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With Shi Jia Lan’s cultivation and ident.i.ty, to suddenly use such methods to turn the tables at such a time could indeed be described with the word ‘shameless’. ()

Moreover, the Witch G.o.ddess had already consumed most of her true essence. It was simply impossible for her to block this attack.

“We can’t settle the deal!”

Wei Suo immediately let out a loud shout. However, his tone did not contain the slightest hint of panic. Instead, it seemed as if he was announcing that he could make a move.

At the same time as Wei Suo’s shout, at least three more lights with terrifying power rushed towards the Witch G.o.ddess.

In this situation, even if the Witch G.o.ddess wore the Blood Moon Divine Iron Dress, she could very well be killed in a single stroke!

Shiya Lan and the other alien Heavenly Demons weren’t idiots. They didn’t think that just because of a few words from Wei Suo that each of them had the ability to contend against an opponent at the third level of the True Immortal Stage.

Even if there was a chance of some loss on their side, at least for this moment, the Sorcerer G.o.ddess was destined to perish!


However, the sudden appearance of the ball of light in front of the Sorcerer’s female form instantly shattered the judgement of the alien Heavenly Demons. At the same time, it opened the door to an earth-shattering attempt.

In this instant, the person that appeared in front of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess was Nangong Yuqing.

As soon as she appeared in front of the witch, the black divine light that was originally about to reach her immediately changed directions, tearing apart the three remaining waves of terrifying energy. Furthermore, the remaining power didn’t stop there and instead rushed at her.

Although she had greatly suppressed her cultivation, under normal circ.u.mstances, with Nangong Yuqing’s reaction speed, it was impossible for her to stop his attack.

There were only two reasons why he could block this attack. The first was because he had been prepared for it, and the second was because he had a premonition of success.


Just as Nangong Yuqing activated the Immortal Splitting Shield and sent the black divine light from Shi Jia Lan back towards Shi Jia Lan, a terrifying aura of lightning and fire appeared in Wei Suo’s hand. He even created an illusion of a Dao Sovereign with his scarlet-gold long sword as he ruthlessly slashed down at Shi Jia Lan.

At the same time, on the other side of Shiya Lan, a hazy green figure suddenly appeared, shooting out an azure and yellow ball of light at the same time.

“Do you really think I didn’t discover him?”

Just as the young man transformed into a spirit devouring beast suddenly appeared, Shiya Lan let out a cold laugh. However, just as these words left his mouth, the black light counterattacked and the scarlet-gold sword appeared in Wei Suo’s hand. The expression on his face instantly changed.

All the alien demons felt the terrifying lightning and fire aura from Wei Suo’s hands and immediately froze. Their eyes simultaneously flashed with a shocked expression.

Thunder Royal Sword!

None of them expected that Wei Suo had such a powerful G.o.dly weapon in his hands!

Furthermore, Nangong Yuqing, the materialized Devouring Spirit Beast, and Wei Suo’s encirclement had worked together seamlessly. It was obvious that they had prepared an beforehand!


In that instant, Shiya Lan also felt an extreme sense of danger, and at the same time, his expression changed greatly. He fiercely bit his tongue, and a black rain of light immediately disappeared in front of him, attacking the young man who had transformed into the Spirit Devouring Beast.


The young man who had transformed into a Spirit Devouring Beast immediately let out a blood-curdling screech. Dozens of holes appeared all over his body, and he was directly sent flying backwards. The green and yellow ball of light that he shot out also directly collapsed, turning into a wave of sickening medicinal air.


At the same time, the huge void shook between his hands and the black armor on him disappeared. It gathered in his hands and five white bones appeared at the same time. With a twist, they formed two short forks with black and white stripes.

With a loud ‘Zheng’ sound, the Thunder King Royal Sword that Wei Suo chopped down was splashed with thunder and fire. It was actually forcefully knocked back by his pair of short tridents.

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But at the same time, the black divine light shot out from his body and bounced him off his back, causing him to stagger in the air.


At this moment, a faint golden coloured Dao Palm suddenly erupted in front of Wei Suo.

This pale golden palm seemed as if it was nothing more than a stream of origin energy ejecting out. It was so fast that even Shi Jia Lan didn’t have time to react. With a “pa” sound, this pale golden palm directly smashed into Shi Jia Lan’s chest!

ShiJia Lan’s chest was only slightly caved in. His body was so strong that it was numbing, and there weren’t any obvious wounds.

But at this moment, his entire body froze. On his white chest, under his skin, countless blue-black stripes instantly appeared. Many of his meridians seemed to have been frozen by an extremely cold power.


This moment was so fast that even a third level True Immortal level alien Heavenly Demon had no way of reacting to it. Wei Suo’s speed had already reached its peak, and there was no time left for him to unleash any more might. However, the moment he unleashed his pale golden Dao Palm, he had already used all his strength.

