Nightfall Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

People looked up the high sky, and praised the kindness of Haotian. However, no matter how diligent and clever they were in cultivation, they never dare to think of flying to the sky. Because they knew, no matter how steep the way was, it couldn’t be harder than going to the heaven. No one had ever made it because the way from the earthy world to the heaven was filled with difficulties. Devine Hall of Haotian was in West-Hill, which was self-crowned as the only bright school that could understand the doctrine of Haotian in the world. However, no one heard that some Great Divine Priest could ascend to heaven and become immortal to be one of the members of Haotian. There was a magic pill called Heavenly Power Pill in West-Hill. You could know the value of the magic pill only from the name. It was deeply hidden in some unknown place, therefore it could be hardly seen in the world. At this time, there were two Heavenly Power Pills in the china bottle in Chen Pipi’s trembling hand. “They all call me the genius of practice that they’ve never met in a hundred of years, and give me three Heavenly Power Pills when I entered into the sect. In the end, the old monks held a meeting for three days. Anyway, Ye brother only had one pill that year. I ate one, one for saving my life, and one to help my Senoir brother to enter into the next state. How could I simply give it to you like this?” “The Heavenly Power Pill can’t help people to ascend to the Heaven, but it can increase people’s life by ten years and maybe make cultivator enter into the next state directly. If I gave these two pills to the King of Great River Kingdom, he would give me at least thirty thousand virgins in return, or even give his throne to me. If I gave the pill to the leader of the Devil’s Doctrine, perhaps he would gladly betray his school and join in West-Hill.” “How valuable Heavenly Power Pill is! I just give it to you for curing?” If dying Ning Que needed the ordinary gold or treasure, or even his Psyche Power, Chen Pipi would never hesitate. But these pills were very important, and they were the most valuable pills in Haotian Taoism. If they were found outside the Haotian, no one knew how many conflicts would be provoked, so he hesitated and struggled. Drastic mental struggles lasted for a long time in his head. Then without noticing,

the fat lad sighed bitterly and said, looking at Ning Que in coma,”Those monks always said it was more important to save a life than building seven stores of stone tower. Although I don’t know what importance there is in building that ugly stone tower, I believe the sentence makes some sense. Although I still think your life is not more important than the pill, anyway, the pill can’t speak, and moreover, you just rascally give your life to me before you pa.s.sed out.” The so-called reason was just the excuse to persuade himself. Chen Pipi opened the sparkling china bottle cap, and carefully dropped one pill to his palm with a sad face, then gave it to Ning Que’s mouth. The pill looked a little brown, with no gloss nor strange smell, which even not induced hundreds of birds to celebrate. It just spreaded slight herb smell, and looked so common. “If you died earlier, the Heavenly Power Pill would be saved. If you didn’t come to the Academy, this pill would also be saved. If… you were not that boring to leave a message on the paper, I wouldn’t know you and this pill could be saved as well.” Chen Pipi put the pill into Ning Que’s mouth, gave him water,and help him to melt the pill accompanied by pressing his chest, complaining with a sad and pitiful face. “You are so smart and have a good perseverance, moreover, you also have a good comprehension. However, all the acupoints in your Ocean of Qi and Mountain of Snow are unactivated. You are so poor, or you are a lad that is cursed by Haotian.” Ning Que still closed his eyes, but his pale face turned red quickly. Chen Pipi just looked at blankly him and sighed,”Today, your Snow Mountain was damaged and then rebuilt. Perhaps, you really could have some acupoints activated. You were injured so badly that only the Heavenly Power Pill could cure you, and then you met me who was the only one that had the pill, and I couldn’t help but save your life. Therefore, you are actually the lad cared by Haotian.” … … The melted and collapsed Snow Mountain was rebuilt by the cold power. It seemed magic, but the structure of the Snow Mountain was unstable and could collapse anytime. The internal glacier and dangerous holes were scarred and battered, and most of the holes couldn’t connect with each other, so it made the Snow Mountain fragile like a wooden pillar that was hollowed by termites. The valuable Heavenly Power Pill was melted by water, slowly permeated his body

