Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2222 Killing Into the Eastern Sea

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Chapter 2222 Killing Into the Eastern Sea

On the Martial Heaven Continent, where the Eastern Xuan Region met the sea, countless sea demons were currently climbing onto the land.

The sects in their path, who had received the warning, had already fled. Those sects weren’t strong enough, and they were isolated. No one had come to reinforce them.

The sh.o.r.e within a million miles of the sea had been occupied by the sea demons. Countless human cities had been torn to the ground.

Some areas still had some humans fighting back, buying time for some commoners who hadn’t escaped yet.

Those people were experts from the Martial Heaven Alliance. They were all members of the senior generation. The junior generation was all in seclusion, so they were unable to bring out too many people to face the beast tide.

“d.a.m.n Long Chen! Look at what he caused! All his showing off and provoking of the sea demon race resulted in us suffering, and he just hides like a turtle! How does anyone call him a hero? We’re losing our lives because of him!” roared someone amongst the fleeing crowd.

“That’s right, the sea demon race used to just stay within the sea. It’s Long Chen who has ruined the peace of the continent. We’re forced to leave our homes while he just focuses on getting stronger. No one with a conscience would do such a thing…” shouted someone in the crowd.

“Shut up! You fools, if you keep trying to fan the flames, we’ll toss you to the sea demons!” shouted one of the Life Star elders of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Within the crowd, a few people were constantly trying to incite hatred against Long Chen. Although the higher-ups had warned them that Pill Valley’s dissidents would most likely be mixed in and cause trouble, they didn’t expect just how enraging these people were. Due to their encouragement, some other people who were filled with resentment after leaving their homes were also shouting along, as if this was all Long Chen’s fault.

“What, are you saying Long Chen didn’t do anything wrong?! We were living happily, and now we’re forced to leave our homes! It’s all caused by Long Chen. Why shouldn’t we be able to say it?!”

“Exactly, it’s the d.a.m.n Martial Heaven Alliance! You have the responsibility to save us, and you have to give us compensation! Do you think it’s right for you to shout at us when it’s your fault?!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!” That Life Star elder lost his temper and grabbed the shouter.

That person immediately sneered. “What, are we not allowed to criticize your mistakes? Are you going to silence people by killing them?”

That person waved his hand, and the two of them were separated. The Life Star elder was shocked and enraged. He pointed at that person. “You’re not a disciple! You’re a fake!”

This person had disguised himself as a disciple of a small sect with a cultivation base only at the Soul Transformation realm. But that one exchange had revealed his true cultivation base.

“Hmph, if you want to make stuff up, why stop there? Why not just say that I’m Tian Xiezi?” sneered that person.

Suddenly, the sky rumbled and a giant figure flew through the air, leaving a five-colored streak of divine light. A powerful pressure appeared and made people’s hearts tremble.

“A Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow!”

“It’s Long Chen. He came.”

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s people were dumbfounded. Wasn’t it said that Long Chen wouldn’t be coming?

Cloud folded her wings and suddenly dived down. Opening her mouth, a giant whirlpool appeared, and the sea demons on the land were sucked into her mouth.

The intense battle instantly ended as these sea demons weren’t all that powerful. As Li Tianxuan said, the sea demon race didn’t really intend to invade the continent. They were just trying to force Long Chen to show up.

When Long Chen appeared, those people causing trouble shut their mouths, doing their best to conceal their fear.

Long Chen looked over at the crowd. He suddenly raised his finger and pointed at someone.

“No!” That person hastily turned to flee.

It wasn’t just him. Dozens of people suddenly fled in different directions, and they no longer bothered concealing their cultivation bases. They were actually all Empyreans.

With one pointing of his finger, Long Chen blew those experts into b.l.o.o.d.y mist. They were all dead.

The rest of the crowd stared in shock. They seemed to understand something, and they turned pale, especially those people who had joined in cursing Long Chen.

“Long Chen, why have you come? They’ve achieved their goal by drawing you out and making sure you can’t cultivate!” said one elder.

“I know. It’s fine.” Long Chen waved his hand and shot off with Cloud once more, going straight to the eastern sea.

Seeing Long Chen leave, the elder who had been enraged smashed one of the sea demon corpses furiously and cursed the people who had been shouting along.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I really want to turn you into mincemeat. Those were Pill Valley’s people sent to cause trouble and apply pressure to Long Chen. You idiots don’t even have brains, and you just shout along with what others say. Do you realize that without Long Chen the Martial Heaven Alliance would be in even greater danger? If the Martial Heaven Alliance collapses, you idiots would die to the Corrupt path in an instant. They’d use your blood and souls to upgrade their weapons. Now, are you satisfied? Long Chen actually wasted his time to come here! If it weren’t for the orders from higher up, we’d have long since left you idiots to die to the sea demons.”

