My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1121 – Departure

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Chapter 1121: Departure

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The butler laughed awkwardly. “But… but Chairman really took his medicine. He…”


A loud gunshot was followed by the butler’s yelp.

The butler collapsed and stared at the blood flowing out of his thigh in horror.

“Why did you lie to me? What did I tell you when you took the job as the butler?”

“Miss Luna, please spare me… please spare me! I… I had no choice! It was the chairman! The chairman didn’t let me tell you! He… he even threatened me that if… if I dared to tell you that he didn’t take his medicine, he… he would send me off to the mercenary camp and cook there!”

“So, that gives you all the right to ignore my words and help him lie to me?”

“Miss Luna, you know how the chairman is. If I betray him, I’ll suffer!”

Bai Liyue laughed coldly. “How horrible can being a chef be? Let me show you what it means to suffer!”


With that, Bai Liyue fired eight shots at the butler’s limbs.

With all of the butler’s joints broken, he fainted from the pain.

None of the mercenaries who looked after the manor dared to stop her.

After all, Miss Luna was one of the best mercenaries around.

After all, Miss Luna was the only one who dared to challenge the chairman. Even if the chairman was hopping mad at her, he would not truly take any actions against her no matter how angry he sounded like.

Bai Liyue crippled the butler, making him spend the rest of his life fully comprehending the meaning of suffering. Then, Bai Liyue turned around and left, leaving all the memories she had for this place.


Suddenly, Bai Liyue stopped.

In the distance, a white male lion slowly walked over and stopped one meter away from Bai Liyue.


The lion roared again.

Bai Liyue looked at the lion and muttered gloomily, “I’ll take my leave first. He’ll bring you to Nuannuan.”

As though it could understand Bai Liyue’s words, the lion happily flicked its whip-like tail twice and left without any hesitance.

Bai Liyue could feel her heart weeping with blood when she saw Da Bai turn around without a single glance backward.

Although Nuannuan was the one who picked Da Bai up from the woods, Nuannuan was too playful. So, Bai Liyue was the one who fed Da Bai most of the time.

However, after feeding Da Bai for so long, it picked up after that man. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the man and this beast probably came from the same mold.

No matter how well Bai Liyue treated them, they would never give her a second glance.

Just to find an excuse to meet Nuannuan and stay in Camino without getting sent back, that man would rather risk his life by giving himself stomach cancer.

As for Da Bai, the only form of reluctance it held for Bai Liyue originated from the fear that it could not see Nuannuan anymore after Bai Liyue left.

Their hearts only had a place for Nuannuan.

It could be said that Nuannuan had taken over their lives, so no matter how much others had sacrificed for them, n.o.body would melt the cold, cold hearts of the two ferocious beasts.

Bai Liyue stared blankly at Da Bai as it left. With sorrow in her heart, she turned around to leave.

Just as she turned to leave, the leaving Da Bai sensed something different from the gaze that trailed after it. It stopped in its tracks and turned around.

Da Bai looked at Bai Liyue’s lonely figure for a while before wagging his tail and running after her.

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