One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 359 – Do you like me?

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Chapter 359: Do you like me?

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He knew that fooling around with women was the norm for someone with Qian Shaohua’s status. Sometimes, during the course of their business dealings, he would send some actresses to keep him company.

Did that man have the impression that he could touch any woman as long as she was from his company after their few dealings?

Mu Yazhe’s eyes flashed dangerously.

For a couple of minutes, Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ was astounded, but when she got what he was implying, her face turned white as she vigorously shook her head!

He said she was flirting with others.

“I did not!” she denied vehemently!

When did she seduce anyone?!

He had, again, baselessly accused her of an action she did not commit!

He did know that she was not a flirtatious woman, but he thoroughly enjoyed teasing her. He was fond of the way her eyes turned fierce and coquettish when she flared up like an angry kitten. It was as if she would pounce on him at any further provocation!

This was a bad hobby of his, indeed!

Though he knew this deep in his heart, he still could not stop teasing her like this and observing the angry look on her typically calm and composed profile.

He gave her a slight smile as his well-proportioned arms pulled her over to sit on his lap. “Tell me; what would you do if I weren’t there earlier? Would you go with him?”

“I wouldn’t!”

Why would she go with that man?!

“You are lying.” With a devilish smile, his broad palm held her nape as he drew close to her ear and breathed, “If I hadn’t showed up then, you would’ve left with him, right?”

She bit her lower lip. She was about to open her mouth to answer but consciously realized how intimately close they were sitting.

Their bodies were piled close to each other without a gap.

Her face immediately heated up, which quickly spread to her fair, tender neck. She consciously pulled away from him, only to find him hugging her back into his embrace!


“I won’t!”

“Why not?” he pressed on.

She rebuked, “No means no!”

“You seem to dislike me. Why?” His tone was soft and light when he asked this question. It was deep, magnetic, and enchanting. “In what way have I not satisfied you?”

His warm breath from the nose burned her cute little earlobe. She pouted and turned her face away, but his palm grabbed and pulled it toward him again. His…o…b.. dimmed as he lowered his head to lick her lip flaps gently with his tongue. They tasted sweet as usual!

“Answer me!”

She bit her lower lip, seemingly lost for words!

The palm on the back of her neck jerked suddenly, and her face was helplessly pushed close to his!

Her heart hastened its pace without warning as she watched his beautiful profile next to hers.

Still bowing his head, he covered his cool lips on her small mouth tightly. He then icily asked, “Do you like that old man?”

She wanted to shake her head, but her neck was clenched tightly by his palm. With his lips unceremoniously covering hers, she could not move an inch in that moment!

He admired the desperation in her eyes before he flirtatiously moved his brows and breathed, “Or do you like me?”

She was stunned by the question and subconsciously wanted to deny that, too!

Why would she like such a cold-blooded man like him?!

Seeing her non-reaction, he laughed evilly and demanded indisputably, “Answer me.”

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