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Episode 14 – Master of the Throne (1)

Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s stigma ‘Gather the Hwarang’ was a skill that called the elite Hwarang that died in history, the Dragon Flower Tree.

To put it simple, it was a ground version of the ‘Ghost Fleet’ that Lee Jihye used.

It wasn’t comparable to the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare’s power but it was still a great stigma used by a constellation.


The buried bones were removed and the Dragon Flower Tree unit rose to fight with Baekje’s army. Some Hwarang had no eyes while others had no arms or legs.

It was cruel. They would raise their blades as long as Kim Yus.h.i.+n was here. This was despite their souls being worn down, their anger erased and even their hearts gone.

They were soldiers who fought to prevent the fall of their kingdom. Now they were fighting for a fallen kingdom.

“You are still a coward Kim Yus.h.i.+n! Now you are even pus.h.i.+ng your dead men!”


“Come on! Let’s have a one-on-one fight!”

I was still at Gyebaek’s provocation. It was because Kim Yus.h.i.+n didn’t want to move. He would crush Gyebaek with the overwhelming force of the Dragon Flower Tree. The magic power that emerged from his sword mercilessly filled the air.

“Kim Yus.h.i.+n―!”

The shout filled the air and even the emotionlessly Dragon Flower Tree hesitated for a moment.

This was Gyebaek. The last master of Baekje, Gyebaek.

Gyebaek was a constellation that overwhelmed Kim Yus.h.i.+n just in terms of physical buff abilities. In fact, Gyebaek never fought one-on-one against Kim Yus.h.i.+n in the Battle of Hw.a.n.gsanbeol.

To be exact, it right to say that Kim Yus.h.i.+n avoided the confrontation.

[The character ‘Chu w.a.n.gin’ has used the stigma Prepared to Fight to the Death for the Country Lv. 2!]

In history, Gyebaek’s army fought against Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s army that outnumbered them by several times and won a few impossible battles.

The last winner might be Kim Yus.h.i.+n but Gyebaek wasn’t defeated until the final battle of Hw.a.n.gsanbeol was held.

He united his soldiers with patriotism and his shouts were close to insane.

I carried Kim Yus.h.i.+n behind me right now but if things were different, I might’ve called Gyebaek.

Gwanchang’s incarnation shouted, “General!”

“Don’t move.”

Kim Yus.h.i.+n spoke through my mouth. My expression was unchanged despite looking at the dying Dragon Flower Tree members.

Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s serene image was conveyed.

Gyebaek shouted, “Your cowardice hasn’t changed despite you becoming a constellation!”

That’s right. Kim Yus.h.i.+n was a coward. He was afraid of death and afraid of defeat. That’s why he was strong. His emotions were unshakable and he didn’t commit rash acts. 

Defeat the enemies in a way that achieved victory. That’s how he won the final battle of Hw.a.n.gsanbeol, despite being defeated four previous times.


The hundreds of Dragon Flower Tree members clashed fiercely with Gyebaek. His incarnation was so severely hurt that he could no longer survive. His whole body was b.l.o.o.d.y while there were fatal wounds on his arms, thighs and sides.

However, Gyebaek kept moving through the crowd of Dragon Flower Tree members towards me.


[The stigma ‘Request for Reinforcements’ has been activated!]

Ghost soldiers appeared like shadows from behind Kim Yus.h.i.+n and sprang towards Gyebaek. Based on the different articles of clothing on the soldiers, they might not be Silla troops.

Perhaps they were the Tang Dynasty troops called to destroy Goguryeo.

As expected from Kim Yus.h.i.+n. The only thing important to him was winning. Using foreign forces wasn’t an important issue for him.

Numerous spears pierced his chest. Gyebaek’s incarnation couldn’t overcome the pain and fell to his knees.


The incarnation of the strong Gyebaek was now at his limit.

Gyebaek laughed.

“…I am resentful. I can’t touch you even on this fake stage. I wanted to exchange swords with you just once.”

Gyebaek’s red eyes made me feel confused. Gwanchang was alive, history had changed. But this was one part that didn’t change.

Kim Yus.h.i.+n asked, “Gyebaek. Why did you do this?”


“If you die in this state, you can’t choose another incarnation for a while. Why did you suddenly abandon the scenario?”

Gyebaek had a distant look on his face and then he gave a meaningful smile. Kim Yus.h.i.+n waited before pulling out a blade.

I hurriedly took back control of my voice.

“He can’t be killed with my hands.”


“…There are restrictions.”

The King of No Killing meant I couldn’t carry out direct slaughter. As soon as I killed one person, I would lose my throne.

Kim Yus.h.i.+n nodded like he understood.

[…I see. I roughly understand. Don’t worry. The stars will honour your commitment. But it is I, Kim Yus.h.i.+n, who will deal with Gyebaek, not you.]


[…There is a lingering attachment, please understand.]

Kim Yus.h.i.+n gestured and one of the Dragon Flower Tree members nodded. I handed over my voice to Kim Yus.h.i.+n.

“Gyebaek, let’s meet in the next world.”

Gyebaek’s incarnation looked up at us silently. He wanted to say something but he couldn’t open his mouth. At the last moment, his face looked like a minor actor who completed his scenes rather than Gyebaek.

Then the incarnation’s head quietly flew through the air.

[Stage Transformation has ended.]

[You have experienced the Battle of Hw.a.n.gsanbeol.]

[1,000 coins have been earned as experience compensation.]

I looked around and saw that all of Baekje’s army was wiped out.

[The authority of King of No Killing is retained due to the indirect nature of the killing.]

It was fortunate. King of No Killing was only lost when I killed someone directly with my own hands. The life that the Dragon Flower Tree member took wasn’t recognized as me killing someone.

