My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 125-1: Yang Chen’s ailment

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Chapter 125-1: Yang Chen’s ailment

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Rose’s sudden question caught Yang Chen off guard. When he realized what this question meant, he became taciturn.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t tell her, as he had absolute confidence in Rose. The problem was, even if he said it, she might not even understand. But of course, some things mustn’t be said; nothing would happen to him if he said it, but if Rose found out, it would become an unimaginable adversity for her.

Every person has a circle within which they should stay. If they went beyond that, they would be overstepping their bounds. Overstepping their bounds in the world of business would have people receiving attacks from factories and governments, and troops that overstepped their bounds would receive a baptism of gunfire from another country. If one discovered something that they shouldn’t know, then they might not even know why they died.

Under Rose’s fervently expectant gaze, Yang Chen considered how he should speak, and said, “Actually, I didn’t intend to hide this from you, it’s just that you may not understand some things even if I explained it. I can only explain things to you in the simplest manner.”

“I don’t need to know everything. I just want to know why you became like that, hubby. I want to know why you needed me to forcibly knock you out.” Rose beseeched. Fact was, all she cared about in her heart was if her man was still in any danger!

Yang Chen tidied his thoughts, then said, “This should be a small ailment I got when I was younger. If my body undergoes a certain amount of stress, like how I killed that bunch of people by going beyond the capabilities of an ordinary person, my sickness would flare up. Or if I receive too much mental trauma and my heart feels jittery, the nerves in my brain might go a little out of control… and do some… extreme things.”

“Is there any danger?”

“I’m never in danger, but the people around me may be in danger.” Yang Chen said with a sardonic smile.

Yet Rose breathed a sigh of relief, she had a rough understanding of what those ‘extreme things’ meant, but as long as Yang Chen said he’d be fine, then it was good news.

When Yang Chen noticed Rose’s minute change in expression, he felt a little warm inside. From time immemorial, it has been the hardest to enjoy being loved by a beautiful woman. He had actually lied to her…… because this ailment was in fact hard to control. In the end, it may not just destroy others, it may even destroy himself……

But there are some things that a man can’t tell a woman, because women are often controlled by their emotions instead of their rationale and may end up doing a lot of silly things.

Rose pondered over this, then carefully asked, “How about you go to the hospital and have a thorough check-up done? Haven’t you had any treatment done while you were overseas?”

Treatment? I’m the only one in this whole world who has this ailment. Other than me, n.o.body understands how this came about, what is there to treat!?

Yang Chen shook his head and said with a smile, “There’s no need, I’ve done check-ups in America a long time ago. The doctor said that the best way to deal with this is to lead a simple life, without doing too much or thinking too much. That way, I would be able to live through my life in peace. A permanent cure is still impossible with the medical technology of today.”

I’m sorry, darling Rose, I have to lie to you again…… Yang Chen thought helplessly.

Rose nodded, she seemed to understand yet not understand at the same time. However, she didn’t force any more answers out of Yang Chen. Despite feeling that Yang Chen was hiding many things from her, she wisely chose to keep silent.

Having gotten up this early, Yang Chen felt a little hungry. He picked up the small bowl of congee on the bedside table, ate it all up in several large gulps, then said to Rose with a wide smile, “How can there be enough for me to eat with such a puny bowl? Go get me another serving.”

Rose had recovered her charming spirit, her usual self. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “Stop eating, I still have something to show you.”

“What thing?”

Rose smiled cryptically, “It was found in Situ Mingze’s study. I sent people to upturn his old nest and ended up finding some good stuff.”

Saying that, Rose walked to a corner of the room, s.h.i.+fting away a wooden piece of art to reveal a black deposit box inside the wall.

She turned the dial, the safety deposit box opened with a click. There weren’t many things inside, just several brown envelopes, disks, flash drives, SD cards and other storage items.

Rose took out a flash drive, then walked to her desk to pick up her Apple notebook, bringing both items to the bed. She inserted the flash drive and opened up the contents inside.

Yang Chen watched her open the folder of the flash drive, and saw a bunch of video files and charts.

“What’s this?” Yang Chen asked in bafflement.

Rose was like a proud little fox as she said, “Hubby, why do you think those legitimate businessmen and politicians are willing to work alongside Situ Mingze?”

“Because they have something to gain?”

“That’s the most basic part, but Situ Mingze still needed other means to possess authority and control over them……”

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