My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 439 – Cleansing Monarch City With Blood?

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Chapter 439: Cleansing Monarch City with Blood?

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Jiang Yi was back!

This news spread through the entire Monarch City like a clear breeze blowing across. Even though the streets of Monarch City were filled with soldiers, it still couldn’t stop Monarch City’s residents from being overwhelmed by curiosity and shock.

Those that could reside in Monarch City were basically all the influential clans, which were also related to the royal army. Hence, it was too easy for them to obtain information. Furthermore… Jiang Yi was currently flying over the southern city gates of Monarch City. The Yazi Beast’s oppressive aura had already enveloped half of Monarch City.

Jiang Yi was standing on the Yazi Beast and overlooking the entire Monarch City with a complicated expression.

He was born in the Divine Martial Kingdom and considered himself as a citizen of the Divine Martial Kingdom. In the past, this Monarch City had always been a sacred and majestic place in his heart. His greatest dream, since he was young, was to visit Monarch City and see the guardian deity of the Divine Martial Kingdom, Jiang Bieli!

It was truly ridiculous when he thought back about it. Jiang Bieli was actually his birth father, and this Monarch City was where he felt the most heartbroken. In it was his mortal enemy, Xia Tingwei!

Back then, he was wanted by the Divine Martial Kingdom as a traitorous dog and judged for his crime of treason. Jiang Bieli banished him from the Jiang Clan, making him carry infamy for the rest of his life. He was prepared to escape to a faraway place and live in seclusion!

Today, he had returned honorably and unaccompanied. He was still a criminal that committed treason while Monarch City was a place that was filled with experts, protected by two Vajra Realm martial experts. He didn’t feel any trace of fear or timidity because Liu Yu must die!

Jiang Yi had to serve justice for that amiable, venerable, and disabled old man!

He didn’t say a single word and silently used his divine senses to scan below. He swept across the near 10,000-strong army in tight formation on the city walls; he swept across the countless residences and courtyard. He swept across all the martial artists from the various clans that were peeking out over at this side.

He obtained it—the answer that he wanted!

From the bewildered voices and discussions, he got to know that Liu Yu had entered the city. The commander that let him in had committed suicide, and that commander was a member of the Zhangsun Clan!

At this moment, he had determined that Zhuge Qingyun was plotted by the Divine Martial Kingdom. At least, they had to be involved. Xia Tianjun and that son-in-law from the Zhangsun Clan were the best evidence.

Immediately after… he circulated his essence force and shouted, “Xia Tingwei, come out and meet me!”


The whole city was boiled over. Everyone knew the name of Xia Tingwei, but no one dared to say it out openly. It was something that they would lose their heads for. Xia Tingwei was a prestigious ruler; he was the heaven and the G.o.d of the Divine Martial Kingdom.

Now, there was someone above the sky of Monarch City that directly addressed Xia Tingwei by his name?

Jiang Yi didn’t respect Xia Tingwei, which meant he didn’t respect the Divine Martial Kingdom and everyone living in it. Many of the experts couldn’t take it anymore as countless Soul Travel Realm experts flew out from the large courtyards and towards the southern city gate. There were plenty of people who began to shout from a distance.

“Jiang Yi, how dare you behave so presumptuously and address His Majesty by his name! You are committing a heinous crime and should be punished!”

“That’s right, Jiang Yi! You might be the Regent of the Great Xia Kingdom, but this isn’t your Great Xia Kingdom. If you dare to call out without respect, you will end up as a splatter of blood!”

“Swiftly kneel down and apologize. Otherwise, we will not let you off easily!”

“Jiang Yi, surrender yourself immediately and wait for His Majesty to judge you. Otherwise, you will die without burial grounds.”

There was a clamorous mob below. At least 100 Soul Travel Realm experts had rushed out and were filled with anguish as they condemned Jiang Yi in speech. Their infuriated voice echoed throughout the southern part of the city, as though they were worried no one could hear them. However… none of them dared to attack Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi couldn’t be bothered to have a rubbish conversation with these people. He was actually very polite earlier; otherwise, he wouldn’t even request for Xia Tingwei to come out and meet him. He would immediately yell…’get your a.s.s out here’!

He swept a cold gaze at the people below and shouted, “Shut up… or die!”


There was nothing but silence. Who was Jiang Yi again? Xia Tianjun’s corpse was still lying outside of Divine Soldier City. If they really infuriated him, he could simply release his Ma.s.sacre Intent. Once his Fire Dragon Sword was out, not even Jiang Bieli and Old Eunuch Lin would be able to rescue them.

Jiang Yi withdrew his gaze and looked towards the north side of the city and roared out again, “Xia Tingwei, I have given you enough face. Do you believe that I will raze your wretched royal palace to the ground?”


