My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 310 – Uncooperative Son

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Chapter 310: Uncooperative Son

Quan Daodong gritted his teeth and bent down to pick up the invitation thrown on the ground, humiliated.

His gaze s.h.i.+fted to the expressionless young girl standing next to Xu Shanshan and cupped his hands. “May I ask for this Little Senior Sister’s name? I’ve never seen you before.”

Quan Daodong really wanted to identify Qiao Mu so that he could immediately report her to his venerable master when he went back.

After all, he was an eighth-level mystic cultivator but could not withstand a single blow from this little girl, so it could be imagined that this girl probably did not have a match from the Five Factions.

However, the young girl merely glanced at him coldly and turned to leave without saying anything.

Quan Daodong felt like he had been deeply humiliated. This girl was looking down on them! Her meaning was: You commoners don’t deserve to know my name! Right???

He had no idea that our dear Miss Qiao was simply too lazy to waste her words with him.

What should you make a little stoic who was always scarce with her words to strangers say?

Aren’t you forcing her to act against her nature?!

Quan Daodong wanted to head to the Sect Master’s Peak but realized that his green-headed eagle was lying unmoving in a puddle of blood.

He reluctantly picked up his eagle and stifled his fury before rus.h.i.+ng to the Sect Master’s Peak with his junior brother and sister.

—Miss Qiao’s section break—

Inside the Brocade Pavilion of the Central Palace’s northern garden:

Queen Zhao was smilingly surveying the three young women properly sitting in front of her. All three of them were around 15 or 16 and looked outstandingly dignified and virtuous.

The Queen was conversing with the three young women when her personal elderly female attendant swiftly walked toward them, stopping outside the pavilion and bowing.

“Huaxuan, is His Highness still in the southern study handling affairs?”

The elderly female attendant, Huaxuan, quickly shook her head. “When I got to the Eastern Palace, I learned that His Highness was invited on an excursion by the two young masters from the Qin Estate early this morning.”

“It’s the elixirs patrician family, Qin Family.” Queen Zhao nodded pensively.

This child did not have many interactions with the two young masters from the Qin Estate before, no? So how come, now…

“Xiao’xi’zi told me that the Qin Estate invited His Highness many times, and His Highness finally agreed on a rare occasion,” the elderly female attendant softly explained.

Queen Zhao frowned.

She did not know whether it was her imagination, but she felt like her child was purposefully avoiding this. It had happened several times already. Every time she invited the daughters of major officials into the palace, the Crown Prince would leave the palace early, so Queen Zhao could not help but start suspecting him after it happened repeatedly.

Was it easy to be a mother? Her son was 18 already but did not have a single intimate person by his side! It truly made her fret with worry!

It’s fine if you don’t want to accept any imperial concubines, but at least add two women to your side to serve you attentively and have some female company when you work.

Consort Cheng’s Eldest Prince, Mo Jiao, had taken in dozens and hundreds of concubines and sired several sons already. As soon as Queen Zhao recalled Consort Cheng’s pointed words, her mood would take a dive.

Looking at the three pretty, dignified girls in front of her, Queen Zhao suddenly lost her interest to converse with them and waved her hand, signifying for them to leave.

What use was it for her to be so enthusiastic about this matter when her son was not the slightest bit cooperative?!

Queen Zhao angrily rubbed her chest with her flowery embroidered handkerchief. “Go to the Qin Estate and see what His Highness is doing.”

“Your Majesty, Xiao’en’zi from the Sophora Flower Palace is requesting an audience,” senior royal maid, Hexiang, reported after swiftly walking toward them.

Queen Zhao furrowed her brows lightly and forcefully suppressed her displeasure. “What does that one want now? Does she think she can do whatever she wants simply because she’s pregnant? Reply saying I’m tired.”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Xiao’en’zi is here on n.o.ble Consort Zheng’s order to request medicine.”

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