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Chapter 333: Cunning Person

The Elf Leader’s expression immediately changed.

Ever since the Night Elves were expelled, there was almost no trace of any Night Elves in the Emerald City, much less anyone who dared to kill in the Emerald City.

Elf Kora was furious, but when she saw the scene before her, she froze on the spot.

Facing the encirclement of more than a thousand people, the Night Elf in front of her did not compromise at all. She did not even show signs of weakness. The sharp blades seemed to be growing on her as they danced crazily in the air, harvesting the lives of the adventurers.

What was even more shocking was that she was barely injured. She kept flashing, and no one could even capture her location.

“How can there be such a Night Elf?” Kora frowned. She had never seen such an agile Night Elf. Although she was not the strongest, she was the most agile. She danced freely in the crowd. Such a speed was unbelievable.

All the High Elves were shocked.

They also knew what the scene before them meant. It was the Phantom of the Night Elves. This was the legendary const.i.tution, a natural

They did not expect the current Night Elves to really have such a powerful Phantom

However, even if it was a Phantom, without the permission of the Emerald City, she were definitely not allowed to trespa.s.s into this city, much less commit murder in this city!

“Master Kora, please subdue that crazy Night Elf!” Unparalleled Domination continued to beg.

“I don’t need an adventurer like you to teach me what to do.” Kora replied coldly and explained, “Even if she killed someone in the Emerald City, as long as she is not corroded by the dark power, I cannot harm her life. This is the rule of the elves.”

“What? How do you plan to deal with her? She’s a Night Elf. It’s obvious that she’s plotting to sneak in at this critical moment!” Unparalleled Domination said anxiously.

“Even if she’s a Night Elf, she’s still an elf. According to the rules of the elves, before we determine that the other party is demonized, we elves cannot harm our own kind. Why, do you want to overthrow our rules?!”

Kora glanced at him coldly, and Unparalleled Domination immediately fell silent.

Behind him, a teammate tugged at his clothes and said, “Boss, this Kora is clearly biased towards the Night Elves. We’ve found the wrong person. We should find Leader Dolly. He hates the Night Elves. If he were here, he would definitely teach Tyrant’s Night Elf a lesson.”

“There’s no hurry. I’ve already arranged for someone to inform Leader Dolly. This time, I’m not only dealing with Tyrant. I also want to deal with this Kora who is Leader Dolly’s archenemy. If we help Leader Dolly suppress Kora’s authority, we’ll be the ones in charge of the Emerald City in the future.” Not only was Unparalleled Domination not fl.u.s.tered, but he even revealed a cold smile.

Hearing this, the lackeys all raised their thumbs, “Boss, you’re too awesome. You even thought of this. You’re simply our role model.”

“Let’s wait and see. First, we’ll let this Kora reveal her weakness and give her a fatal blow!”

“Alright, Boss. We’ll listen to you.”

The Domination Guild had a plan, but Elf Leader Kora did not know.

She stopped the battle and sent people to surround the Night Elves in front of her, saying, “According to the rules of the Emerald City, all the Night Elves of the Elwyn Clan are not allowed to enter the Emerald City. Why did you sneak into the Emerald City?!”

Elf Leader Kora stared at Aisha sharply.

However, the Night Elf girl in front of her did not seem to hear anything. She did not say a word and only held her dagger as she looked at her quietly.

Kora could not be bothered to say anything to her. She directly ordered the law-enforcement elves, “Capture her!”

The law-enforcement elves who received the order immediately attacked. They took out their daggers and turned invisible, quickly approaching Aisha.

But at this moment, Aisha flashed behind an elf. The sharp blade in her hand was pressed against his neck. With just a little force, she could take the elf’s life.

“Night Elf, you’d better think carefully. This is the Emerald City. You trespa.s.sed into the city without permission. The law-enforcement team has the right to arrest you. Considering the rules of the clan, we can’t attack you. But at the same time, you can’t kill. Once you violate the rules, what awaits you is definitely death!”

Kora spoke in time, causing Aisha to hesitate. She knew the rules of the elves. They could not harm their own kind. If she killed an elf here, she would become the traitor of the elves and be despised and hunted by the entire Elf Race.

Thinking of this, Aisha did not act rashly. She only held the saber against the other party’s neck to threaten them.

That did not work.

Kora had expected that Aisha would not dare to attack, so she made all the elves attack directly, ignoring her threat.

These elves were already higher-level than Aisha. Now that they rushed up, even Aisha could not resist their attacks. In the end, she was forced to the wall of the temple by the elves.

“Surrender now. I won’t kill you. As a Phantom, you are the hope of the Night Elves. I don’t want the Night Elves to disappear. After all, Elwyn was once my best friend.” Kora said in a low voice, “Leave. Leave Emerald City and don’t come again.”

Just as Kora was about to escort Aisha away, another elf team appeared behind them. It was the captain of the guards, Dolly, who had arrived.

“Killing in the Emerald City violates the third chapter of the Emerald City laws. As one of the guards, it’s impossible for you to not know this rule, Leader Kora.”

With a bow on his back, Dolly looked directly at Kora.

“It’s not up to you to discipline me!” Kora said grimly.

“Hahaha, under normal circ.u.mstances, I can’t care about you, but if you knowingly break the law and try to hide the truth, that would violate the rules of the Emerald City. I can take over and supervise the situation!”

Dolly laughed. He did not know how happy he was to see his opponent make a mistake. Without waiting for Kora to explain, he looked directly at Unparalleled Domination and asked, “Adventurer, tell me everything you know. The Emerald City will not let go of any criminal!”

“Yes.” Unparalleled Domination said, “Leader Dolly, I reported to Elf Leader Kora that after seeing the Night Elf commit murder in the city with my own eyes. However, she did not stop them and even watched hundreds of my companions die at the hands of that crazy Night Elf. Other than that, she also abused her authority and wanted to let the Night Elf go!”

“Despicable guy!” Kora’s expression darkened, “Dolly, so what if you’re trying to frame me? These false charges won’t affect me at all.”

“That might not be true.”

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