Peerless Martial God Chapter 1648

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Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648: Making Friends with Important People

“You killed him?” shouted the leader of the Yan Clan furiously. Yan Feng was the most outstanding disciple of the Yan Clan.

Everyone from the Yan Clan were furious. Yan Feng had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he had become a rising genius and in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had killed him.

Lin Feng turned to the leader of the Yan Clan and smiled amusingly.

“He’s already dead, why do you ask?” said Lin Feng mockingly.

The leader of the Yan Clan shook his hands and a gigantic fire hand appeared in the sky, instantly moving towards Lin Feng.

“Such powerful cosmic strength!” Lin Feng frowned while looking at the fire hand. That hand could kill ten people at the same time. 

Lin Feng groaned coldly and moved back. At the same time, he took out the talisman from Gold-Fire Tower. The Level Nine Professor groaned coldly and attacked to defend Lin Feng. Terrifying cosmic energies appeared, and they sky shook. With that, the cosmic energies from the leader of the Yan Clan exploded and disappeared.

“Does the Yan Clan want to be exterminated?” asked Mu Lin Xue’s teacher. The professors in golden-red clothes and Mu Lin Xue’s teacher moved forwards, all of them looking at the members of the Yan Clan. 

“You said you wanted the fight to happen, otherwise Yan Feng wouldn’t have died. Now, Lin Feng killed Yan Feng

in a fair battle and you dare attack him while still inside Gold-Fire Tower’s territory? Are you trying to provoke Gold-Fire Tower?” asked a professor in golden-red clothes. The Yan Clan’s leader’s face turned deathly pale after he realized what he did.

“We wouldn’t dare, we were just caught up in the moment. Please forgive us.” said the leader, lowering his head. Even though he was asking for forgiveness, his eyes were bloodshot with rage.

“We forgive you this time, it wasn’t easy for your clan to finish second at the tournament after all. However, if this happens again, we’ll wipe the Yan Clan off the map.” said the professor the golden-purple clothes indifferently. 

“I understand.” said the leader of the Yan Clan with his head still lowered. 

“Since you understand, then p.i.s.s off!” said the professor in golden-purple clothes. With that, the members of the Yan Clan then started leaving. 

A strong cultivator from Sword Mountain looked at the Level Nine Professor, his eyes looked fierce.

“Those people from Gold-Fire Tower are sly. Although Yan Feng could be an a.s.set to Gold-Fire Tower, Lin Feng was a guest of honor who would amount to a lot more than Yan Feng. Lin Feng’s future potential was limitless.” thought the strong cultivator from Sword Mountain. 

“Alright, the tournament is over, everybody can do whatever they want now.” said the Level Nine Professor to the crowd.

“Little Feng, if you have time, come to Sword Mountain. This is

is our talisman, if you need anything, use it to contact us. We will do our best to help you if you need.” said the strong cultivator from Sword Mountain to Lin Feng.

Everybody was astonished. Sword Mountain and the Yan Clan had collaborated for a long time and now that person was trying to befriend Lin Feng? If the Yan Clan saw that, they’d be furious.

“Thank you very much, Master. This is perfect, I already have a good friend, who’s like a brother to me, who’s a disciple in Sword Mountain. If I have time, I’ll come and visit.” said Lin Feng smiling. The strong cultivator was surprised and asked, “Who’s your friend?”

“Ruo Xie, I hope he’s being treated well.” said Lin Feng laughing. The strong cultivator smiled and said, “Alright, I wouldn’t have thought that Ruo Xie was your friend. It’s no wonder he’s a genius. These days, Ruo Xie is locked-up in a room practicing cultivation. He said he wouldn’t come out until he became an emperor. I think that he’s going to break through to the Huang Qi layer soon.”

“Ruo Xie is very determined. I have no doubt he’ll break through to the Huang Qi layer.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Indeed, Ruo Xie is a great cultivator. Back then, he chased a group of cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, including cultivators of the very top of the Zun Qi layer. In the end he managed to catch up with them

with them and kill them all. Because he’s so merciless, many people in Sword Mountain have noticed him. You guys are beasts!” said the strong cultivator smiling. 

The strong cultivator smiled and said, “Alright, I’m leaving now. Please come to Sword Mountain when you have time. You and Ruo Xie will be able to have a few drinks together.” Then he left. 

“Lin Feng, this the talisman of our sect, you can come to Tian Yu Feng whenever you want.” A few more strong cultivators gave their talismans to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng politely took them. Whether or not he’d choose to go, he expressed his appreciation and gave them face.

“Everybody only pays attention to him.” thought Hen Chang Tian and Ge Qing Feng smiling wryly. 

Mu Lin Xue smiled in a gentle way. Everybody had forgotten about her too.

“Sister Lin Xue, Lin Feng joined the Mu Clan for you, so does he like you?” asked Mu Qing Ying. Mu Lin Xue’s smile became rigid, she looked embarra.s.sed and confused because she didn’t know either.

She shook her head and whispered, “I don’t know what he wants.”

“Well, Sister Lin Xue, did you fall in love with him?” asked Mu Qing Ying smiling. Mu Lin Xue blushed, she didn’t look at Mu Qing Ying’s eyes for she was too shy.

“You spent so much time together and he’s so outstanding. If you fell in love with him, it would only be normal.” whispered Mu Qing Ying
Mu Qing Ying after she saw Lin Xue’s reaction.

“Lin Xue!” said a voice at that moment. Mu Lin Xue turned around to see Muyi.

“Father.” Mu Lin Xue hadn’t seen him for a long time.

“Lin Xue, congratulations!” said Muyi, smiling in a gentle way. He had made the right decision in asking Lin Feng for help.

“You decided to leave back then, so why did you come back?” asked Mu Lin Xue in a cold way. She was blaming her father for leaving her in such a difficult situation. Even though he had been expelled, he shouldn’t have left like that.

Muyi smiled wryly and said, “Lin Xue, I know you’re angry at me, but I didn’t give up since then. I missed you and I really wanted to help you.”

“Help me to do what? You only came back now that everything’s fine.” said Mu Lin Xue. Her face was red from anger.

“Lin Xue, Uncle Muyi really wanted to help you.” said Lin Feng in a gentle way, walking to them. Mu Lin Xue was suddenly confused, Lin Feng called her father Uncle?

“Lin Feng, you…”

“Indeed, Uncle Muyi took me to Gold-Fire City to help you. I didn’t know about Gold-Fire City before and I didn’t know about the tournament either.” said Lin Feng. Mu Lin Xue was still red, but not from anger. She looked at her father, having understood everything now. Her father had asked Lin Feng to join the Mu Clan!

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