My Summons Are All Gods Chapter 224 – An Unexpected Encounter

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Chapter 224: An Unexpected Encounter

“Let’s go!” Before they could leave the blood-red soil, Jerry shouted directly to the three people waiting for them in the distance.

Athena also saw the blood-red waves that were more than ten meters tall behind Jerry.

Everyone’s expression changed instantly, and they felt a great sense of discomfort and deep fear in their hearts.

The dense ma.s.s of these disgusting things caused their scalps to go numb, and they didn’t dare to delay.

They charged straight towards the rear.

Just as Jerry had guessed, these blood-colored leeches were different from the arms in the swamp. They weren’t restricted by the blood-colored soil.

Even though Jerry and his men had already walked out of the range of the blood-colored soil, these blood-red leeches still followed them, showing no signs of stopping.

However, their speed had slowed down a little compared to before. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jerry directly increased the distance between them and the blood-red leeches.

Fortunately, the blood-red leeches couldn’t get too far away from the blood-colored soil. After chasing for a few hundred meters, they finally retreated unwillingly.

Even after the blood-red leeches retreated, the group continued to flee for a very long distance.

That scene had left a huge scar in their hearts.

After walking for a long while, they finally stopped. Jerry placed the woman in his hand on the ground and opened the Eternal Flower Register to check where they were.

After confirming that there was no danger around, Jerry let out a sigh of relief.

On the other side, when Crane saw his sister’s miserable state, he could not help but cry out in alarm.

Yes, Crona’s injuries were very serious, even though she had managed to escape from the blood-red leeches.

However, if she was not rescued in time, her injuries would only have gotten worse, and in the end, her life would be in danger.

“Come with me! Let’s find a place to treat her injuries!”Jerry looked at the two people hugging each other, turned around and led the way!

According to the reminder from the Eternal Flower Register, there was a place suitable for resting, and there were some treasures hidden there!

Crane helped Crona up and followed behind Jerry. Crona’s body was extremely weak at the moment, and she couldn’t even speak.

Athena, on the other hand, was thinking that ever since she entered the trial ground, she seemed to be less and less of a help.

As she was thinking along the way, suddenly, Jerry seemed to have noticed something and stopped immediately.

Athena, who was absent-minded, did not notice Jerry’s movements and directly b.u.mped into Jerry.

“Your Majesty, I’m so sorry!” Athena said hurriedly.

“Shh!” Jerry hurriedly covered Athena’s mouth, telling her not to make a sound.

At this time, Athena realized that there was already a group of people in front of them.

But this time, she was concerned about another matter, because what happened just now was too sudden.

In order to keep her quiet, Jerry directly covered her mouth, and now Athena’s entire body was leaning into Jerry’s embrace.

She could even feel the sound of Jerry’s breath coming from behind her, and her back was so tightly pressed against Jerry’s chest!

She could not say a word for a moment, her entire heart was beating wildly out of her control.

It was not easy to control Athena, and it seemed that the group of people did not notice them. Jerry was planning to observe what these people were going to do.

Unfortunately, he forgot that there was another variable behind it!

“Why did you stop? My sister can’t hold on much longer!” Crane’s anxious voice came from behind!

This sentence instantly broke Jerry’s plan completely.

Turning his head, Jerry felt a little helpless. He turned his head to look at the person behind him.

At this moment, Crane’s face was filled with anxiety. He looked at Jerry in confusion, and there was a hint of anger in his eyes.

It was as if Jerry was going to turn hostile if he didn’t give a proper explanation.

“Who? Who’s there? Come out!”

Unfortunately, before Jerry could say anything, a voice berated him from the other side.

Upon hearing this voice, Jerry naturally knew that his tracks had been completely exposed.

He did not hide anymore and walked out openly.

In front of him was a cave that was covered by weeds. There were five or six people gathered at the entrance of the cave. It seemed like they were the trial-takers who had entered this maze.

At this moment, they must have noticed a cave as the sky was getting dark. They were about to enter and check when they heard a voice coming from the bushes behind them.

The eyes of the group of people lit up when they saw Jerry and the others. With their eyesight, they could naturally tell that Jerry and Crona were only at the peak of the tier 2 King of the G.o.ds realm.

The others had only just advanced to the tier 2 King of the G.o.ds realm, while Crona, who was at the peak of this realm, looked heavily injured. She had no strength to fight at all.

“Everyone, we discovered this cave first. We can only apologize. I hope everyone can find a new place to rest!”

The leader stood up and said. Although his words sounded reasonable, his eyes revealed a strong sense of undeniableness.

Obviously, they thought that they had the absolute advantage in terms of strength and did not mind Jerry and the others at all.

They immediately began to chase them away!

“Why? My sister is seriously injured! Can we also rest in the cave?”

Before Jerry could say anything, Crane could not help but yell anxiously.

“Oh! Of course! If the beauties are willing, they can all come in and rest, except for him!”Another person stood up directly, indicating that other than Jerry, everyone else could enter the cave to rest with them.

“Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ike Yadamuka. Ladies are welcome to explore this level of the maze world with us.” That person made an inviting gesture, as if he was a gentleman.

However, his gaze kept sweeping over Crane and the others.

Athena and Alice felt extremely uncomfortable from the bottom of their hearts, and their faces revealed great disgust. Alice even pulled Jerry in front of her, directly blocking Ike’s disgusting gaze.

Seeing this, Ike’s face was a little unnatural, and his eyes unconsciously flashed with a cold light, but it quickly disappeared.

This strange look naturally did not escape Jerry’s gaze, but Jerry just smiled without saying anything, and said indifferently, “Thank you for your kindness, but we won’t go in! This cave is still yours.”

At this moment, Crane’s face became more and more anxious. She said in a panic, “What are you talking about? It’s already so late. Do you know how dangerous this jungle becomes at night? Where can we find a place to rest now?”


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