Another one of the elders came up to hold back that enraged elder. It looked like the latter was about to start killing. “That’s enough. Anger is useless. I’ll bring them away, and you can go report this to the alliance head. She has to know about this.”

Long Chen didn’t care about those people who had been cursing him. In the end, he only had one thought: he wasn’t a Sovereign, and so he wasn’t able to make everyone respect him.

He could allow others to have different views of him. He could permit others to have different methods of doing things. As long as they didn’t harm him, he could accept it all. But the people intentionally inciting trouble were hateful, so he had just conveniently wiped them out.

Cloud sped on. Occasionally, she would unleash a wave of light that blasted apart the sea demons on the land. A powerful stench filled their noses.

“These sea demons are really smelly,” said Dong Mingyu, holding her nose.

“They’re born smelly. But after roasting them, the majority of them are quite delicious.” Long Chen smiled.

“Big brother Long Chen, are you really planning on challenging the sea demon race on your own? According to what I know, they’re very powerful. They have their own Sea G.o.d that they wors.h.i.+p. There’s a secret beneath the sea that causes the entire world to shake. The Bloodkill Hall has sternly forbidden its people from becoming enemies with the sea demon race,” said Dong Mingyu. Despite that, she still looked at Long Chen with a touch of wors.h.i.+p. In her view, Long Chen was the bravest, most fearless person in the world.

“On my own? No, aren’t we three people?” said Long Chen with a smile.

At this time, Cloud had reached the eastern sea. Through the sea, it was possible to see the giant sea demon army climbing onto the sh.o.r.e.

Seeing this, Long Chen threw a giant lightning spear into the sea. Huge waves exploded, and countless corpses floated onto the surface, electrocuted.

“Did they think sending a bunch of shrimp would be enough to force me out? Well, they succeeded.”

Long Chen continued through the path of the sea demons, unleas.h.i.+ng more lightning to kill them. He finally saw a ma.s.s of stronger sea demons.

These sea demons were at the eleventh rank, and although they were stronger than the shrimp, they were still annihilated instantly.

Long Chen gathered their corpses and tossed them into the primal chaos s.p.a.ce to nourish the withered World Trees.

“This should be a gathering place for the sea demon race. If we keep killing, their real experts should start showing up.” Long Chen saw more and more sea demons rus.h.i.+ng over, so he stopped moving. He just waited for the sea demons to send themselves to him. The sea within thousands of miles quickly became the color of blood.

“Brazen human race, you dare-”

A powerful twelfth rank sea demon leaped out of the water, only to be blown apart by Long Chen’s fist before it could finish speaking.

“You dare to shout in front of Master Long?” Long Chen had originally thought that this sea demon would have some ability, but it was unable to receive even a single blow from him. Such a weakling was not qualified to speak with him.

More twelfth rank sea demons began to appear. They were as big as mountains and shot out of the sea, creating huge waves.

With so many sea demons, Cloud was no longer able to handle them all by herself. Dong Mingyu wanted to take action, but Long Chen didn’t allow it. Instead, he unleashed lightning spears, annihilating the sea demons.

Twelfth rank sea demons were equivalent to the human race’s Netherpa.s.sage experts. The strongest sea demons coming were only at the mid twelfth rank, about as strong as the second step Netherpa.s.sage experts. Their bloodlines weren’t pure, so their combat power was only ordinary. Even against ordinary human Netherpa.s.sage experts, they wouldn’t be a match.

This was about what Long Chen had expected. The sea demon race’s true geniuses were in seclusion in the depths of the sea.

After the qi flow eruption, a portion of the qi flow was absorbed by the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. Hence, the sea demon race would get an extra chance to absorb the qi flow, and that was what they were doing. So just like the continent, the sea’s true experts were in seclusion. They were only sending out the useless ones.

Although there were many of these sea demons, they were unable to threaten Long Chen. He continued to kill them. He refused to believe the sea demon race would allow all of them to die.

Suddenly, the surface of the sea exploded and a giant Six Horn Sea Serpent appeared. A powerful bloodline pressure appeared.

“Long Chen, you went too far!”

That Six Horn Sea Serpent transformed into a long-haired man holding a bone trident. Upon staring at Long Chen, flames almost burst out of his eyes.

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