“Representative-nim! Are you okay?” Lee Sungkook’s voice was heard from behind me.

Yoo Sangah sighed with relief while Lee Gilyoung was disgruntled that he couldn’t do much. Then Min Jiwon asked, “What the h.e.l.l was that…?”

She looked like she had completely lost her soul.

I shrugged and said, “You should study history if you want to be a king.”

I might’ve called Kim Yus.h.i.+n but I didn’t belong to Silla or Baekje. I called Kim Yus.h.i.+n because he was the most appropriate one to deal with Gyebaek.

Anyway, I was glad that the result was better than expected. I was able to thoroughly check the performance of the Ganpyeongui and I could get some coins and items from the Baekje members.

[You have earned 5,400 coins.]

[Coins Possessed: 74,950 C]

Now I wasn’t afraid of the final phase of the fourth scenario.

“It is time to go to the north.”

[The remaining duration of the call is three minutes.]

Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s divine blessing still remained. I should take advantage of the remaining time left on the Ganpyeongui. It could only be used seven times so I couldn’t waste it.

“Rise up Dragon Flower Tree!”

The broken fragments of the Dragon Flower Tree unit rose again and I pointed north with my sword.


The consumption of magic power was huge so the operation time of the Dragon Flower Tree unit was short. The Dragon Flower Tree unit started to march north, randomly sweeping away the small and medium groups.

It might be possible to wipe out all the forces of the other kings gathered at the National Palace Museum.

There were screams as forces fought all over the street.

“What are these skeletons? Aacck!”

The incarnations that ran towards me were crushed by the Dragon Flower Tree unit.

Since I wasn’t the one attacking, I didn’t get a penalty for killing. Yes, this was an invigorating taste.

Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s holy voice was heard in my head.

[There is something strange about you. Your mind is intact despite hearing my true voice…]

“I have a strong mentality.”

I was a bit surprised by the words. The constellations used the ‘indirect messages’ to communicate for a reason.

Kim Yus.h.i.+n was just a low-ranking constellation but most people would pee their pants or faint hearing his holy voice.

In fact, I was a bit worried about that too…

[Remember, you owe me a big debt. In order to help you, I had to embrace more possibilities than necessary.]

There was something sinister about his tone. I quickly expressed my appreciation.

“I am thankful. I won’t forget General’s help.”

[You are a hasty friend. You don’t have anyone to pa.s.s it onto yet…]

“…Won’t it happen one day? If I give birth to a child, I will surely tell them what happened today.”

[Rather, you don’t seem to have a sponsor.]

I had an ominous feeling. d.a.m.n, this old fox kept talking.

[I like you. If you don’t mind, I would like to become your sponsor in this world.]

His words were nice but it merely meant to be his slave.

“That will be a problem.”

[Why? Isn’t my strength enough? You can become the strongest of this age with just my stigma.]

The Gather the Hwarang stigma was good. But that was when applied to Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s saga.

The strongest in this era? He was trying to scam me.

The words were ridiculous for someone who wasn’t a fable level. If the Great Sage the Equal of Heaven heard it, he would’ve squeezed Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s head tightly.

“Now isn’t the age of the Three Kingdoms. You are old and should take a break.”

We had fun together but let’s not see each other again.

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is laughing at ‘King Heungmu the Great’.]

[300 coins have been sponsored.]

Kim Yuns.h.i.+n was silent for a moment, perhaps because his pride was p.r.i.c.ked. I thought he would back off but a sharp pain suddenly shot through my head.

[Have you forgotten that my divine blessing still remains?]

Currently, Kim Yus.h.i.+n and I were connected through the Ganpyeongui. The muscles of my body spasmed in an unusual manner. No matter what, wasn’t he a great person of Korea…? No, maybe he could do this because he was a great person of Korea.


[It would be better to think again.]

Yoo Sangah looked at me with worry.


“Yoo Sangah-ssi. Get away from me. Quickly!”

My trembling right hand didn’t listen as it raised Unbroken Faith and started pointing it at Yoo Sangah.

Kim Yus.h.i.+n started to exert control over my body.

[Did you say there was a restriction on your actions? I wonder what the restriction is. What if I kill that woman right now?]

“Kim Yus.h.i.+n, this is your will. It isn’t my karma.”

[Huhu, I don’t know. What if I disengage the moment I stab the blade? Won’t it be recognized as your actions? And this woman seems to be quite precious to you?]


[Make a promise. In the next Sponsor Selection, you will choose Kim Yus.h.i.+n.]

The intent of this old fox was obvious. The second Sponsor Selection would begin the moment the fourth scenario was over. Kim Yus.h.i.+n wanted to use this pledge as an opportunity to acquire me.

If I hadn’t read Ways of Survival, it might not be a bad choice. Kim Yus.h.i.+n was a fairly decent constellation and there were a few scenario in the middle that could be cleared with Gather the Hwarang alone.

However, if I was going to pick a sponsor, I would’ve picked the Great Sage the Equal of Heaven in the beginning. Why should I choose Kim Yus.h.i.+n now?

“I said no.”

In addition, I had the contract with Bihyung that didn’t allow me to choose a sponsor.

Kim Yus.h.i.+n’s voice hardened.

[You are a stubborn young man. But it is the wrong choice. How long can you endure?]

The blade in my hand started moving towards Yoo Sangah.

“Yoo Sangah-ssi, quickly―!”

Why didn’t the smart Yoo Sangah move? I looked at my right hand moving against my will and finally made a decision. Dammit, I respected him as a great person but he forced me to do this…

I took a deep breath. This was my body. I would never give it to this guy or any constellation.

[The exclusive skill, ‘Fourth Wall’ is activated!]

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