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Chapter 245: G.o.d’s Miracle

“The show has just begun. The system has fused.”

Everyone turned to look outside the town after hearing Watson’s words. They noticed that the platinum ore that the goldbiter rats had piled up outside Torch Town had instantly transformed into a ma.s.sive stream of light, enveloping and fusing with it.


Torch Town’s residents heard a strange vibration from their surroundings, but it was m.u.f.fled. They looked around subconsciously. A beam of light spread out from the town’s center, and everything changed wherever it went.

The streets, which had been destroyed, were now whole. The streets’ ground had morphed from ordinary rocks to platinum metal. The buildings that the explosion had wrecked vanished on the spot, leaving majestic spiked palaces that flickered with a faint platinum light in their place. They drew people’s attention in the same way that castles do in fairy tales.

Not only were the houses different, but so were the walls and trees planted on both sides of the street. The walls ranged in height from more than ten meters to a hundred meters. They were as smooth as mirrors, and the trees on both sides of the street had grown thicker and bigger than before, with colorful fruits that emitted a delicate fragrance. Its smell made one feel as if their cultivation rate had increased.

If someone with professional knowledge of medicinal herbs were there, they would immediately recognize that the fruits were of the silver tier variety.

[Congratulations on successfully fusing them, Master. You have obtained a platinum-tier building, Torch Town.]

[Platinum-tier building: Torch Town]

[Abilities: the town is constructed from platinum-tier ores and super-hot stones. It possesses high-tier physical and magic resistance. At the same time, it also can radiate heat, allowing the town to function as one throughout the four seasons.]

[Additional abilities: Flight, Platinum Protective s.h.i.+eld (can be activated when in danger to block platinum-tier attacks), Spirit of the Torch (casting and learning fire-elemental magic in Torch Town will have its effects doubled), Growth Ability (all crops and herbs grown in the town will be upgraded to silver-tier), Forging Ability (weapons forged in the town will also be upgraded to silver-tier), High-temperature Heat Ray (release the energy of the super-hot stones hidden in the city walls, creating a light and heat attack comparable to platinum-tier fire magic).]

Watson nodded in satisfaction as details of Torch Town appeared in his eyes following the fusion.

All of the buildings were platinum-colored; there was not a speck of dust on them. He could even see his own face clearly on the smooth ground. That place had become much more beautiful than the past, and its abilities had also greatly improved; just the growth and forging abilities could make Torch Town countless times stronger soon.

“Can you tell me what is going on?”

“What caused Torch Town to change so drastically?”

The residents of Torch Town exclaimed as Watson sighed. Some people even rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were dreaming.

Torch Town was in disrepair at one point. Then, it became magnificent, like a castle decked out in crystals and mirrors that only existed in dreams. Torch Town could no longer be called that; it should be known as Platinum City. Who knew if there was a more prosperous town in the entire kingdom.

Many of them had mocked Watson. They were amused when Watson did not repair the ground; instead, he built a town outside their town. Then, they were the ones astonished. What should they do if that was not a transformation for their town?

Watson had clearly done that to release his magic. They were curious about what spell he had cast and how he could connect the two towns.

“Thank you very much, Young Master Watson.”

Lubin was the first person to respond. His expression was unmistakably ecstatic. He had antic.i.p.ated Watson’s ability to repair the town in an instant, but he had not expected Watson not only to restore the town, but to improve it as well. The new Torch Town seemed ten times stronger than before. He felt at ease because of the platinum-tier ores embedded in the floor and walls.

He wished he could take a few pieces from the ground or the wall and play with them if there were not that many people around him.

“Mayor Lubin, you have thanked me far too soon. My transformation is not yet complete.”

Watson motioned with his hand to Lubin not to get too excited. Then, he snapped his fingers.

A black hole appeared in mid-air with a click. A palm-sized, black rat with a mysterious crown symbol on its head walked out of the black hole and landed on Watson’s shoulder; that rat was the previously fused Heaven-devouring Rat King.


The Heaven-devouring Rat King opened its mouth and spat out some items, one by one. They were a jumble of old armor, weapons, and daily necessities, such as pots and pans, tables, and chairs.

Hundreds of thousands of sundries piled up into a small hill, leaving the Torch Town residents stunned. They could not believe a palm-sized rat had such ample s.p.a.ce in its stomach. What surprised them, even more, was that most of what the Heaven-devouring Rat King spat out was garbage, and some of it was not even iron-tier items. Some of them had even been shattered into pieces. They had no idea what Watson had planned to do. Did Watson think Torch Town was a garbage dump?

Many people were heartbroken when they saw the broken items had soiled the newly merged platinum floor. However, because of their prior experience, they did not ask that question.

“More than 100,000 refugees in Blackmoon Town, including the town’s official workers, had destroyed these items. It is not worth it to fuse them or use them with wishes because the quality is too low.”

The Wish for the World ring was similar to the fusion system. Both methods require a small payment for a higher return. A wish would require a gold-tier item, and each tier would get different things—the better the payment, the greater the return. Furthermore, there were only three chances per day to make a wish. As a result, everyone in Blackmoon Town treasured every opportunity, and those items of poor quality were left behind.

Those items were already in tatters when they arrived in Blackmoon Town, but they were perfectly adequate for the task at hand.

“Fusion system,” Watson said to the piles of junk on the ground that had been acc.u.mulated into a few small hills. The piles of junk vanished in an instant, turning into streaks of light that flew onto the Torch Town residents’ bodies.

Among those residents were knights in fiery red armor and civilians in simple attires. Their clothes changed immediately after their bodies fused with the light. Ordinary linen robes were transformed into high-quality silk robes with a silver tier aura, and the armor on the knights’ bodies had also improved. They glowed with the faint light that distinguished high-quality items.

“What exactly is that light? Why did it land on my body? And what happened to my clothes?”

A town resident raised his hands in surprise and looked at the clothes on his body.

He had been in clothes made of beast fur, and his clothes had transformed into a long robe, and the black beast fur had also turned silver-colored. A faint shadow of a huge ice field wolf flashed across the long robe as it was scattered around his neck and limbs, dancing in the wind. It belonged to the silver tier.

“My armor has also evolved. My previous armor was only bronze-tier. It has now turned to gold-tier. And so has the longsword I wield! It has the potential to improve the quality of clothing worn by others. What kind of enchantment is that?”

One of the Torch Knights took a longsword plated with gold and looked at the armor that had changed from red to gold and shone brightly. His expression was one of surprise and shock.

He had been wearing the Torch Knights’ standard armor, but it had undergone a significant change. Not only had the metal on the surface of his armor turned to gold, but six golden wings had also sprouted from his back. He appeared powerful and authoritative.

Similar exclamations rang out from every Torch Town resident throughout the streets.

If Watson had been mentally prepared to fuse and transform Torch Town, then they were utterly dumbfounded. He had attracted a large number of goldbiter rats outside the town and used a lot of platinum-tier ores when he had transformed Torch Town. However, Watson had also used a pile of tattered items, and it had achieved the same effect.

He could transform something rotten into something magical—it was fantastic.

Furthermore, Watson only needed to hook his finger, and their clothes and weapons were replaced without their knowledge. That was not something one could achieve with an ordinary spell. Those people in Torch Town had no idea how to describe Watson’s feat.

They preferred the term miracle to magic.

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