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Chapter 519: Meeting the Family

Watching the siblings enter the airport, Third Uncle looked at his bank account on his phone and sighed. The Lei family had tried every means to take the Gu family’s wealth. Yet, Gu Mang casually gave them a house in the school district.

The Lei family had used all its skills to a.s.sociate itself with Lu Shangjin and yet Gu Mang got Lu Shangjin to help an ordinary man like him to buy a house like it was nothing.

If the others heard of it, they would probably be angered to death. Old Master would probably vomit blood in anger.

Before the plane took off, Gu Mang sent a WeChat message to Lu Shangjin about this matter.

Lu Shangjin: Sure, I got it.

Gu Mang: Thank you, Uncle Lu.

Lu Shangjin received the message after arriving home and felt mentally worn out. To think that Gu Mang got him, the head of Ming City, to be a property agent!

Lin Zhou saw it too as she removed his coat and pa.s.sed to the servants. “I heard from you that the Lei family discriminated against Gu Mang. Why is she helping them?”

The man replied, “The family of the third sibling is not bad.”

Since Gu Mang approached him, they knew that they should treat the matter seriously. Before Gu Mang became the top scorer in the country, Lin Zhou had always thought that it was Meng Jinyang who had helped Lu Yang with his studies. However, it was clear now that Gu Mang was the one who had been helping him.

She really admired Gu Mang for being able to guide her incompetent son to where he was now.

Lu Shangjin loosened his tie and asked, “How are Yi’er and Lu Yang’s recent results?”

His wife responded, “Lu Yang can score 550 marks now but there’s still a gap between Yi’er and Meng Jinyang.”

Meng Jinyang’s results had always been stable and she almost always scored above 720 marks. Lu Yi scored 690 marks during the previous mid-term examination. If nothing cropped up, Meng Jinyang would most likely be the top scorer in the province.

Lu Shangjin was taken aback when he heard his son’s results. “He’s scoring so high now?”

Lin Zhou laughed. “I did said that we wouldn’t have a kid with insufficient intelligence given our genes.”

Lu Yang’s mouth twitched.

Who has insufficient intelligence?! I merely did not study properly! Once I get serious about studying, I will scare all of you!

At the capital.

Granny Lu had been waiting for Lu Chengzhou to bring Gu Mang back to the Lu residence ever since the girl returned in March. It was already the end of April now. She slapped the table and rushed to the Lu Manor without informing anyone.

When she arrived, Lu Chengzhou and Gu Mang had just come downstairs to have breakfast. Seeing the old grandmother at the entrance, both were shocked.

The old grandmother sported a short, gray haircut that was neatly combed. She was dressed in a plain, dark green suit, and wore rimless which made her look dignified and graceful. Seeing Lu Chengzhou and Gu Mang holding hands, she found it inappropriate.

Lu Chengzhou sensed her disapproval and held her hand tighter in an aggressive manner.

He then whispered into Gu Mang’s ears, “Don’t be shy. It isn’t your first time meeting the family.”

Gu Mang remained silent. Just as she was about to say that it was not, Lu Chengzhou brought her downstairs. When the old grandmother saw their faces, her anger dissipated suddenly.

She thought about how good looking their child would be given their attractive looks.

The butler immediately rushed to the entrance and bowed respectfully. “Madam Lu, you’re here.”

n.o.body from the residence had given him a call.

Could the old grandmother be here to settle scores with his young master after learning that he brought a woman to the Lu Manor?

The butler was afraid that the old grandmother would offer Ms. Gu a hundred million yuan to leave his young master.

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