Otherworld Adventure 228 I'm Coming With You!

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“Cecil’s a human?!” Fina exclaimed in shock.

Everyone was shocked. Even Cecil was shocked! He didn’t expect Lucia to suddenly reveal his secret to everyone like that!

Just as he was about to ask the girl for an explanation, Cecil turned to face her and noticed a beautiful silver haired human girl looking straight back at him.


Now everyone was flabbergasted. Cecil and Lucia were both…humans?!

“Wh-what the h.e.l.l?!”

“What’s the meaning of this, you two are actually humans?!”

“You’re both humans?!”

Their friends immediately began to panic and jump at them, demanding explanations.

“We’re NOT humans…it’s just my illusion magic…or what Cecil says, Transformation Magic.”

The unfamiliar words caused everyone to be confused. Even Yuna, who was tied with a pact to Lucia, was surprised to hear of this.


“Yeah, it’s a bloodline magic that came from my mother’s side…most likely…”

“Most likely?”

“My mom’s good at illusion magic as well. It’s just that, doing what I can,” Lucia pointed at herself and Cecil, “She can’t do.”


“…what the heck…”

“Look, I can even transform you guys as well~” Lucia snapped her fingers and everyone in the room transformed into human counterparts of themselves.

Lucius and Velicia lost their fur, tail, and ears and were now just white and black haired humans. Fina lost all her blue fins, rainbow scales, and the unique long ears she had similar to the elves were also gone and were replaced with normal human ears.

Ainz and Eli lost their red scales and horns. Eli’s tail and wings had also disappeared and she almost fell on her b.u.t.t when she lost her balance. It was a good thing that Ainz was there to catch her before she fell.

“W-woah, you okay Eli?”


“Woah…what the h.e.l.l?! Where’re your horns?! Your wings and tail as well?!”

Everyone was reveling in their human appearances and turned towards the girl who caused all this.

“W-wow…this is amazing Lucia! I…I’m basically a human now, aren’t I?”

Cecil chuckled at everyone, it was sure as heck fascinating, but what kind of human would have their eye color and hair colors?

“Hahaha~ you guys would sure as heck pa.s.s off as humans! But, I don’t think there are humans out there with our…unique hair colors… Well, I guess mine and Veli’s are pretty common since its black…but red, blue, and white? Hahaha~ I don’t think so!”

Actually, it wasn’t all that uncommon for humans to have their hair colors, but what Cecil meant by red, wasn’t actually just red. Eli and Ainz’s hair were indeed red, but near the ends of their hair was a little orange and yellow color. It was like they had literal flames as their hair or something.

Fina’s was even more ridiculous. Her blue was practically every shade of light blue, blue, and violet you could imagine. Despite all that, Cecil thought it was really beautiful.

Then there was Lucius and Lucia…their ‘white’ wasn’t literally snow or paper white, but more like the white you would find from an elderly person’s hair color. It was totally unnatural for teenagers at their age. If it was a platinum blonde or some very, very light shade of blonde then they could pa.s.s it up as a part of their genetics, but not this.

“Well, okay then…we know that you have disguises for going over to the human continent…I won’t have to worry about you guys crossing over to the Orca Empire since Lucia can just transform you two into beastmen…but how exactly are you going to ‘hitch’ a ride to the Midgard continent?” Eli asked.

It seemed that she had already come to terms with it. No matter how they try to persuade their two friends, they wouldn’t be able to change their minds.

“I’m still against you guys leaving…I just made two good friends…and now you’re going to be leaving like this….but…It’s not like I can stop you two…” Fina dejectedly said.

“I’m sorry, Fina…”

“If you’re sorry Cecil, then don’t leave!”

“Ahahaha~ sorry, not happening~”

“Tch…It was worth a try…Hmph…”

Cecil smirked at her and Fina began pouting. Seeing her like this, everyone in the room was suddenly healed. A pouting Fina was a cute Fina.