The entire city was in an uproar again, and the people were about to curse again. After being swept across by Jiang Yi’s murderous aura, all their words were swallowed back into their stomachs.


There was a loud and clear dragon’s roar that echoed from the north side of the city. More than a dozen four-winged black dragons soared into the sky. Each of the black dragons had more than a dozen Soul Travel Realm experts, only the black dragon at the center had two individuals.

One of them was wearing a dragon robe and emitting vast vital energy. He had this majestic presence, and his fierce eyes were radiating with brilliance, deterring people from looking directly at him. On his side was a thin and weak-looking old eunuch that had a crooked back and gray hair. He had this flattering smile, which looked like an old dog.

All the black dragons had boundless aura presence that didn’t lose out to the Yazi Beast when they were all united. When all the citizens in the courtyards and the soldiers in the streets saw this individual, all of them knelt on one knee and yelled out, “Long Live, His Majesty! May he live for ten thousand years!”

Xia Tingwei finally came out.

Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up. He really didn’t want to start a slaughter. There were just too many commoners in this city, and if a battle broke out here, there would definitely be accidental injuries. He didn’t have to bat his eyes to slaughter the soldiers, but the commoners were innocent.

Jiang Bieli didn’t come? Was he simply not around, or was he intentionally trying to avoid this situation?

Jiang Yi’s heart had a flash of bewilderment, but once the black dragons approached, his eyes regained that icy cold feeling as he looked at Xia Tingwei without fear. When he glanced at Eunuch Lin, his eyes had a flash of hostility as he was nearly killed by this old eunuch back at the Summer Rain City battle. This person also had the most suspicion for the Sea of Death incident.

Xia Tingwei and his men stopped when they were more than three kilometers away from Jiang Yi. They remembered that Jiang Yi’s instant-shift distance was around three kilometers, right? With Old Eunuch Lin around, this distance was rather safe.

“Jiang Yi!”

With Xia Tingwei out, no one else dared to interrupt as he looked at Jiang Yi with cold eyes as he bellowed, “The three-year promise isn’t due yet. Why did you come to my Divine Martial Kingdom? Are you going to break the promise unilaterally and start a war with the Divine Martial Kingdom?”


Jiang Yi silently raised his thumb. This Xia Tingwei was indeed the ruler of the largest va.s.sal kingdom. He immediately spoke and took hold of the righteous side. If Jiang Yi truly dared to start a war without saying anything, they would be able to kill Jiang Yi while the Demon Empress, Shui Youlan, and the others wouldn’t be able to say anything. After all, Jiang Yi was the one that attacked first.

Jiang Yi wasn’t a fool, and so he wasn’t going to start a war recklessly. He simply stood there and waited for Xia Tingwei to come out. He laughed sarcastically and said, “Xia Tingwei, I didn’t expect you to be so shameless. You are complaining when you are the one that is guilty? You have the guts to do it but don’t have the guts to admit it? You have colluded with Liu Yu to murder my benevolent teacher, Zhuge Qingyun. If you don’t hand the culprit over, then don’t blame me—Jiang Yi—for cleansing Monarch City with blood!”


The entire city was in a huge commotion. The matter of Zhuge Qingyun being killed was known throughout the city. The average individual wasn’t qualified to know about the details; neither did they know that Liu Yu had entered the city.

“Jiang Yi, save your malicious slander!”

Xia Tingwei burst with rage as he shouted back, “This King has always respected Zhuge; why would he try to harm him? Furthermore, Eunuch Lin and Bieli had been in the city all this time. The citizens and the military of the city can be their witnesses. Apart from them, who had the capability to murder Senior Zhuge? You are speaking off the cuff and even dare to recklessly kill in this King’s kingdom. Now you even dare to slander me? If you don’t explain yourself today, this King will execute you even with the protection of the Demon Empress and Hostess Shui!”


Jiang Yi howled with laughter while his red hair was fluttering in the air. His body was bursting with murderous spirit as he pointed with his Fire Dragon Sword and burst out with a yell, “Whether Eunuch Lin and Jiang Bieli are in the city, only heaven would know. You actually want to use your people as witnesses? How did you even have the cheek to say that? I just want to ask you… why were Qi and her men obstructed along the way when they were pursuing Liu Yu?

“Why didn’t the Divine Martial Kingdom take down Liu Yu when he was causing havoc in the Divine Martial Kingdom? Why was Liu Yu able to enter the Divine Soldier City easily? Not only did the Divine Soldier City Lord let him leave, but he even personally obstructed Qi and the others? Right now, why did Liu Yu enter Monarch City without any resistance at all? Why did the commander that was supervising the south city gates commit suicide? Xia Tingwei, stop all the nonsense. Just say if you will hand the culprit over. If you don’t, I am going to start killing!”

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