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tNing Tao picked up the broom in the corner and hurled it at Chu Yixiong on the bed. He said in a deep voice, “Lü Bu, do you dare to fight me? I bet you don’t, since Diao Chan only likes heroes. You’re only a house slave with three masters. Why would she ever fancy you?”

Chu Yixiong was provoked. His gaunt figure leaped up from the bed and grabbing the broom, he walked towards Ning Tao. Murderous malice was on his face.

Ning Tao opened the convenient door, waiting to retreat into it the moment Chu Yixiong came and poked him with the broom.

“Treasonous cur, where runneth thou!” Chu Yixiong raised his broom and dashed into the convenient door.

The moment Chu Yixiong entered Sky Clinic, the face on the good-evil tripod showed a happy smile. To Ning Tao’s eyes, this was probably the happiest smile it had ever shown.

The moment the malicious Chu Yixiong entered Sky Clinic, he suddenly and strangely quietened down. His departed soul seemed to have returned to his body. He stared astounded at everything in the clinic. Finally, his eyes landed on Ning Tao. Stupefied for some time, he finally said, “You…”

Ning Tao smiled and said, “Old Mr. Chu, I am Ning Tao, a doctor engaged by Jiang Hao. You are ill but I can cure you.”

Chu Yixiong seemed confused. “That research…”

Ning Tao said, “The project of ancestor seeking is one which should never have started. It is an elixir that most people can’t take.”

“It’s not easy doing scientific research. The project of ancestor seeking has an important value and meaning to our country. When have I, Chu Yixiong, ever been a deserter? I’m not afraid of difficulties, nor will I retreat.” Chu Yixiong fulminated solemnly. He had recovered his presence of mind.

Ning Tao felt a headache coming. It would not be easy to persuade Chu Yixiong, a righteous and patriotic elderly scientist. It might even be an impossible task. He needed his signature before he could treat him, and he was worried that Chu Yixiong would return to the project team once he had been cured. By then, Chu Yixiong would have used up all his merits of good intention. If he turned into a new demon again, he could only atone for his sins. He might possibly have to forfeit his longevity and good karma in his coming life.

After thinking about it, Ning Tao opened his small medicine chest and took out a porcelain vial. He unstoppered it and poured out the residual Ancestor-seeking Elixir he had refined into his own hand. Holding his breath, he proffered it to Chu Yixiong, “Old Mr. Chu, this is the real Ancestor-seeking Elixir. Many ingredients in your prescription are wrong.”

Chu Yixiong could not wait to take the Ancestor-seeking Elixir from Ning Tao’s hand. He raised it level to his eyes and studied it closely, then sniffed it with his nose.

Then, Ning Tao gave Chu Yixiong the prescription he had sorted out. “This is the correct elixir prescription. Take a look at it, Old Mr. Chu.”

Chu Yixiong studied the elixir prescription for a long time before saying, “These ingredients…”

Ning Tao said, “The Ancestor-seeking Elixir belongs to the cultivation world. It is rumored to be an elixir of immortality. Do you understand if I put it in this way? It’s not a drug you can develop through scientific research. That’s why I’m saying your project’s a mistake. No matter how hard your team tries, you can only come up with erroneous results.”

Chu Yixiong became silent. He was obviously feeling quite dejected. He had sacrificed so much and only now understood that he was on an erroneous path from the start. He had never believed in immortals and demons in this world. Yet he could still distinctly recall those memories when he was ill. He could not even recognize his wife and son, and was blabbering nonsense all the time. For a moment, his heart was all in a jumble. He did not know what to do.

Ning Tao continued, “Old Mr. Chu, you are an elderly scientist deserving respect. Your knowledge and experience can help many people. Your wife and son must be the most important components of your life. Right now, you have two paths before you: one, give up the project of ancestor seeking and return to a normal life, using your knowledge and experience to help more people. That way, you can enjoy your remaining days with your wife and son in peaceful bliss. The other choice is for you to reject my treatment. It will lead to complete destruction. You will probably die and still harm many people. That’s all I have to say. The decision is yours.”

Chu Yixiong was silent for a while. He returned the elixir prescription and the residual Ancestor-seeking Elixir to Ning Tao and said, “I will undergo treatment.”

He now knew that he had erred on the wrong path and might need to abandon his wife and son. He might even harm the innocent. He would not do such a thing.

Ning Tao smiled and took back the elixir prescription and the residual Ancestor-seeking Elixir. Then he prepared the merit of good intention prescription pact. He had let Chu Yixiong see the prescription and elixir for a purpose. After departing Sky Clinic, Chu Yixiong would lose all memories of the clinic, of Ning Tao’s intervention and of the Ancestor-seeking Elixir. Once out, he would forget everything about the Ancestor-seeking Elixir. This was an “interventional treatment”. For Chu Yixiong, it would be a good thing.

While Ning Tao was at the study table, writing out the merit of good intention prescription pact, Chu Yixiong saw the human face on the good-evil tripod. It was wreathed in smiles and soon, he was smiling too.

After writing out the merit of good intention prescription pact, Ning Tao placed a Fine Elixir on the pact. He said, “Old Mr. Chu, please sign. After signing, please take this pill.”

Chu Yixiong came to the study table, took up the pen and signed. “Doctor Ning, after I recover, I would like to treat you to a cup of tea. We can chat then. Would that be fine with you?”

Ning Tao smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

But he knew that Chu Yixiong would not remember him at all after leaving the clinic. So how could he treat him to tea?

Chu Yixiong swallowed the Fine Primary Elixir and soon, a plume of green smoke engulfed him…

Outside the door.

“Why is it all silent inside?” Yang Lingzhi seemed unable to hold out.

