Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) Chapter 224 – Anonymous (5)

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Chapter 224: Anonymous (5)

Anonymous was shocked to see the White Dragon Blade and the Sky Demon Sword aimed at his neck. The difference in power was obvious. The end stage of the superior master level and entry of the supreme master level was only one stage difference, but the difference was severe. From looking at the difference in power, it was certain that Yeowun had no chance of winning. But the attack Yeowun just made was enough to turn the tide upside down. What’s more terrifying were that those skills that Yeowun used singlehandedly like the legendary sword skills in the entire Yulin. And he just used these two with both arms like Mu Jinwon used to do, so the power was enormous.

‘He is a monster.’

Anonymous thought he had understood the enemy, but he hadn’t. Anonymous asked Chun Yeowun, “…Are you going to kill me?”

“Not yet.”

It meant that he could always kill Anonymous if he wanted to. Anonymous then looked at the black sword and asked, “That sword… is that the Sky Demon Sword?”

Yeowun’s eye shook at the question. He expected Anonymous to be a person related to the Cult, but the man even knew the sword. It was likely that the man was a leader from within the cult. Yeowun then cut open the mask over the face with his Sky Demon Sword. The face was revealed under the mask.


Yeowun frowned. Unlike his expectation of finding Great High Lord, or one from elders of the cult, it was someone that Yeowun did not recognize. Anonymous looked like a man in his 30s and had foreign features. What was interesting was his eyes, with his right eye that was blue. He even seemed like he wasn’t from the land of Jianghu. But Yeowun was not interested in his foreign look.

“Who are you?”

Anonymous became surprised. It seemed Yeowun was only interested in what Anonymous was.

‘Interesting. He doesn’t care about my different looks.’

Anonymous became silent for a second and spoke.

“Crown Prince. I will not fight or run away, so please let go of me.”

“T-this voice!”

Anonymous spoke with an entirely different voice. It seemed he had been faking his voice. But the new voice was one that Yeowun knew every well.

“Great Guardian?!”

It was Great Guardian Marakim. Yeowun was so shocked at the unexpected ident.i.ty of Anonymous.

‘It wasn’t the Great High Lord…!’

Yeowun then hesitated for a bit but took back his White Dragon Blade and the Sky Demon Sword. By bringing back his ominous demonic energy, the black sword returned to the wristguard state. He had shown Sky Demon Sword twice to the Great Guardian now. Yeowun was confused. He was confused about how Marakim knew the Twenty Four Demon Sword and Sword Force of the Sky Demon, and even knew about the Sky Demon Sword.

“…Great Guardian, tell me everything you know.”

Yeowun asked seriously and Marakim smiled bitterly.

“I have something to tell you first…”

But before he could finish, a giant explosion rung through the entire mountain. Two of them looked up at the mountain peak. Evil and powerful energy spread from above. Yeowun became grim. It was the place where Yin Moha and Kingbonki were fighting. Marakim spoke to Yeowun.

“Crown Prince. We should climb up. I will go with you.”

Yeowun was concerned but couldn’t move as he wasn’t done with Marakim, so Yeowun nodded and quickly began climbing up the mountain. Marakim also ran up, but he couldn’t move as quickly due to his internal damage.

At the peak, it was now very different. There were many craters and cracks beneath.

“Hah… Hah…”

Yin Moha was moving quickly through as she panted heavily. Her clean clothes were ripped and were drenched in blood, and Yin Moha was pale from exhaustion. That’s when something dropped to where she was, and if she wasn’t fast, she would have become like the hole that was made through. Dust clouds kicked up and something giant got up from within.

It was a being larger even than Ko w.a.n.ghur, who was the largest man within the cult, and his muscles were enlarged irregularly with veins popping up all over it that made his skin to look red. His reddened eyes also showed the demonic presence within. The beast-like man growled.

“Grrrrrr…. You are like a rat. How long do you think you can run?”

“Hah… Hah… Kingbonki!!”

This beast-like man was Kingbonki, the 2nd Elder. He was now a giant monster, who jumped against Yin Moha. Kingbonki was huge, but he was also very quick, enough to catch up to Yin Moha. But the accuracy wasn’t up to par with his speed, so Yin Moha was barely able to run.



Kingbonki’s giant fist struck down on her and threw her away. She used her energy barrier, but it seemed like her left wristbone was broken.

‘H-he’s adapted to it.’

Kingbonki was getting used to his changed body. Yin Moha was able to dodge a few times, but she was struck down this time. She laid low on her broken left arm and used her sword as a stick to got up and glared.

“Krrrrrrr… hahaha.”

“Hah.. hah… do you think you can be okay even through using Blood Reversion?!”

Kingbonki’s change had come from the Blood Reversion Art. Kingbonki who lost to Yin Moha had to use Blood Reversion Art.


Kingbonki, who refused any connection to Blood Reversion Art, when his sub clan was revealed of using it, knew this forbidden art after all. And with Kingbonki, an established superior master level warrior using it, the power that grew was out of the limit of a mere human.

“Hahahahaha! Do you think this is like that incomplete trash?!”


“My Great Art of the Blood G.o.d’s Reversion is not something to be compared to that incomplete tras.h.!.+”

Originally, blood reversion art used the user’s energy flow to be destroyed and took away the user’s conscious that became a problem. But Kingbonki, who had to lose his conscious a long time ago, didn’t seem to lose his sanity.

“It’s impossible!”

“Foolish woman! I have succeeded in removing all the side effects!”

Yin Moha became pale. If side effects from blood reversion art was removed, then the Sword clan was the most dangerous clan in the current Demonic Cult.

‘No way. That’s not possible.’

Yin Moha shook her head. If what he said was true, then there was no way for the Sword clan to hide about the Blood Reversion art. There was still a problem remaining that they couldn’t reveal it publicly yet.

“It’s enough. I will kill you now!”

Kingbonki then charged against Yin Moha to finish her. It was so fast that he was already three steps away from Yin Moha.


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