My Summons Are All Gods Chapter 359 – Traitors

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Chapter 359: Traitors

The trees as thick as a man’s waist twisted wantonly. The black leaves interweaved with each other, covering the already dim sky. No sunlight could shine down.

The void-like dark ground made people have no desire to step on it. Polos hesitated for a moment, retracted his foot that was preparing to step down.

Polos was already a tier three G.o.d king and was no longer a weak and incompetent person from back then. He did not expect the forest to reawaken his fear of the darkness.

His intuition indicated that terrifying creatures with indescribable words were hidden in the forest. Ever since he stepped on this Black Forest Island, he felt that eyes were watching him everywhere, and he was starting to feel out of place.

However, there were still piles of strange creatures that crawled out of the swamp chasing him. Polos could not make up his mind at that moment.

“They could crawl! Oh my G.o.d, where did they get four limbs?”

It was unknown which frightened servant was shouting while holding his head.

Polos turned his head back and took a deep breath.

It was as if a person who had been swallowed by a shark stretched out his hands and feet that ripped through the shark’s stomach to support himself on the ground. Those sharks that were half flesh and half skeleton did have four thin and weak limbs!

They were crowded on the beach, wriggling their bodies as they crawled, leaving behind a trail of mud. From afar, they looked like a bunch of crazy worms.

The mud monkeys were no longer on the sharks’ backs. Compared to the sticky and wet beach, the forest was their home ground.

They used their slender arms to grab the branches at the edge of the forest and quickly swung over!

Polos could no longer hold back the monkey’s sharp cries. His lips trembled as he shouted something that did not fit his status as an emperor.


The group of people ran into the forest. Thousands of leaves covered the ground as if there was nothing under their feet.

The dark ground looked flat, but in fact, countless roots were intertwined here. Polos almost tripped. After staggering two steps, his heart tightened.

If you were chased by a wild beast, you didn’t need to be faster than the beast to survive.

Technically, you only needed to outrun your companions.

Now that he tripped, Polos knew that he had fallen to the back of the team.

With red eyes, Polos shouted at the back of a servant.

“Listen to my orders! Follow me to face the enemy!”

The servant was stunned and stopped running.

Face the enemy together…

Following his master’s battle cry, some scenes suddenly appeared in his mind. They were all from the era of the empire.

Those days seemed to have pa.s.sed a long time ago. Ever since he came to this strange maze, many memories had changed, but there were some things that he could never forget.

Among them was the first time he met the monarch, under the mosaic gla.s.s of the church, the boiling oath of loyalty.

There was also the monarch who killed the last enemy. His majestic body stood at the highest place in the world, with people the size of ants praised the high meritorious virtue of the king.

At that time, it was so pleasant!

After coming here, everything had changed. These strange and barbaric creatures had the strength comparable to the G.o.d king, and left the two n.o.ble emperors in such a sorry state!

Right now, they were running away like the enemies they had once defeated.

“Swear to protect my lord to the death!”

The servant turned around, and the hand that held the long spear no longer trembled.

His lord had given the order to fight to the death. He was determined to offer his unswerving loyalty and swear to fight side by side with his lord to the death!

Instead, the oncoming person was Polos, who was running at full speed.

What was going on?

Wasn’t it supposed to be a fight?

Why was my monarch escaping?

He only reacted when Polos brushed past him.

Only then did he realize that he became the scapegoat for the monarch.


In despair and anger, he shouted the monarch’s name!

Polos did not even look at him but quickened his pace.

“d.a.m.n, that was close.”

Polos grumbled in his heart.

“It’s a good thing that he was naive.”

A tier three G.o.d king’s body was superior to a tier two subordinate. Polos caught up with the team and ran to the front before turning back to look.

The abandoned subordinate was facing a pile of mud monkeys alone. A mud monkey had already climbed to the top of his head and was tearing his hair. The hair of a tier two G.o.d king’s body was originally invulnerable, but at this moment, it was being pulled in the most barbaric way.

He was already half bald. He waved his long spear in a panic and finally swept the mud monkeys on his head into a pile of mud.

At this moment, more mud monkeys pounced down from the sky and hung on his body, tearing and biting him.

He was still struggling with all his might. He extended his hand in the direction of the large group until the mud monkeys on his body piled up into a small hill. Finally, only his outstretched arm was exposed.

In the Ghost Swamp, any wound would mean slow death.

Yet the mud monkeys were not satisfied. They were groping for something on the dark ground and soon, they lifted a stone that was the size of a person’s head.

Even the stone was black, just like a crooked bowling ball.


Polos heard the m.u.f.fled sound and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He was glad that he wasn’t the one being surrounded by the mud monkeys.

“A person with bad qualities would sell their friends to survive.”

Spicer glanced at him and complained to Polos.

The two monarchs were the strongest among these people, and they were also the fastest to escape.

At this moment, Polos had already surpa.s.sed the others and was at the front of the group, walking side by side with Spicer.

“You had no right to talk about me, you were always running at the front!”

Almost half of the mud monkeys had partic.i.p.ated in the gang fight against the servants. This greatly reduced the pressure on Polos to escape. Only then did he have the leisure to bicker with Spicer.

Polos continued, “If the mud monkeys catch up again, Spicer, it would be your turn to sacrifice one of your subordinates!”

At this moment, Spicer was too lazy to care about benevolence and morality. He answered without hesitation, “Alright, let’s take turns!”

The two monarchs discussed their countermeasures. It was not clear if the mud monkeys would stop and eat people, but they needed time and quant.i.ty to kill a person. Sacrificing a subordinate would create some distance between them.

When they ran, there would be gusts of wind. These winds blew the words of the two monarchs that would reach the subordinates’ ears.

“A G.o.d king had fallen.”

Jerry muttered as he looked towards the other side of the forest. It was also boundless darkness there.

In that direction, Jerry sensed the flow of energy. They were around the strength of a tier three G.o.d king.

It meant that there was a group of creatures, and they were all moving at high speeds.

Some of the energy auras were clearly more amiable. It seemed that there were other human trial-takers.

This implied that a group of trial-takers had come to this forest and were being chased by monsters.


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