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Chapter 948: Virtual Image

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Everyone agreed with Ulpian’s words. Given how strong he was, it was true that he did not have to care about Fang Xingjian.

It was the same for Hui He, Edward, and the others. Right now, Fang Xingjian was no longer important. The important thing was Ulpian’s att.i.tude.

In order to deal with a monster, they had released an even more terrifying monster.

However, it was useless for them to regret it now. The problem was that Ulpian wanted to reform Earth. Given his character, no one knew what he would do. The entire Earth would probably welcome an overwhelming change.

Their imaginations had not been wrong, but they had still underestimated Ulpian’s current battle prowess.

Right now, Ulpian’s battle prowess had reached an unbelievable level. Both his strength and knowledge were deep as the sea, and his cultivation over the past ten years had allowed him to integrate into s.p.a.ce and control s.p.a.ce. His battle prowess was now comparable to that of a tier six Divine level expert in Miracle World.

With a casual toss, Ulpian tossed the Sacred White Crevice to Edward.

Edward was struck with panic as he caught it. However, he realized that this white light sphere was light like it was weightless. It seemed as if it did not have any ma.s.s at all.

Ulpian raised his hand slightly, and everyone flew into the sky with a swoosh . In the blink of an eye, they broke through the atmospheric layer and appeared in outer s.p.a.ce.

The blue planet spun slowly under their feet. They could see the distribution of the continents and ocean clearly.

“What is he trying to do?”

“Is he trying to kill all the people who are creating turmoil at one go?”

“Justice… justice… This person’s justice is h.e.l.l to some people.”

Just as the six Commanders were guessing what Ulpian would do, they heard his voice ringing out in their minds.

“Due to the differences in environment, domains, languages, and culture that people are exposed to, there are different contradictions.

“Today, I want everything to be standardized 1 .”

As Ulpian spoke, his mouth opened slightly. Streams of silver-colored energy spewed out from his body like fog, encompa.s.sing the planet under his feet.

As more and more of the silver fog descended, Ulpian’s body seemed to start melting down as well. Eventually, he turned into a part of the fog and descended onto the world.

Currently, Ulpian had already unleashed all of his powers.

At Ulpian’s current realm, the shape and size of his body were meaningless. Regardless of whether he wished to sustain the human form or change into all sorts of strange shapes, it would take merely a single thought.

With a clear understanding of the microscopic world, he was already able to simulate 99% of the natural phenomena in the universe. At this level, to mere mortals, he could be said to be capable of doing anything.

When someone at tier six Divine level expert of this caliber engaged in a battle, their energy and will would spread out without an actual form. It would be like Fang Xingjian’s clone, each being capable of being either the clone or the actual body. This was because all of them were a part of his body to begin with.

Ulpian turned into fog that encompa.s.sed the atmosphere, applying his powers directly at the microscopic level. It was as if he had encompa.s.sed his entire body into s.p.a.ce. His existence itself was no longer a type of life. It had turned into a phenomenon.

The six Commanders could sense that ma.s.sive power scattering across the world. It was vast, majestic, and boundless. All of them were astonished by this power.The Immortality Saint, who was hiding in the depths of Earth, had a stronger feeling of this.

‘Spatial Translocation, integrating into s.p.a.ce, reaching the ends of the microscopic world… This is the standard for tier six Divine level experts.’ With a sigh, the Immortality Saint’s countenance became increasingly grim.

It was because he knew that at this level, if he wished to kill Ulpian, he would have to wipe out and deplete all Ulpian’s energy. Ulpian was no longer constrained by his conjured physique.

Right now, Ulpian could be a breeze, a fire, or a bolt of lightning. He could be a drop of rainwater that dropped down from the heavens or a fish in the depths of the ocean. He could also be a single thought conjured up by someone in the crowd or a wave in radio signals.

Experts at this level would be able to exist as long as their strength and wills existed. There were no conventions to the forms that they took, but most people were just used to maintaining their human form. After all, as long as they were still in the human society, the human form would always remain the most convenient.

Although they could transform into a myriad of things, different people would naturally take on the form that they were the strongest in once the battle started. This form was called a Virtual Image.

Condensing a Virtual Image, giving it all sorts of powerful abilities through incessant cultivation and research… This was the main battle prowess of experts at this stage.

Virtual Images were the by-products of the the cultivators after incessant cultivation and continuous integration of their latest knowledge. Due to how everyone’s culture, background, and experience were all different or because of the legacies that they inherited, the Virtual Image they each condensed would take on different forms and possess different abilities.

In their usual battles, tier six Divine level experts were already capable of defeating any opponents below this realm just by using Spatial Translocation. If they were to go all out, they would release their Virtual Images to pit against their opponents.

Take Ulpian for example. Although he did not have the same martial arts path as that in Miracle World’s, he still managed to comprehend a means of unleas.h.i.+ng his full prowess. Right now, in order to change Earth, he used his strongest form—Heavenly River.

Rumble! An explosion resounded throughout the entire planet, and an overwhelming silver fog turned into a great river. The silver river water was like the legendary heavenly river, seething in the sky and containing an inestimable amount of water.

At this moment, countless people on Earth stopped what they were doing, regardless of whether they were working, playing, engaged in battles, or taking examinations… Almost everyone looked toward the sky, revealing astonished gazes as they watched the swoos.h.i.+ng heavenly silver river.

At the next moment, the heavenly silver river paused for a moment before pouring down toward the ground. The seething heavenly river descended from the sky with an extremely shocking and majestic disposition. It was as if the heavenly river wanted to drown the entire world within the silver ocean.


Countless agonizing cries and shocking screams rang out. Looking at the boundless silver river that had appeared and covered the entire sky, everyone could not summon any will to resist. Only endless feelings of despair lingered in their hearts. This was a natural disaster that could destroy the entire human world.

At the next moment, the heavenly river crashed onto the ground. Just as everyone thought that they would be engulfed by the endless waves, they discovered that wherever the heavenly river pa.s.sed by, everything just disappeared. There were no signs of the collisions they had imagined there to be, only disappearances.

The endless heavenly river first landed on East Asia. Regardless of whether they were humans, buildings, vehicles, or even mountains, rivers, or land, they all disappeared wherever the heavenly river pa.s.sed by.

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