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The white-browed old man opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, a dazzling white light shot into the sky from afar and then exploded, forming a sphere of white light that could be clearly seen from hundreds of miles away.

“This is bad!” A large horde of beasts is approaching us! “

The skinny, middle-aged Daoist’s face suddenly changed. He raised his hand as if he was about to issue an order.

“What’s going on?”

But at the same time, the white-browed elder’s face went pale, and his eyes flashed with extreme shock. Almost at the same time this white ball of light was clearly used to send messages, another blue pillar of light shot up into the sky.

The skinny middle-aged Daoist stopped in his tracks, not saying a word. He looked at the white and blue light pillars in the direction that they were shot from.

A moment later, almost all the cultivators in the Northern Spirit City saw a white icy mist appear in the sky and fly towards the city at an astonishing speed.

“There are powerful cultivators rushing over!” A large group of demonic beasts have been killed, so it is temporarily not too much of a threat to the cultivators who block the demonic beasts! “

Seeing this large ma.s.s of shockingly fast white icy mist, the skinny middle-aged Spirit Master instantly reacted. He said this to the white-browed elder, his eyes revealing an extremely pleasantly surprised expression. Regardless of whether it was the white icy fog’s speed or the fact that the cultivators within it were able to kill the demonic beasts in an instant, the abilities of the cultivators within the white icy fog were definitely not trivial. With such cultivators rushing over, they had more hope of escaping this calamity.

“Let’s go, we’re going to welcome our fellow Daoists!”

The white-browed old man was also overjoyed. He quickly said this to the thin, middle-aged Daoist and immediately pointed. He took out a rectangular, white jade slip and flew toward the white icy fog.

“Fellow Daoist, where are you coming from? Don’t fly over a hundred and fifty meters, or you’ll detonate that magical item up there!” At the same time, the white-browed elder’s voice was heard from afar.

Within the white icy mist was the three-legged Yellow Jade Cauldron that had been activated at full speed.

As the White-browed Daoist’s voice rang out, Wei Suo and Shui Ling’er exchanged looks. With a flash of yellow light, they stored away the three-legged Yellow Jade Cauldron. Following which, it was Qing Ping who took out a long-refined flying magic treasure and carried everyone.

Their group was also extremely astonished.

From the way they travelled, it seemed that they had already been at least half an hour since they arrived at the Northern Spiritual City.

In less than an hour, if it was a battle between two evenly matched cultivators, it would be hard to count how many rounds of battle they could face, and their internal energy would be depleted several times over. Therefore, according to the estimates of Wei Suo and the others, the Northern Spiritual City would definitely not be able to hold on any longer. Even if the Northern Spiritual City had not been completely ma.s.sacred by the demon beasts, at least countless demon beasts had already rushed into the Northern Spiritual City. It was the same as when they arrived at the Yellow Dao City, where countless cultivators and demon beasts were already battling within the city.

Therefore, the closer they got to the Northern Spiritual City, the more their hearts sunk. They felt that the chances of the ancient transportation formation being intact became increasingly slim.

However, he did not expect that the Northern Spiritual City would actually appear in front of him in perfect condition. Furthermore, the cultivators were able to resist the beast tide in an orderly manner and did not suffer too much of a loss.

Furthermore, at this moment, Wei Suo was pa.s.sing through the battlefield where many cultivators and demonic beasts were ma.s.sacring. Seeing hundreds of cultivators continuously setting up all kinds of restrictions on the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual City, as if all of the cultivators in the Northern Spiritual City were still around the Northern Spiritual City without any signs of fleeing, Wei Suo and the others were even more amazed.

“All the cultivators in the city have been gathered up by people, how is this possible?” The green-robed old man couldn’t help but shout out as well.

“These two cultivators seem to be the leaders, both of them are only in the fifth level of the Memory Fragment Realm.” “Let’s go up and take a look first.”

The white-browed elder and the yellow-robed skinny Daoist rose up and let out a sound. Wei Suo and the others also immediately noticed these two. With just a glance, Wei Suo’s eyebrows immediately jumped and a puzzled expression appeared on his face. Previously, when they saw the scene outside the Northern Spiritual City, the first reaction of Wei Suo and the others was that there were already quite a few powerful cultivators that had arrived to guard this place. However, at this moment, it would appear that this was not the case.

“An Aurous Core stage cultivator!”

The white-browed elder and the yellow-robed middle-aged Spirit Master walked in front of Wei Suo and the others. When they saw Wei Suo and the others, their eyes immediately revealed an expression of unconcealable joy.

It turned out that with a sweep of Wei Suo’s Qi Technique, he discovered that the two cultivators in the lead of the entire Northern Spiritual City were only at the fifth level of Perception. Thus, he told Qi Dragon Mountain not to conceal the Spiritual Qi in his body and to use it to intimidate his opponents.

“I happen to be a rogue cultivator who has something to attend to in the Northern Spiritual City. I wonder what your names are?” Seeing the two approaching cultivators, Qilong Mountain didn’t waste any time and asked.

“I am the sect master of this city’s Myriad Spirit Sect, Li Hanlin. This is my good friend Han Tianmo.” The white-browed elder immediately said without any hesitation.

