My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 784 – Arriving at Jijing Island, Superior Connections

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Chapter 784: Arriving at Jijing Island, Superior Connections

At the hospital.

It took Granny Lu three hours to finish at the hospital. Her blood test results and her organ health was known now. When her test results were compared to last month’s, it didn’t look too good.

“All of you have to be mentally prepared.” Holding the test results, he dropped his arms and glanced at everyone around him.

Lu Chengzhou and Lu Zhan stood in front and remained silent. The atmosphere in the corridor was extremely tense.

Second Old Master Lu stepped forward. “Elder Yu, judging from Old Madam’s current state, how much longer can she live?”

As soon as he mentioned this, everyone looked at Yu Zhongjing. Each of them was more concerned than the last. One year ago, the Lu family had been on the brink of collapse.

In the end, Lu Shangjin found Gu Mang to operate on Old Madam, which allowed her to recover.

When they heard Gu Mang say that she would be fine for three to five years, everyone was forced to suppress their restlessness and maintain their composure. Now that Old Madam was in a dire state, everyone had different thoughts.

Yu Zhongjing answered, “It’s hard to say. I will contact a neurology specialist and consult with him. We’ll try our best to stop anything from happening.”

Everyone eyed each other.

In Yu Zhongjing’s office.

Lu Chengzhou sat facing him. “How long specifically?”

Yu Zhongjing answered him solemnly, “That’s really hard to say. But for now, I can still keep her illness under control. Thing’s won’t get worse for now.”

Everything had happened too suddenly. Even Yu Zhongjing had not expected her condition to take a turn for the worse in just one year. Logically speaking, it should not have happened so quickly.

For a few seconds, the office was quiet. This silence was interrupted by the sound of a lighter.

Lu Chengzhou could not resist lighting a cigarette. “Don’t tell Gu Mang about this.”

Yu Zhongjing was dazed. “What do you mean?”

Although Old Madam was in a bad state and there was not much hope left, his master wouldn’t be able to do much either. No one could escape from the cycle of life.

“Don’t tell her.” Lu Chengzhou emphasized these words before getting up to leave.

Lu Yī was waiting at the door. When he saw Lu Chengzhou walking out, he s.h.i.+fted his body to the side.

Lu Chengzhou instructed in a cold and deep voice, “Arrange for people to guard this floor.”

“Understood,” said Lu Yī.

After saying this, he turned around and left.

Lu Chengzhou took out his phone from his pocket and noticed that Gu Mang had sent him a message a few hours ago.

Jijing Island.

The compet.i.tion organizer was very generous. They arranged private jets to shuttle the 118 teams to the island. One by one, they landed at the airport.

There were numerous private jets that had ‘Ji’ logos on the airport runway.

Students from different countries started disembarking. It was their first time coming to Jijing Island, so they were very curious. When they exited the airplane cabins, they were greeted by a s.p.a.cious airport.

It was Jijing Island’s warm period right now. As the humid and scalding air enveloped them, they felt extremely warm. However, this did not affect the students’ excitement.

As the sun was bright, everyone squinted their eyes while looking at their surroundings.

Gu Mang was wearing a black baseball cap and the brim of the cap was pushed down as much as possible.

As she walked down the ramp, she replied to messages on her phone, as if she were not at all interested in her surroundings.

She had just switched on her phone when she saw two messages from Lu Chengzhou.

[It’s okay.]

[I will go over tomorrow.]

Qin Yaozhi glanced at the group of people not far away and could not help cursing under her breath. She exclaimed, “no wonder so many people want to partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion. Everyone here is the top student at their medical school. Not top talents, but top geniuses.”

If one could get to know these people, one could gain superior connections. This was a circle that normal people would never get to interact in.

Qin Yaozhi had looked up information about the teams. The names that she saw could never excite her as much as seeing them with her own eyes.

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