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Chapter 1086: 1086

Let alone the others, even Long Chen was shocked . Just when had this brat become so powerful? And he hadn’t even bragged about it?

No wonder he had been so furious before . So he had been posing with real power . This shocked everyone .

Each time Guo Ran attacked, they were only able to see him to activate some mechanisms . They were unable to even see the projectile before the distant ninth rank devil beasts were blown apart .

Continuous explosions rang out, like a person doing roll call . He killed over thirty of them in one go, dumbfounding the Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples .

“This is my most successful posing in all of history . So, I’ll be a bit modest and only give myself full marks . ”

Guo Ran had stealthily cast his divine sense behind him and seen all those dumbstruck people . He stood with his hands clasped behind his back, just like a lonely expert . But in truth, flowers were about to bloom in his heart .

“Should we attack?” asked Gu Yang .

“Ugh, let’s wait a bit so he can finish posing . Furthermore, the Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild aren’t quite at their peak yet . Right now, with Guo Ran at the front, their safety is of no issue, so give them some more time for training,” said Long Chen .

Inside, he praised Guo Ran . He was truly a generation’s marvel . His cultivation talent was so lacking that even after Long Chen did his best to develop him, his actual combat power was garbage .

But by blazing an alternate route, he had found his own Dao . Behind this glorious posing, it was unknown how much blood and sweat he had paid . To sum it up, it could be said that he was getting more dependable . Yes, he could count as – a posing hero .

“Boss, that’s about enough . You guys should come as well . I feel bad being the only one in the spotlight . ” After an incense stick’s worth of time, Guo Ran had killed over a hundred ninth rank devil beasts,

Long Chen and the others exchanged disdainful expressions . They understood him far too well . He was definitely running out of ammunition, or with his character, he would continue posing until the end of time .

“Let’s go . ”

Long Chen didn’t expose him . He led the Dragonblood Legion forward .

Those wood cultivators that had just joined were truly a bit apprehensive, as they had never gone through any battles . Seeing that the other two factions were able to work together so flawlessly, they became even more nervous, afraid of making mistakes .

But they saw that the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were still laughing and talking as they walked forward . It was like they weren’t even going to the battlefield . They looked as easy-going as if they were going to a bonfire party .

This was precisely the effect Long Chen had wanted . Only when a person could fearlessly advance could they display their greatest strength . Only then could they create the slightest hope of living when surrounded by death .

The Dragonmark warriors had finished their apprentices.h.i.+ps . As for Long Chen, he was at the very front, with Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er on his arms . The three of them walked forward shoulder-to-shoulder .

When the Dragonblood Legion reached the attack range of the devil beasts, people were stunned to find that when the devil beasts charged at Long Chen, they would suddenly stiffen and collapse on the ground ten miles away from him . They would never get back up .

With Long Chen at the center, there was a ten-mile s.p.a.ce . Whether they were seventh or eighth rank devil beasts, they would all die once they entered .

That was a stunning and bizarre scene . It was like the devil beasts were kneeling in front of Long Chen, while Long Chen was the king of devils .

“Sister Meng Qi, you’re amazing,” praised Tang Wan-er wors.h.i.+pfully .

This was Meng Qi’s spiritual domain . Within this domain, with just a thought, she could wipe out the souls of any devil beasts . That was the most terrifying aspect of soul cultivators .

Amongst the new generation of disciples, there were also other soul cultivators . But they had all been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the senior generation disciples .

They didn’t need those soul cultivators to kill devil beasts on the battlefield . They just needed them to disturb a few ninth rank devil beasts in battle, while they used that chance to kill them .

Meng Qi shook her head . “These devil beasts basically have no minds . Their spiritual fluctuations are very strange, and I need to use a large amount of Spiritual Strength in order to kill them . If they were ordinary Magical Beasts, my spiritual domain would cover hundreds of miles . ”

Hundreds of miles? Just what kind of terrifying scene would that be? Long Chen asked, “Then are you using too much soul energy right now?”

“I’m using a bit, but it’s not that bad . Hehe, that fellow Guo Ran was so flashy, so as his boss, you have to be even flas.h.i.+er . ” Meng Qi smiled sweetly at Long Chen, her eyes containing a teasing light, as well as an alluring one .

The three of them were laughing and talking as they reached the center of the battlefield . The Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild had already opened up a large s.p.a.ce for them . The scene of Long Chen’s arrival on the battlefield was too shocking .

“Hehe, boss really is the boss . This is ten times flas.h.i.+er than mine . ” Guo Ran had already jumped off his platform and gone over to Long Chen’s side .

Long Chen cast a glance at Hua s.h.i.+yu and w.a.n.g Zhen, and they immediately understood . They brought their factions toward the edges, leaving the central area to the Dragonblood Legion .

With the Dragonblood Legion at the center, the Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild were the two wings . When it came to numbers, the Ten Thousand Insect Guild was clearly lacking, and yet when w.a.n.g Zhen summoned his army of millions and millions of insects, it was enough to make up for the difference .

w.a.n.g Zhen was extremely powerful when put like this . No one knew just how many insects existed in his army . Just on his own, he was able to make up for the difference between in numbers .