Jiang Hao said, “Auntie Yang, don’t be anxious. Believe me, Doctor Ning will surely cure Old Mr. Chu.”

Chu Haoze glanced at the tightly shut door and said, somewhat worriedly, “Miss Jiang, it’s not that I wish to slight him. But Doctor Ning’s so young. Are you sure he’s up to the job?”

Jiang Hao said with a smile, “That’s what I once thought too. But Doctor Ning managed to cure my paralyzed father. He merely used a few silver needles.”

“Really?” Chu Haoze seemed very surprised.

Jiang Hao answered, “Of course it’s true. Why should I lie to you?”

Just then, there was some noise emerging from the room. Footsteps were heard followed by the door opening. Ning Tao appeared at the door.

“How is my husband?” Yang Lingzhi asked anxiously.

“How is my dad?” Chu Haoze was just as anxious as his mother. As he spoke, his eyes gazed into the room.

Chu Yixiong was lying on the bed, motionless.

Ning Tao said, “Old Mr. Chu is cured. Right now, he’s asleep. Wake him up later. Another thing: he will forget most of what he had undergone. Don’t worry, this is normal. He will recover after some time.”

Chu Haoze and Yang Lingzhi could not wait to enter the room. They were so agitated that they forgot to thank Ning Tao.

Jiang Hao looked at Ning Tao and grinned. “I knew you can do it.”

Ning Tao smiled too. “Let’s go. Praise me while you drive.”

Jiang Hao suddenly started. “Aren’t we waiting for Old Mr. Chu to wake up?”

Ning Tao said, “You should know my rules. We won’t.”

Jiang Hao jerked the corner of her mouth. “Alright then, let me say goodbye to Auntie Yang.”

“Go ahead. I’ll be waiting for you outside.” Ning Tao hoisted his medicine chest to his shoulder and strolled to the living room.

Before Ning Tao could leave, Chu Haoze caught up with him. “Doctor Ning, what’s the hurry? Stay for lunch, please. Besides, we haven’t pay you the treatment fee. How much is it?”

Ning Tao said, “I have said before: I have my own set of rules. I won’t accept any treatment fee. Nor will I stay for lunch.”

“But…” Chu Haoze was instantly rooted to the spot.

Ning Tao did not utter even a superfluous word. He strode out of the main door. He could not accept the taint of lucre, nor could he stay for lunch. Besides, he was eager to return to the clinic and open the storeroom. His every thought was on the 5,255 merit points he had acc.u.mulated and the two storerooms in the clinic. He would not stay and waste time.

Jiang Hao walked past the stupefied Chu Haoze and said, “His rules are always so odd, but I’m used to them. Let’s make it this way: Doctor Ning and I will return first. When Old Mr. Chu wakes, please give me a call.”

Chu Haoze nodded and seemed to remember something. He strode towards Ning Tao, who was already out of the door. As he strode, he took out a business card. When he caught up with Ning Tao, he proffered the card to him. “Doctor Ning, this is my business card. If you have anything requiring my a.s.sistance, please contact me.”

Ning Tao glanced at Chu Haoze’s business card and was rather surprised. Chu Haoze was a consul at the Osaka consulate.

At this time, Yang Lingzhi’s voice suddenly rang out from the living room. “Haoze, come and see, quick! Your father’s awake. He wants you!”

Her voice was full of excitement and joy.

“Doctor Ning, come and take a look,” Chu Haoze said. He, too, was very agitated.

“Sorry, I won’t. Goodbye.” With these words, Ning Tao turned and left.

Chu Haoze felt very awkward. He gave Jiang Hao a pleading glance.

Jiang Hao merely shrugged her shoulders a little. “That’s how he is. Go and see your father now. Remember to give me a call.”

Chu Haoze nodded, turned and ran back into the room.

While the off-road jeep “Warrior” was on its way back, Jiang Hao was observing Ning Tao from the corners of her eyes. A barely discernible smile hovered on her lips.

“Don’t put Old Mr. Chu on the project of ancestor seeking again.” Ning Tao broke the silence in the jeep.

Jiang Hao said, “That goes without saying. My superiors won’t let Old Mr. Chu do it too. But I guess there will be others who will continue the research. But I don’t know who.”

Ning Tao became silent. This was a vicious cycle, but he could do nothing about it.

“Tao, your medical skills are miraculous. You must have studied drugs. Since you have cured Lin Qinghua and Old Mr. Chu, you must have some insight into the ancestor seeking elixir. Tell me, what kind of medicine is it?” Jiang Hao asked. This question seemed to have been preying on her mind for a long time.

Ning Tao said, “Would you believe me if I say it’s an elixir of immortality?”

Jiang Hao t.i.ttered. “What joke are you making? To think that you’re a miracle doctor from a university.”

This was the crux of the problem. The Ancestor-seeking Elixir was an elixir of immortality, but no one would believe this.

“We’re going back for lunch. In the afternoon, I will accompany you to shop. Why don’t we go to a movie?” Jiang Hao asked.

Ning Tao said, “I need to leave after lunch. I still have patients waiting for me.”

Jiang Hao instantly curled up the corner of her mouth. “You don’t even have half a day to spare?”

“No,” Ning Tao replied. Thoughts of the Cla.s.sics & Magic Arts Store and Elixirs & Equipment Store in Sky Clinic were hovering in his mind. What movie could measure up to the secrets of these two storerooms?

Jiang Hao punched a fist at Ning Tao’s shoulder.

Ning Tao did not dodge. When Jiang Hao’s tender fist hit his shoulder, a strange thought suddenly surfaced in his mind. Was it because of Qing Zhui that he had rejected Jiang Hao’s movie invitation?

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