My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 343 – Obliterate Them

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Chapter 343: Obliterate Them

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Generally speaking, each mystic cultivator could only contract with one mystic beast in his or her lifetime. If the mystic beast were to perish, it wouldn’t only cause a backlash, severely injuring its master, but it would also mean that this mystic cultivator could not have any other mystic beast for the rest of his or her life.

Heh, the future of a great mystic cultivator that had lost his mystic beast and suffered a severe injury from the backlash was definitely bleak.

You could also say, he was basically a cripple.

Ning Bifan’s senior brother was utterly scared at this time. As the youth’s outstretched fingers stirred, his alarmed eyes locked onto the youth who was throwing out several purple flames.

The mystic python beast screeched and tossed around without being able to resist the instant the streaks of purple flames enshrouded it. Its tail heavily smashed the ground, frightening the onlookers into scurrying in all directions while screaming, afraid that they might be smushed into mincemeat.

Ning Bifan, however, fixated vacantly on Crown Prince Mo, just standing there with an infatuated gaze, her expression dazed. Even when her senior brother spit out a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground in pain, she turned a blind eye.

At this moment, her eyes only had that celestial-like ruthless and outstanding youth, that tyrannical youth who roasted the great python until it rolled about on the ground.

The handsome youth was as upright as bamboo and as graceful as a eucalyptus tree. Ning Bifan’s gaze was completely stolen away by the youth, and she turned a deaf ear to her senior brother’s blood-curdling screeches near her feet.

A young girl’s heart throbbed unceasingly.


“Dig out her eyes.” An apathetic voice came out of the youth’s mouth.

The white-clothed youth’s gaze was so cold that her body trembled all over. This was the first time he looked at her, and it was also the last time…

A twenty or so-year-old black-clothed youth suddenly appeared before Ning Bifan, the long sword in his hand gouging her eyes out without hesitation.

“Ah!!” Ning Bifan shrieked.

“Bifan!” A wave of mystic energy suddenly shot out from the side, ferociously colliding with the black-clothed youth’s long sword.

The youth knitted his brows when he heard a crisp clang. The long sword in his hands was. .h.i.t slightly off target and pa.s.sed Ning Bifan’s temples, cutting off a lock of her swaying long hair.

However, the mystic energy exploding from the sword had already pierced into Ning Bifan’s eyes.

“Ah! Eyes, my-my eyes!” Ning Bifan shrieked and cupped her eyes with her hands, blood trickling out between her fingers.


A surge of magnetic-like force caused her entire body to involuntarily fly out and suddenly land next to an elderly man.

“Grandpa Chao. Wah… Grandpa Chao my eyes, my eyes hurt!” Ning Bifan’s entire body quivered in horror.

“Let’s go!” The elderly man glared maliciously at the crown prince before grabbing hold of Ning Bifan’s shoulder, bringing her to escape by air.

“Obliterate them.” The crown prince coldly ordered. The moment he finished speaking, seven to eight black-clothed youths quickly sprinted forth from both sides, closely following the escaping elderly man and Ning Bifan.

1At this time, the surroundings were quiet. The crowd that was watching earlier were crouching in hidden corners and peeking over, not even daring to take a deep breath.

Who knew a small dispute would develop this way?

Our dear Qiao Mu turned her head and apathetically glanced at the man who was screeching from the burning purple flames. She watched expressionlessly without a bit of sympathy.

If she had been at the mercy of the junior and senior siblings just now, would Ning Bifan have let her off given her personality?

So, don’t blame the G.o.ds and accuse others. You reap what you sow.

Besides, the python that the man summoned out was really too disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!!

Only after the purple flame burnt all the sticky snake blood on the ground to ashes did the crown prince set her down. He rubbed her small head and said with a smile, “It’s alright now, don’t be scared.”

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