My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 224-1: Upside down

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Chapter 224-1: Upside down

“Yuan Ye-ge!”

Tangtang was the first to charge towards the hospital bed that was being pushed out. Seeing Yuan Ye who wore an oxygen mask, she shouted Yuan Ye’s name multiple times.

Yuan Ye’s eyes were tightly shut and his brows were stuck together, he had no reaction and had a pale face that could make the heart of any person who sees him ache.

Wearing a green scrub, the doctor took off his facemask. He had a depressed look, and advised, “Miss, do not disturb the patient. Right now, he needs a quiet environment and needs to continue surveillance.”

“Doctor! What do you mean by that!? Was the operation unsuccessful!?” Yuan Hewei walked up and asked anxiously.

The doctor was intimidated by him, and took a step back before speaking, “Sir, we’ve tried our best and have taken out the two bullets, we’ve also curbed the bleeding. The treatment of the wound was also very successful, but because the wound was right beside the patient’s heart, even an immortal can’t save him if it was just another millimeter closer to the heart. Right now, we have to see if the patient could endure hold on through tonight. Past tonight, if the patient’s condition remains stable, then his recovery is just a matter of time.”

“Doctor, please don’t let any mishaps happen to our son no matter what, we will definitely reward you heavily in return.” Yang Jieyu stated as she caressed Yuan Ye’s face.

“Madam, we do our very best no matter who the patient is, please be rest a.s.sured. Right now, we should move the patient into the ICU.”

“Doctor, can I accompany Yuan Ye-ge in the room? I will be very obedient and definitely won’t bother you.” Tangtang pleaded.

The doctor and his a.s.sistants exchanged glances, then nodded, “Alright then, please follow us, Miss.”

They followed and watched Yuan Ye enter the ICU. The ICU had two sections, in the first, there was a sterilizing room.

Tangtang put on the sterilized garbs, and followed Yuan Ye into the inner room.

Outside the big gla.s.s window, Fang Zhongping had an odd look on his face as he said, “Why does Tangtang seem a little different than before? Seeing Yuan Ye hurt must be a great shock to her.”

Yang Jieyu wore a smile as she looked at Tangtang who stuck by the bed, “When a girl grows up, she becomes sensible very quickly. As a father, you probably can’t understand the thoughts of your daughter.”

Fang Zhongping stared blankly, then forced a smile and shook his head, “I’m afraid I won’t understand the thoughts of women in this lifetime.”

Everyone present knew of Fang Zhongping’s situation, and all avoided continuing this topic.

“This matter is pretty much settled, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now.” Yang Chen

“Wait,” Yang Jieyu suddenly stopped Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, although you saved our son and Tangtang, you have also incurred enmity with Zhou Guangnian and Xu Zhihong. How about you stay with us, and go back after we’ve dealt with this crisis?”

Seeing Yang Jieyu’s profound gaze, Yang Chen’s mind was in disorder. He had an uneasy feeling that he couldn’t fathom and was perturbed, but he also mysteriously felt antic.i.p.ation.

Yang Chen looked down and thought about it, and calmed himself down and said, “What are you guys planning to do? If it’s purely the Xu Family, I believe that you definitely have to power to overwhelm them financially. However, Dongxing’s Zhou Guangnian has deep roots in Zhonghai. Perhaps you guys could break down the Dongxing Group, but if Dongxing’s underworld power makes its surfaces…… Secretary Fang, even if you’re a government official, the higher levels of the country wouldn’t be happy about it, right?”

Fang Zhongping’s expression turned gloomy. Indeed, this was one of the reasons why he hasn’t been saying much. The Fang Family may be powerful, but when looking at the whole of Huaxia, it’s only limited to Zhonghai. If they go to battle because of Dongxing and send armed forces against them, that’d be closely-fought battle which would disturb the lives of ordinary folk. The higher ranking officials definitely won’t let the Fang Family off if that happens.

Yuan Hewei’s eyes s.h.i.+ned, “Yang Chen, you seem to be very knowledgeable of the state of forces in Zhonghai? Although this is the first time we meet, you have saved the children of our two families, and that is a huge favor to us. We trust you, so if there’s something you want to say, do not hesitate to say it.”

With everyone’s gaze on him, Yang Chen made his decision and said, “Actually, we could collaborate and eradicate Dongxing and the Xu Family in a single night.”

“Collaborate? You want to collaborate with us?” Fang Zhongping frowned and said, “Yang Chen, we have had dealings with each other before, so don’t blame me for being direct. Just who are you to be collaborating with us? Whether it’s financial ability or resources, what do you……”

“Secretary Fang, please let Yang Chen finish speaking.” Yang Jieyu was seemingly displeased with Fang Zhongping and shot him a glance.

Fang Zhongping seemed to be very afraid of Yang Jieyu, and immediately shut up.

Yang Chen continued, “Do you guys know who in the whole of Zhonghai understands Dongxing Society the most, and wishes to eradicate them the most?”

Everyone carefully considered this, and practically spoke in unison, “Red Thorns Society!”

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