Long Chen was at the front, with the Dragonblood Legion being the core . They were enduring the majority of the devil beasts’ attacks . After all, the devil beasts had no intelligence, and they simply attacked whoever was closer .

“Everyone, get into formation! Meng Qi, help tidy up these devil beasts,” said Long Chen .

Meng Qi nodded and slowly floated into the air . Her robes billowed around her, while her hair was tightly bound in a high knot . She was like an immortal who had descended from the heavens, giving people an urge to kneel down in wors.h.i.+p . Her aura infected the entire world, causing the Infernal Devil Abyss to become a wonderland .

She formed hand seals, and when she was finished with the third one, two strange runes appeared in her eyes . A terrifying spiritual fluctuation suddenly spread .

All devil beasts within thousands of miles collapsed tidily on the ground, leaving behind a few isolated figures .

Those figures were ninth rank devil beasts . Right now, they were holding their heads and wailing in pain . Then, they once more charged forward .

Meng Qi’s attack had eradicated all the weaker devil beasts, causing people’s hearts to shake . This attack was absolutely terrifying .

“Don’t just stand there . Hurry and get into formation . Are you daydreaming?” Long Chen clapped his hands, rousing the dumbfounded Dragonmark warriors . They hadn’t encountered Meng Qi before, so they were completely stunned by her power .

They hastily formed their formation . In just half a breath, the formation was completed . It was so fast that Long Chen couldn’t find a fault in it .

There were seventeen figures still moving on the battlefield . Ten of them came for the Dragonblood Legion . Guo Ran was about to stop them when he was stopped by Long Chen . He allowed the ninth rank devil beasts to reach the Dragonblood Legion just like that .

“What is he doing?!” Hua s.h.i.+yu and w.a.n.g Zhen’s expressions changed . Was he trying to get his disciples killed?

“Die!” Seeing the ninth rank devil beasts charging toward them, the Dragonblood warriors directly hacked with their sabers . The first ninth rank devil beast to reach them had a Dragonblood warrior slash at its arm .

As a result, with a loud bang, that Dragonblood warrior was sent flying . In terms of power, he was still too weak compared to a ninth rank devil beast .

But his full-strength attack caused that rus.h.i.+ng ninth rank devil beast to pause, and just as it stabilized itself, two other Dragonblood warriors slashed their weapons onto its knees .

The attack the devil beast was about to unleash was interrupted, and the immense impact to its legs cause it to lose its equilibrium . It fell backward, and just at that moment, a Dragonblood warrior who had long since been waiting unleashed the attack he had been preparing .

A huge head soared into the air along with a rain of black blood . That blood splashed the Dragonblood warrior, but he didn’t care at all . Instead, he became even more excited, and he let out a heaven-shaking roar .

The Ten Thousand Insect Guild and Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples were deeply shaken upon seeing a terrifying ninth rank devil beast be killed so easily by just the four of them working together .

“Nice . ” Long Chen gave them a thumbs-up . They didn’t let down the name of the Dragonblood warriors . Their cooperation had been practically seamless .

At this moment, the other ninth rank devil beasts successively arrived . The ones to kill them were all the ordinary Dragonblood warriors . They had followed Long Chen the longest, so they had the greatest experience and the best cooperation .

Long Chen intentionally left the ninth rank devil beasts to them to show everyone that ninth rank devil beasts were only at this level . It was also to show the Dragonmark warriors what cooperation could bring about .

“Do you see? This is the power of a team . One person’s strength might not be enough, but by working together you can still cut them down like melons . You all trust each other, but you’re lacking the ability to tacitly understand each other . There’s no way to teach you that, so you can only try to figure it out on your own on the battlefield . Once you understand, then no matter how many ninth rank devil beasts arrive, they will only be more points .

“Brothers, I won’t say too many nonsense words . Work hard on cutting them down . Consider yourselves blades that haven’t been sharpened . Do your best to temper your sharpness right now, using the corpses of devil beasts as proof of your glory,” shouted Long Chen .

Just at this moment, another horde of devil beasts charged over . The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors let out loud roars and began a crazy slaughter . Long Chen’s words had instantly ignited their hot blood . It was even more effective than the previous zither music .

“Gu Yang, you go help w.a.n.g Zhen’s side . Ninth rank devil beasts are causing large casualties in his insect army, and if it goes too long, he’ll take too many losses . ”

In any case, the Dragonblood Legion was essentially just training . They were tempering their guts and coordination . The only thing to do was to make sure not too many ninth rank devil beasts came at once . And since Gu Yang was a close-range fighter, he would just be standing there bored . It was better for him to go help, and conveniently, he could make a few points .

Guo Ran jumped onto his platform again . His crossbow overlooked the entire battlefield . If anyone needed help, he would kill a ninth rank devil beast with a single arrow .

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