough to find as it was, yet that person had this much of it!

This drew everyone’s attention. Unfortunately a moment later, they couldn’t see anything anymore. The immortal blood spread outwards, turning into a scarlet multicolored mist that surrounded this place, obstructing the view.

Several days later, the scene that appeared on another monument triggered an uproar again, shocking all experts. 

“That is a tree?”

Even the Emperor Clan of the present world was shocked, chaotic energy surrounding the purple golden carriage. Two beams of purple light shot out, staring at that scene.

“Who is this?”

“Ten Crown King!” Someone replied.

Within a mysterious realm, that person planted a fist sized small tree inside his body. Then, hazy radiance seeped out, wrapping him within. No one in the outside world was able to see him anymore.

No one was able to recognize the history of that small tree. 

In the following few days, all types of different incomparable treasures appeared, making the tongues and mouths of everyone in the outside world feel dry. Those things were all rarely seen throughout the ancient eras. 

“This is the final time. No one can enter Immortal Ancient again after this. No wonder those ancient freaks cut their own cultivations down without any hesitation, leaving behind the best items to ignite themselves with in this world!”

“That is already no longer an ordinary transformation into the Divine Flame Realm! The word ‘ignite’ is already not enough to speak of these true meanings. Those people are unique, standing out from the!”

The outside world could not calm down.

Even sect masters’ eyes were burning. Unfortunately, these things were unrelated to them. 

Everyone believed that the most brilliant sparks would definitely fly in Immortal Ancient, because these people were too unordinary! 

Time pa.s.sed quickly. In an instant, the fourth month pa.s.sed. 

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