My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 390 – Did I Allow You to Leave?

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Chapter 390: Did I Allow You to Leave?

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“Little Junior Sister!” Everyone cried out in alarm because they could see that the cultivation of this female disciple from the Ghost Faction was not low. It was at least not below them Holy Water Sect disciples.

They had heard that Ghost Faction had a set of unorthodox cultivation methods whose cultivation speed was several times quicker compared to normal mystic cultivators’.

This Ghost Faction female disciple’s fingers were unable to penetrate the defensive mystic energy on the back of the little girl’s hand and only left a shallow white trace on her left hand.

Qiao Mu lowered her head to look at the white trace on her hand. She lifted her head with a frigid gaze and stared at the Ghost Faction female disciple as if she were looking at a corpse.

The next moment, Mo Lian sent the Ghost Faction female disciple’s body flying far away with a kick. She spit out a mouthful of blood with a cough and fell, sitting on the floor dejectedly.

Mo Lian took up Qiao Mu’s small hand to examine it, and his finger gently caressed that shallow white trace.

However, the Ghost Faction female disciple was a tough nut to crack. She didn’t say anything nor shout in pain. She merely didn’t crawl up from the ground from Crown Prince Mo’s kick even after a long time.

Only one of the Ghost Faction female disciple’s eyes peeked out between the long bangs on her forehead. It was currently staring resentfully at Qiao Mu, who was standing next to Mo Lian. To be more precise, its gaze was glued on the hand Crown Prince Lian was using to hold the little girl’s hand.

“What are you all doing??” The other Ghost Faction disciple hurriedly ran over and tried to pull the female disciple up from the floor. He glared cautiously at the people from the Holy Water Sect from underneath his gray headscarf.

“Who are you, stirring up a big fuss! Are you an idiotic fool?” Princess Mi started berating without a second word. “It was clearly you guys who made the first move, alright? What do you mean what are we doing? What can we do?”

“Isn’t that right! Something’s wrong with his brain, right!” Chang Yuxi also followed along with a scolding.

The Ghost Faction disciple’s gloomy eyes fixated on Princess Mi then swept a circle across the other people. He felt that there were completely no odds of success for only him and his junior sister to go up against so many people, so he angrily planned to a.s.sist his junior sister to leave.

Who knew that the little stoic would say coldly, “Did I say you could leave?”

The Ghost Faction male disciple who was supporting the female disciple suddenly stiffened his figure, and he braced himself to turn his head around. His malicious eyes locked unwaveringly on the little girl. “What do you want? You already caused my junior sister to be like this! You’re still not willing to let her off?”

“She only has herself to blame for that! It has nothing to do with anyone else!” The little stoic shouted coldly and then grasped the ferule with a swish. “You want to leave smoothly and effortlessly like this after hurting me? You think that I abstain from meat and pray to the Buddha all day, or that I a.s.sist the ruler in governing the common people?”

“I!! My junior sister has already suffer…” Before the Ghost Faction male disciple could finish his sentence, he could feel right away that the little stoic girl in front of him had flung a frightening wave of mystic energy directly at him and his junior sister.

“Boom!!” The nearby white jade corridor bridge also tremored, and even jade fragments fell off from underneath.

The little stoic leapt up and arrived before the Ghost Faction disciples with a swoosh. The mystic energy in her whole body swelled, and she swung down the ferule in mid-air.

A streak of fire immediately bolted out from the ferule. This mystic weapon could feel its small master’s wrath and was displaying its current peak state!

F*ck! Wei Nanfeng yelled ‘savage’ in his mind, but he kept watching this scene with a smile on his face.

Totally speechless, I’m totally speechless! Why did you go provoke the little stoic without rhyme or reason? He had finally understood the little stoic’s character. She was normally good-natured, but when you provoked her bottom line, she would absolutely exterminate you directly!


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