My Multiverse Trip 284 284. Free Stuff?

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“Well since your officially a spirit master now Ryan you can register with the spirit hall for a stipend and receive 10 gold a month. Each rank you raise you’ll be able to earn more money up to grand master level where you get 1000 gold a month. So rank 10 is 10 gold rank 20 is 100 and rank 30 is 1000. After that you receive a cut off and have to fend for yourself. by either bringing in spirit beast materials or doing some other kind of work.” Grandmaster explains to me and Xiao Wu.

“Honestly I’m not a big fan of spirit hall so any reason I can use to successfully rob them of money is good to me. I don’t have to do anything for them do i? I don’t feel like being their dancing monkey for 10 gold.” I ask just to make sure.

“No you aren’t required to do anything but go back in once you reach level 20 for the upgrade. You’ll be issued a state ID aknowledging that you are indeed a spirit master and that’s about it. This I’d let’s you get discounts at certain shops and you gain the ability to fight at the arena.” he slowly explains.

I look over at Xiao Wu I figure that my trunk can hide her enough from any prying eyes but it would be better to have double protection.

“Well before that I would like to have my other mother help us draw on some training seals and in Xiao Wus case Anti-Detection seals to prevent people from noticing her.” I suggest before summoning out a beautiful red headed kushina who happily s.n.a.t.c.hes me up.

“Oooh my little baby how are you doing in your new world have you made any new friends and how is school.” the hyper active woman starts blabbering off questions while swinging me around like a rag doll.

“I’m good mom would you mind helping me with some seals for these two I need special ones for the small girl as her body is a bit unique.” Explaining what I need to the happy woman she quickly draws up some test seals we go over a couple of times before perfecting it.

She takes Xiao Wu into the bedroom to help apply them while I give grandmaster a hand who is fascinated by all the uses for seals and it reading up on a book I brought out.

I give him basic training seals and some storage seals hidden on his arms for emergency use.

After it’s all done and over with he starts flexing his body getting used to the new resistance weights and letting it all calibrate.

“We will be doing daily training and combat in this trunk I have my stuff all set up for us. I’ll be bringing in specialized teachers for each of us and we will be having other people train and spar with us aswell. Honestly we are kind of stuck here for a while until we reach level 20 and pa.s.s our basic tests. It won’t be too hard as you guys are going to be eating foods filled with rich spiritual energy and training hard. You can give us extra tutor lessons to speed things up a bit I have special items for that.” I talk about the plans with grandmaster while being pa.s.sed back and forth between the two happy mothers. one rattling away and the other babbling up a storm. life is good. of course Xiao wu receives some doting from the mothers aswell as she’s soft and adorable.

Grandmaster happily goes along with my plans adding in special which I can invite some people along to attend as azazel is always interested in new things so is minato.

Grandmaster offers to turn one of his spare rooms into a lecture hall for us. which I agree to before getting to work filling it up with desks a white board comfy chairs and teaching materials.

I add in bookshelves stocked with some newly acquired books from the library I had already made more copies for my personal library and the kingdom library so I was free to give grandmaster all the extras I had made.

All in all it looked like a respectable college cla.s.sroom.

finally I figured it was time to head off to the spirit hall and get my free money. Dragging along a slightly still worried Xiao Wu we make our way to the big fancy building.

Making our way inside we head up to the reception desk and ask for the standard spirit master test. Of course the girl at the counter is shocked by how young we are and thinks we are playing until we hand over the papers we got from grandmaster.

She quickly apologizes rushing off to find the spirit masters in charge of testing. Soon out comes to elderly men looking rather excited.

“So it’s you two youngsters who have come to register?” He asks picking up the letters and reading them.

“six years old and both spirit masters already. oh? Blue silver gra.s.s? That’s rare for someone to be able to become a spirit master with that useless spirit let alone one so young. hmm Ah full inate spirit power.” he starts mumbling and talking to himself.

shaking his head in pity he continues “Well come along you two let’s get you tested and your ID sorted out.

Xiao wu is hiding behind me the whole time grabbing the back of my shirt as we walk off towards the testing area.

“First place your hand on the stones and push in some of your spirit power.” He says pa.s.sing us some blue stones.

We put our spirit power inside and numbers pop up 12 for Xiao Wu and 16 for me.

“Spirit level 12 and 16 acceptable spirit master levels.” he says ticking off some things on his checklist.

“Next up please release your spirits and rings for confirmation.” he says looking at us again.

out of my hand sprouts a blue vine like gra.s.s and behind my back a purple spirit ring floats into existence. “Th..thh.thousand year spirit ring? and for a first ring aswell?!? impossible!” he sputters out.

Xiao Wu also releases her spirit and grows some magnificent soft white bunny ears I quickly pounce at patting and rubbing making her face go red.

I have a weakness for soft things.

“Hundred year spirit ring soft boned rabbit.” He says still shakily checking stuff off on his list. Most people only have the basic ten year spirit ring as having a 100 year old ring is for clans as geniuses or the rich. A 1000 year spirit ring is unheard of as the amount of spirit shock would kill people after about 400 years old spirit rings.

“Both of you have pa.s.sed the tests. if you wouldn’t mind following me we can get your ID stamped out and your stipend going.” he says nervously walking away thinking we are from some big clan as we are now wearing much nicer clothes than what we had on before. I don’t feeling like wearing whatever the h.e.l.l I had on in the village. it must have been burlap or something.

Now it’s just fruit of the loom but it still looks fancy to him.

Of course Xiao Wu got a clothing upgrade aswell being from the forest she didn’t have many real clothes or things so I had to spoil her.

or forms were all turned in and we were handed little soul hall ident.i.ty plates with our rank and such printed on them along with our ages and names.

Quickly making our escape from the crowd of old men trying to ask us questions and make us their disciples we headed out for a nice meal in the town before heading back to the school.


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