“Anyways, we plan on crossing over to the Empire and ‘hunt’ the humans as a pretext to find them. Once we’ve made contact, we’ll blend in with the humans and make our way to the Midgard continent when they retreat.”


“A pretty solid plan…I can see why you guys wanna leave now…if you wait too long, then the humans might have all retreated back to the Midgard continent,” Lucius a.n.a.lyzed. What he said was pretty much on the spot. This was practically the perfect timeframe for them to leave.

“But then…how’ll the Kingdom see this when you two just suddenly up and disappear?”


“The royal family will think that you guys ran away because Cecil didn’t like staying anymore because of the recent events at the border…” Eli said.

Cecil turned towards the girl and smirked.

“That’s why we have you Eli… Please tell your family that it wasn’t their fault or anything. It’s just that we have to continue on our journey now.”

“But Cecil…you do know that by now, you’re practically a national a.s.set to the Kingdom…not to mention that once the Empire hears of this, they’d do everything in their power to track you down and detain you…right?”

“I know that, but it’s not like they’ll be able to find us.”

Thinking back to Lucia’s overpowered Transformation Magic, Eli sighed in defeat.

“That’s true…well…I can only pray for you guys’ safety on your journey…and that you’ll be able to find your family on the Midgard Continent…”

It was then that Ainz had a flash of brilliance and asked, “Hey, brat…how do you even know for sure that your family is on the Midgard Continent?”

Cecil couldn’t answer this question. He couldn’t actually explain to them about the weird rumors he heard all those months ago at Fauxe Village.

“I don’t actually.”



“I’m just going there to scour the entire lands to find them!”

“S-so basically…you’re going on a wild goose chase?”

“Hmm…I wouldn’t say that~”

“It’s basically that, you brat!”


Everyone couldn’t believe this. These two were going about their journey with basically no plan whatsoever.

“Well, the last known place I heard my parents were going to was the Midgard Continent, so that’s a clue at least…if they aren’t there, then I’ll just search around all the other Continents…”


His words were unbelievable, just how long would he take then? To scour the entire planet for his parents, not to mention he was also basically dragging along Lucia with him. It seemed kinda unfair to the girl.

“C-Cecil…to search the entire planet for your family…it’ll take a lifetime!” Velicia stated.

“Yeah, and don’t you think it’s a little unfair to Lucia?” Fina berated.

Lucia was happy to see Velicia and Fina worry about her, but she had already made up her mind the day she set off from Fauxe Village.

“Don’t worry~ it’s not like we can’t get married on the road~”

“…How optimistic…”

“O-okay…if you say so Lucia…”

Now it was Cecil’s turn to say something about this.

“Ho-hold on…marriage? Seriously?”

“I’m going to kill you if you say otherwise~”

“…well…I already did confess, so what the heck…”

It was then that a certain individual burst into the room.



“What the h.e.l.l?!”

“Wh-who?! SERI?!”

When the party looked at the girl who had just burst into the room, they noticed that it was their pink bunnykin friend, Serilla.

“Wh-wh-wh-what the h.e.l.l?!”

Serilla exclaimed in shock when she looked at everyone in the room.

“Wh-why are their humans here?! I thought I heard Cecil and everyone’s voice coming from here?!”

Lucia immediately realized that her Transformation Spell was still in effect and she quickly snapped her fingers and dispelled it and activated the Transformation for Cecil’s foxkin form.


After a round of explanations, it was then that Serilla finally understood everything.

“Oh~ it was only Lulu showing off again~ please don’t scare me like that~!”

When Cecil saw the girl, he could feel a headache threatening to a.s.sault his brain.

“Uhm…Seri, can you explain to us what you just said earlier?”

“Huh? Oh~ that! Well, exactly how I said it! I’m coming with you, darling!”

“Uh s.h.i.t…”


Lucia jumped up and hugged her friend. It seemed that another person was set to journey off with the duo.


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