This loud roar and the Mysterious Ghost Claw he conjured made a sound almost at the same time as the sound of it hitting ShiJia Lan’s chest, as if it was some kind of command.


An aura that frightened all the other Sky Demons suddenly came out from the originally empty s.p.a.ce.

At this moment, all of the alien Heavenly Demons’ expressions suddenly changed.

Originally, according to Wei Suo’s plan, if they didn’t even have the chance to Shiya Lan, then he would have told Zhuan Tai, Ling Lan, and the two Desolate G.o.d Slaves to not interfere. That way, they might still be able to survive.

However, the arrogance and underestimation of the alien Heavenly Demons allowed them to kill the three powerful figures on the other side, and welcomed the opportunity to Shiya Lan.

Therefore, at this moment, ZhanTai, Linglan and the two Rage G.o.d slaves attacked at the same time.

On the Heaven’s Altar was the tear-like jar. The split between the male cultivator, Nu Yan, and the tip of his nose opened once again, shooting out a terrifying dark red pillar of light. The female cultivator, Nu Li’s, hands emitted two white rays of light.

These three different powers ruthlessly struck against her body at the same time!

This was Wei Suo’s secret weapon of ambush. In order to increase the power of this attack as much as possible, Wei Suo had even placed the Celestial Tear Vase in the hands of Zhankai Linglan.

Shiya Lan’s entire body was sent flying! On his back, criss-crossing cracks appeared. On the spot where the male cultivator’s Rage G.o.d Slave Flame had gathered, there was even a fist-sized hole!

“Lord Shiya Lan!” All of the alien Heavenly Demons stopped in their tracks, and couldn’t help but turn around and rush in the direction of Wei Suo and Shiya Lan. Wave after wave of spiritual pressure enveloped Wei Suo. As long as Shiya Lan was slightly further away from Wei Suo, the terrifying might of the spell would immediately land on Wei Suo’s head.

However, Wei Suo did not slow down in the slightest.

His Mysterious Ghost Claw had only just completed one strike, and the shaking of the distance had caused his Mysterious Ghost Claw to be unable to reach out again. However, in the face of the countless terrifying pressure from his consciousness, the Thunder Royal Sword in his hand did not hesitate to viciously slash down.


After being struck by Wei Suo’s attack, Shijia Lan’s flying body stopped abruptly in midair.

Wei Suo’s attack landed on his neck. Although it wasn’t enough to chop off his head, it still left a wound on his neck. Terrifying lightning flames invaded his neck, causing half of his neck to shine with the light of thunder and fire.

“Do you think you can me just like that!”

But at this moment, ShiJia Lan actually let out a monstrous roar. The black and white trident on his hands flew out and hit Wei Suo’s body, creating two terrifying large holes on his body. He was almost cut into three pieces!

He didn’t even need to finish off Wei Suo. As long as he could defeat Wei Suo and send him flying, he would be able to completely change the current situation.

The remaining alien Heavenly Demons would definitely be able to inflict heavy injuries on Wei Suo in an instant, and Zhantai Linglan and the two Rage G.o.d slaves would definitely be unable to cause any more harm to him.

In reality, if not for Wei Suo’s continuous explosions, even Zhantai Linglan and the others’ casting speed would still be considered as tortoise speed in his eyes.

A Di Tian Stage expert was a Di Tian Stage expert. Even under such heavy attacks, they were still able to unleash such power. One attack from Wei Suo was almost enough to cut him into three pieces!

“It’s not over yet.” However, right at this moment, Wei Suo, who was also spitting out blood mist, actually turned towards Shiya Lan and revealed a smile. But at this moment, Wei Suo, who was also spitting out blood mist, actually looked at ShiJia Lan and smiled.

At the same time, a ball of green crystal-like brilliance appeared in front of him.

Nangong Yuqing and the Sorcerer Girl’s figures appeared in the green crystal-like light!

“Duo Cultivation s.p.a.ce Jurisdiction!”

Many of the alien Heavenly Demons’ breathing stagnated at this moment.

The viciousness and malevolence on her face instantly froze.

No one had expected that Wei Suo’s attempt would explode to such an extent, and there were even more that came!


In the moment that it appeared in front of Wei Suo, the Witch G.o.ddess’ spirit energy was almost completely extinguished, and all of the true essence in her body was almost completely used up. But at the same time, Nangong Yuqing’s Cyan Silk Silver Staff and the Immortal Splitting Shield began to shine brightly at the same time!

An extremely thick, mottled, and intoxicated nebula instantly engulfed her body!

Shiya Lan’s body immediately sank, and the black and white divine lights that were gushing out from his body suddenly became silent.


All the alien Heavenly Demons let out cries of shock.

The mottled nebula disappeared in a flash, and Shi Jia Lan fell from the sky as if she had fallen into a deep sleep.


Wei Suo’s Thunder King’s sword once again ruthlessly slashed onto Shiya Lan’s body, cutting into his head!

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