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Chapter 118: Showing off and got beat up.

In a place like Orchid Park, there were numerous cars coming in and out every day. Most people wouldn’t pay attention to it either. Qin Feng wouldn’t have noticed Brother Dong if he didn’t saw him wave his hand from afar.

“I didn’t expect Brother Dong to come in person.”

Qin Feng’s face showed a smile when he saw Li Dong’s arrival. The things would be much easier with him here.

The punk was yapping while the bearded one and his men fists clenched tightly.

There was one exception, Strong Rat. This guy was really afraid of Qin Feng. Not only he tried to stay away from the gangster, he even hid himself at a corner.

“Ok, ok, ok….I’ll give it, I just have to give the money right?”

Everyone thought that Qin Feng would be angry at the bearded but they didn’t expect him to cower and agree to pay the money.

“Uncle Fang, take ten thousand… no, take twenty thousand. After all, it wasn’t easy for all these brothers to come here. This extra ten thousand, take it as this little brother inviting big boss for some tea…”

Uncle Fang was dumbfounded and looked at Qin Feng with a stunned look but still nodded and went back to get the money.

The average stores may not have that much cash in hand but Qin Feng was about to people the employee wages, so he had tens of thousands cash ready to use.

The bearded one and his men were also dumbfounded when they heard Qin Feng. The crowd booed they heard him.

They had seen cowards before, but they had never seen cowards like him.  It looked like even if the gangster kicked his crotch, Qin Feng wouldn’t do anything.


At this moment, the tens cars made squeaking sound as they stopped in front of Fragrant Feixue. If it was a normal day, people would have turned their head around due to the noise but today it was buried under the crowd talking.

“At least you are perceptive, brat.”

The little punk, who was the negotiator, was all smiles and even giggled to his boss. The bearded one also smiled heavily with his meaty face, his eyes were almost covered by his cheeks. He was apparently very satisfied with the punk performance.

It didn’t take long for Uncle Fang to come back with brand new stacks of cash that were taken out of the bank two days ago.

With Qin Feng’s hint, Uncle Fang handed the money out. The punk narrowed his eyes and immediately reached out to grab it.

“Wait a minute.”

But as the punk just pinched the money, Qin Feng stopped him and grabbed his hand.

The punk was stunned. The money was about to be in his hand but the meek Qin Feng suddenly stopped him. He felt like his wrist was being clamped by steel claw as he tried to move his hand but couldn’t even move an inch.

It’ll be weird if he could move. He was only a level one gangster and had a small body that didn’t have much strength. Qin Feng now had ten points in strength, the punk was too weak compared to him.

“What do you want, brat?”

The bearded one didn’t know what was going on but if Qin Feng wanted to go back on his words, he would not stay sitting. With the money in front of him, there was no way he would let him take it back.

“I don’t really want to do anything but ask one thing. I’ll give you to money as long you answer me.” Qin Feng said calmly.


The bearded on felt a little bit angry when Qin Feng dared to talk to him but the money wasn’t in his hands yet, it wouldn’t be good if he got angry t now. So he asked in a somber tone.

“Simple question. Since I gave the protection fee, does it mean you will be responsible for the safety of my restaurant? What if another group come and asks for money? Should I give them money too?”

Qin Feng said with as if he didn’t the bearded one’s face at all.

The crowd thought the matter would end when Qin Feng paid the money but didn’t expect this twist. Those who were about to leave stayed to see what would happen.

At the same time, Li Dong brought his people to the entrance of Fragrant Feixue and made eye contact with Qin Feng. He heard what Qin Feng said and instantly understood what was going on. So he stayed amongst the crowd and didn’t step forward yet.

“What nonsense are you saying? Who doesn’t know that the Orchid Park is the Brother Beard territory? Who would dare to come to Brother Beard territory and ask you for protection fee…”

The punk who had his hand grasped by Qin Feng shouted with gritted teeth before the bearded one could answer.

“Oh, really? Brother Beard.”

Qin Feng ignored him and asked again as he didn’t care about the little punk. What he wanted was the big fish, Brother Beard.

“Of course. Since I received your protection fee, n.o.body would dare to target you. Otherwise I will cut off my beard if I don’t chop him to death!”

The bearded one boasted as his eyes were filled with greed when he saw the bank note on Uncle Fang’s hand. How could he let this money fly away? But he got caught on Qin Feng’s trap.

“If that the case, this money is yours.”

Qin Feng smiled at the Brother Beard word and let go off his grip on the punk so he can take the money away.

Brother Beard took the money happily before pocketing it. His mind was already thinking on how to get more money from this stupid young man who seemed to have a lot of money.

But when he was ready to take his people to leave, Qin Feng spoke up again.

“Brother Beard, don’t leave yet, I have some brothers I want to introduce to you…”

Qin Feng sat down on a chair and raised his legs on the table before he lazily said, “Brother Dong, this Brother Beard is really a big shot. He even said he’s going to chop you to death.”

“What dogs.h.i.t Brother Dong. Brat, you must want to die, right…”

Brother Beard heard what Qin Feng said but the punk who was humiliated earlier responded rudely as Qin Feng was still disrespectful to his boss even after they got the money.

“Bro-Brother Dong…”

But just as he waited for his Brother Beard to show his power, the punk heard his boss scream in a frightened voice. The Punk’s ferocious face immediately froze in surprise.

They saw at the entrance a man walking toward them as the people split to give him way. He was wearing a shirt with flower pattern, black and a golden necklace on his neck.

Behind him there were row of st.u.r.dy and muscular men. With a glance, they could tell there were at least fifty to sixty men.


Li Dong said to the crowd as he walked to the restaurant. His men immediately surrounded the store and kept the crowd from approaching.

“You are Brother Beard? I heard you wanted to chop me to death? I’m here, do it.”

Without any extra nonsense, Li Dong came directly to Qin Fang and smiled politely, then he took a chair to sit down next to Qin Fang before then looking at Brother Beard and said calmly.

He also took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket before offering one to Qin Feng. He even lit it up for him. His att.i.tude toward Qin Feng was really respectful.

Of course he gave so much face to Qin Feng wasn’t because Qin Feng was awesome or something but because of young master Tang, young master Ning and young miss Tang that were backing Qin Feng.

Unfortunately, Brother Beard knew none of that.


Brother kneeled to the ground after seeing them. He had been a gangster for a long time and had chopped a lot of people, but even if he had eighteen guts, he wouldn’t dare to do anything to Li Dong.

“Brother Dong, I wasn’t…”

Brother Beard didn’t know what to say. His face paled as his body trembled in terror.

“It’s alright, what are afraid of? I won’t eat you. Four eyes, give him a knife…. Come on, chop me! Didn’t you say you wanted to chop me? Why are you cowering now?”

Li Dong looked down on him and mockingly said to him as he walked up to him and put a knife in Brother Beard’s hands.

But did Brother Beard dare to do it?

Obviously he didn’t dare.

If he really did it, he would have been hacked to death before he could do it. It would even give him the legitimate defense. This was part of his territory anyways. His relation with the cop was already very good and taking care of a small gangster like Brother Beard was a joke to him.

“Well, this is disappointing.”

Li Dong took the cigarette he was smoking and pressed it on the bearded one’s beard. Brother Beard was shaking in pain, he wanted to scream but saw Li Dong’s stern look. So he could only grit his teeth and endure the pain.

“Impressive. I’ll let you take care of him and teach him the rules…”

Seeing his reaction, Li Dong and Qin Feng made eye contact before Li Dong stopped torturing him and threw him to his men to deal with.


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