One Night With The Prince 175 Losing Her Memory Again!

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Sophia’s eyes popped out of the socket from what she just heard. She stared at Chrissy for a while, unknown what to say. She quickly sat down on the side of the bed, took Chrissy’s hands. While looking at her straight in her eyes… Sophia asked intensely-

“Chrissy, are you kidding me? No, wait, are you serious? Don’t scare me, cousin. Otherwise, I’m going to have a heart attack right here- right now. What do you mean, who am I?!” She asked while scared of the response she might receive.

Chrissy only stared at her blankly and very anxious. She was looking at Sophia curiously and waiting for a reply to her question.

Sophia was unable to utter a reply. Instead, she keeps on caressing Chrissy’s hand while continuing to stare at her, afraid. Time was ticking, and both cousins continued with their staring compet.i.tions without blinking. Then… Suddenly- 

“Hahahaha!” Chrissy begins laughing out loud. Before pulling her cousin and embracing her tightly.

“I was only trying to see if it would work, and it seems It does. Hahahaha!”

Sophia smacks her cousin in her arms for what she had done. She almost had a heart attack when she thought that Chrissy was serious. She just recently got her memory back, and there’s a possibility that she could once again lose her memory. Thus, Sophia believed her wholeheartedly when she asked that question.

“Hahaha! I’ll give it to you, my dear cousin. You still have it in you… Best actress award goes to you.” Sophia mocked her for what she had done while continuing to embrace her and not letting her go.

“So, you think it would work? I plan on acting in front of President Grant when I met him; this way, I would have an excuse. What do you think?” 

Chrissy needs Sophia’s professional advice. She needs to make sure that she could fool the President or else- She wouldn’t know how to interact in front of him when they do come face to face.

Sophia got up and walked around the room, she was fooled by Chrissy, but the President is another matter. They don’t know what he would do when the time comes. 

She was in deep thought, searching her superior brain for a solution. “There’s only one way to find out… And that’s to check it out.” Said Sophia, with excitement in her voice.

“Let’s go out there and tell Alexa about your plan. We need to make sure she’s also in the same boat with us, or it would not work.” Sophia excitedly helped Chrissy get up from the bed before wrapping her arms around Chrissy’s shoulder and ushered her out of the room.

Alexa liked the idea of Chrissy acting that she has once again lost her memory. It will buy them some times to come up with a better solution. If they can pull it off, they would be able to stay until the end of the wake. If not, who knows what would happen? 


The whole country was mourning the loss of the mother of their country. People from all over the world flocked to give their support, and condolences to the President’s Family.

The news had also reached as far as the Spaniard Kingdom and Stonasia. The King of Spaniard Kingdom dispatched Crown Prince Romano and Princess Angelica as the delegate to attend the wake.

When Lady Lucy Le Grand heard about the demise of the First Lady, she grieved for her friend and against her better judgment. She decided that no matter what the consequences might be, she would also to attend the funeral. 

Meanwhile, Prince Alexander was ordered by the Queen to attend on their behalf. The Queen didn’t know that he had already started making all the necessary arrangements as soon as he received the news. Given the latest happenings in their Kingdom, he wasn’t able to find an opportunity to inform the Queen about Alexa. 

The day when he was speaking with Alexa, he was called to the King’s chamber urgently. He had no choice but to cut that facetime short. He was expecting the worst and praying the whole time for the King to get well. 

He was in for a shock when he arrived and everyone was joyful. He heard everyone’s laugher as he was approaching and we quickly ran inside the chamber to see the King seating up and eating.

The King’s health suddenly turned for the better, and now he was recuperating well. Soon he would be free of his duty as the temporary ruler of the Kingdom. Hence, he was planning to introduce Alexa after he came back with her in tow from America. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Prince Alexander, pray and hopes that he could persuade Alexa to come… or else! He would kidnap her he has too…


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