“So this person is the sect head of the Myriad Spirit Sect.” Wei Suo, Ji Ya, and Han Weiwei couldn’t help but look at each other. The last time the three of them came back from the Cloud Spirit Continent, they knew that the Northern Spiritual City was controlled by the Myriad Spirit Sect. At this moment, the sect head was only at the fifth level of the Fragmentation Realm. His hair was completely white and there were deep wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. It wasn’t because of the cultivation technique, but because he was truly old. From this, it could be seen that the Myriad Spirit Sect’s strength wasn’t that great.

“From the looks of it, all the Demonic Beasts have been stopped outside the city. The ancient transportation formation in Northern Spiritual City should still be intact, right?” Qi Long Shan nodded and asked the white-browed elder Li Han Lin and the skinny middle-aged cultivator Han Tian Mo.

“This …” Li Hanlin and Han Tianmo were dazed and their faces instantly became ugly. After pausing for a moment, the skinny, middle-aged cultivator, Han Tianmo, who had a cold expression, looked at Qi Long Mountain and asked, “Everyone, is there anything you need to know about the ancient transfer array in the city?”

“To tell you the truth, we came to the Northern Spiritual City to use this ancient transportation formation to go to the Cloud Spirit Continent.” Qi Long Shan, Wei Suo, and the others all looked at each other and said, expressionless.

“Fellow Daoists, I see that all of you have astonishing divine abilities.” Han Tianmo gritted his teeth and said, “If you all stay behind to help guard the city, the chances of us defending the Northern Spiritual City will definitely be high.” If the city was destroyed, then who knew how many dao friends were going to die here? If they were able to escape, then they might not even be able to fight 10% of the way out. Fellow Daoists, do you really want to ignore the lives of so many of you and use this teleportation spell formation to flee? “

“Cut the c.r.a.p. You don’t understand the situation at all. ” Qi Long Shan frowned, and said coldly, “You surely didn’t know that we were running all the way from Luo Li city and Tianchu city. However, I will only say that along the way, there are a total of three openings in the sky. You can already know the scale of this beast tide. Furthermore, I can tell you clearly that in this demonic beast horde, we’ve encountered quite a few demonic beasts at the eighth level and above, and even demon beasts at the peak of the eighth level and above have appeared. Do you think that we can completely defend the Northern Spiritual City in this kind of situation? “


Hearing Qi Long Shan’s words, Li Han Lin and Han Tian Mo’s faces immediately became pale. The two of them naturally knew what it meant to have three consecutive cracks in the sky!

“The cities of Lolie and Tianchi have all been destroyed. If you wish to save the names of the cultivators in the city, you can only think of ways to do so. ” Wei Suo looked at these two pale-faced cultivators, and in his heart, he held great respect towards these two cultivators who could resist the beast tide. After glancing at the two, he calmly continued, “We can organize cultivators of the fourth level of the Heavenly Axis Realm or above to break through the encirclement towards other cities behind us. Low level cultivators below the fourth level can allow them to escape to the Cloud Spirit Continent through this ancient transportation formation.” To be honest, I have a spirit protecting magic item on me that allows cultivators at their level to pa.s.s through this ancient transportation formation. In a situation where we can guarantee that we will definitely be able to escape to the Cloud Spirit Continent, we can even help you block the Demon Beasts. Only when a portion of the cultivators with slightly weaker strengths break through the encirclement and escaped through the magical formation could the casualties of this city’s dao friend be minimized. “With such a large group of beasts, it is impossible for us to defend this city.”

“Fellow Daoists are righteous!” Hearing Wei Suo’s words, Li Hanlin and Han Tianmo’s faces immediately revealed a very respectful expression. Both of them saluted Wei Suo at the same time, but at the same time, their eyes were full of bitterness. However, it will take at least an hour to activate this ancient teleportation formation! ” After bowing to Wei Suo, Han Tianmo immediately spoke to Wei Suo.

“It will be activated in at least an hour. Why?” Wei Suo and the others were all stunned.

“Because we did not know that it was a beast tide of this scale before, and in front of the beast tide, if the entire city was in chaos, it would be that the number of demon beasts and their strength had not reached the point where the entire city would collapse.” Because we did not know that it was a beast tide of this scale before, and in front of the beast tide, if the entire city was in chaos, it would be that the number of demon beasts would not reach the point where the entire city would collapse. Li Hanlin took a deep breath, calmed himself down, looked at Wei Suo and explained, “Because we are afraid that there will be many cultivators interested in the teleportation nexus, and because this teleportation nexus will cause chaos, our Myriad Spirit Sect activated an ancient rune outside of this ancient transfer nexus and completely sealed it away. Without the power of the Xuan Rank or below, it’s impossible to break the seal of this ancient rune. However, if the power exceeds the strength of the Xuan Rank, the seal’s power will completely explode, and this ancient teleportation formation will be completely destroyed. “

“What ancient runes!” “Wei Suo, quickly ask him what kind of ancient runes it is!” Upon hearing Li Hanlin say this, the green-robed old man immediately let out a shriek, appearing to be extremely excited.

“What is this ancient rune?” Do you know the name? ” Weiser asked immediately.

“It’s the Heavy Profound G.o.d Symbol.” Li Hanlin replied.

“You … You tricked your grandpa! ” The green-robed old man immediately let out an intense scream, as if he had fainted.

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