body via throat, then its efficacy worked before it reached Ning Que’s stomach. The radiance shining like stars disappeared in his viscera. Under the radiance, the distant mountain went high suddenly instead of collapsing again. It just stood under the firmament silently, as sacred as a saintess and firm as a warrior. It slowly melted, wetting the wild dry land. A life smell pervaded in the strange world, wihch was not from the sun in the sky, but from the essence of the world. Day alternated with night, cold tricklet was slowly flowing, then there was another gra.s.s growing on the side of tricklet, and spreaded to a gra.s.sland. Flocks of sheep were jumping happily on the gra.s.sland, and some field mice nibbling at the gra.s.s root brightly under the ground. In the deep of gra.s.sland, likesome green trees were growing up. … … The pill’s potency was so slow, but it was so fast for people to absorb it. When Ning Que absorbed all of pill power into his Ocean of Qi and Mountain of Snow, he woke up. At this time, it was dawn outside the old library. He leaned against wall tiredly, squinting at the twilight outside the east window, lightly opened his mouth and murdured in a hardly audible voice,”Everything has cause and effect, and has the reason to exist. Haotian, you have your reason to bring me to this world, and I know you won’t just unfeelingly watch me die.” “Not Haotian, it is me who can’t unfeelingly watch you die.” Chen Pipi leaned against the wall near Ning Que, and rubbed his tired eyes, mumbling,”You are a guy stepping one foot into the dead world, but you don’t figure out who save you after turning to be sober.” Ning Que smiled tiredly, and quietly saw his big round face. He never thought Chen Pipi, who’ve left his message for a long time, should have such an appearance. Then he asked,”How did you cure me?” Chen Pipi moved his fat body, rubbed his back against wall, stood up hard, and stretched his numb body with hands on his waist. He smiled slightly with a wave of his hand, saying,” I’ve told you so many times, I am the hardly seen genius in the world. If the ordinary doctor saw your wound, you would die. But for me, it was just a tiny thing.”

The fat lad always took himself as the genius that never seen in one hundred of years, so he always demanded himself to act like a real genius. He adored his senior brothers’ manner, so he didn’t like to mutter things. Last night, to cure Ning Que, he gave him a very valuable pill that hardly found in the world. It was so wordly to emphasize this, because he already gave it to him. Besides, it totally didn’t fit his taste, so he didn’t explain the details but just shook his sleeves to show that he didn’t care about. Of course, if someone stood in front of him, he must see his fat face slightly trembling because of his pity and regret. Chen Pipi restored calm when he turned around, and he saw Ning Que’s eye, making a request,” Can I see your big black umbrella?” Ning Que said after he went silent for a while, “I don’t have the strength, do it yourself.” It made Chen Pipi lose his mind. He frowned, saw Ning Que for a while, bended down his body hardly, and held the handle of the black umbrella. He felt a little bit cold when he held it at first. The wood that made the handle should be ground by an ordinary tree in Northern part of the emperor. He didn’t know what smeared on the black umbrella, for it seemed a little oily. Except that, you could see nothing strange. Chen Pipi saw the black umbrella on his hand for a long time, and found nothing. He put it back to Ning Que’s side, saying, “Last night, I inquired about something.” ” What?” Ning Que asked tiredly. “Yesterday, Vermilion Bird woke up.” Chen Pipi stared at his eyes. Ning Que frowned slightly, thinking of his feeling when he pa.s.sed out on the street because of serious injury, and his fear that appeared with no reason when he walked with Sangsang and held the black umbrella several months ago, but he really didn’t know portrait of Vermilion Bird woke up at that time, so he shook his head only. Chen Pipi didn’t find any problems, so he paused before he continued, “Last night, a Sword Master was found dead in Chang’an.
Ning Que went silent. Chen Pipi looked at him with a forced smile, saying,” You have many wounds made of sword. Although you didn’t bleed now, your wounds were burned by fire rather than old ones. Ning Que smiled, and lifted his head saying, “what on earth do you want to say?” “You are wounded so much, but you didn’t come back home to lie down but come to the Academy by carriage. It only shows that you were injured by the sword in the morning. At that time,Chang’an Local Government chased you so close, so you couldn’t go back home but escape to the Academy. Chang’an Local Government wouldn’t dare to block the carriage going to the Academy, not to mention search you here.” “Last morning, the Sword Master died, the portrait of Vermilion Bird in the street woke up, and you were injured so badly by sword yet without a trace of blood and your wounds were clotted by invisible fire,which only shows one thing.” Chen Pipi looked at him and frowned, saying,”You were the person who killed the Sword Master, and the person who annoyed Vermilion Bird. But what confused me all the time was you did all of this and you were just an ordinary person.” “I admire you, your first name could be Fu, then Mine could be Hua.” Ning Que leaned against the wall tiredly, saying, “the problem is that you saved me so hard, so I believe you won’t take me to the government. Then why do you bother to ask these.” Chen Pipi lifted his eyebrows, saying proudly, “because I, the genius, want to prove to you that nothing can be hidden from me!” Ning Que smiled at him, and said suddenly, “There is no such big family in West-Hill as what you said in your message. And there is one place that can influence the cultivation and common world and make the Academy fear, the Haotian Devine Hall.” “You are not some inheritor of a big family, but the selected inheritor of Haotian Taoism. I don’t know your master was the hierarch of Haotian Taoism or some Great Divine Priest when you were a child? And what confused me most is, as a genius given great hopes by Haotian Devine Hall in West-Hill, chosen by the hierarch as the inheritor and received by the Academy… why you are so fat?”

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