My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1074: Killing One Man Every Step

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Seeing his companion knocked out, the other guard took out a pager, wanting to send out a signal. But he was also knocked out by Qingfeng Li with one slap; the pager dropping onto the floor before being smashed by Qingfeng Li.

For normal people, these two guards at the peak stage of the Earthly Spirit realm would be extremely powerful. But to Qingfeng Li, they were just like flies and could be easily knocked down.

“Master, you are so powerful!” A blush appeared on Yos.h.i.+ko Sato’s enchanting face, with her eyes filling with delight.

 She was the Patriarch of the Ninja Sect. She certainly knew the power of a master at the peak of the Earthly Spirit realm, but the guards were defeated by Qingfeng with a single slap. She wondered how powerful her master had gotten since she last saw him.

Master is so powerful, I’m falling for him even more, Yos.h.i.+ko Sato thought as her heartbeat accelerated. She was tempted by Qingfeng’s das.h.i.+ng figure and couldn’t move her eyes away from him.

“Let’s enter.”Qingfeng Li led Flower Fairy, Yos.h.i.+ko Sato, Black Puppy, and Sky-Devouring Snake, entering the Demon Blade Sect.

At that time, a wedding was being held inside. It was the wedding of the young master, Taro Muramasa. He was the heir of Demon Blade Sect and was a wielder of extreme power and influence. Standing beside him was a woman in red.

This woman was very beautiful. She had a face like a delicate rose, white skin like a blooming lotus, tender lips like cherries, and bright eyes like stars; her entire body s.h.i.+ning with a charming aura.

This woman had not only a beautiful appearance but also an excellent body figure, with long hair reaching her shoulder and perfectly straight slender legs. It was a flawless figure with the golden ratio.

 Everything on this woman looked perfect, except for the lifeless look in her eyes. She was struck on the acupuncture points and was being controlled by another.

If Qingfeng Li were here, he would definitely recognize this woman. She was no one else, but the Fiery Demon King.

Sitting not far from Fiery Demon King was a young man in his 20s. He was handsome but couldn’t move a bit, also controlled by his acupuncture points.

This handsome young man was Purple Bat Demon King. He was also being controlled by the Demon Blade Sect and was asked to attend the wedding as Fiery Demon King’s family.

Taro Muramasa, the young master of the Demon Blade Sect, was a young man around 27-28 years old. He had an attractive face and yellowish skin. His nose was slightly upward while his eyes s.h.i.+ned sharply. With a single glance, one could tell that he was no normal man.

 “Beauty, today you will marry me. Are you happy?” Taro Muramasa smiled and asked.

 Fiery Demon King shook her head, showing her displeasure. She came to Pacific Island to save Lilian w.a.n.g but was caught by the masters of the Demon Blade Sect unexpectedly.

 The young lord of the Demon Blade Sect liked Fiery Demon King and wanted to take her as his concubine. Fiery Demon King resisted but was then captured by the elders of the Demon Blade Sect.

The Demon Blade Sect was a heaven level sect on Pacific Island. Most of the influential forces on Pacific Island had come to attend Taro Muramasa’s wedding this time.

 Among them were the Kendo Sect, Bus.h.i.+do Sect, and Karate Sect, which were all ancient martial art sects on Pacific Island. Besides these top tier sects, some other self-cultivation sects also came, such as the Sakura Sect and Orochi Sect.

This wedding was a big ceremony, with partic.i.p.ants mingling all over the wedding hall. In the end, the Tennou also sent gifts here.

After knocking down the two guards, Qingfeng Li kept moving inside, but was stopped by some patrolling disciples after a few steps.

These patrolling disciples were strong as well, with a leader at the peak of the Earthly Spirit realm.

Qingfeng Li didn’t make a move this time. Instead, Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake rushed forward, one swinging dog paws while the other was shaking its snake tail, knocking out these disciples instantly.

Qingfeng Li had no good feeling towards the people on Pacific Island and was more resentful of those in Demon Blade Sect.

 He really wanted to kill these disciples but was afraid of the b.l.o.o.d.y scent being detected by the people inside. So, he just knocked them out.

 Qingfeng Li kept moving; all the patrolling disciples they encountered were handled by Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake. After a while, they arrived at the gate of the hall.

 The gate was closed tightly, but loud celebratory noises could still be heard from the outside.

People on Pacific Island really liked the traditions from Huaxia. The ceremony of a traditional Huaxia wedding were being conducted inside. Qingfeng Li kicked the gate open just when the wedding host said, “Firstly, bow to the heaven and earth.”


Qingfeng Li kicked the gate open. Since the strength of kick was too powerful, the gate was kicked off and exploded in the air, turning into numerous pieces.

 Everyone turned around toward the gate in this loud noise, wondering who had the nerve to make trouble on the young master’s wedding day.

Once they saw a young man from Huaxia standing at the gate, everyone frowned with surprise in their eyes.

 Most of them thought this young man was too conceited. Of course, some of the ancient martial art sects recognized Qingfeng Li and were deeply shocked, such as the Kendo, Bus.h.i.+do, and Karate Sects.

They were terrified because all of their sect masters were killed by Qingfeng Li. As for the other self-cultivation sects on Pacific Island .such as the Sakura and Orochi Sects, they hadn’t met Qingfeng Li before so they didn’t know much about his capabilities.

“It’s young master; young master has come!” Seeing Qingfeng Li, a hint of excitement appeared in Purple Bat Demon King’s eyes.

 He didn’t expect Qingfeng Li to find this place. It seemed that the two demon kings had a flicker of hope now.

 Fiery Demon King stood far away, looking at Qingfeng Li with complex feelings. She used to look down on him and thought him to be powerless, but Qingfeng Li had improved so much in such a short time and dared to break into Demon Blade Sect to save them.

“Who the h.e.l.l are you? Get out now,” said the master of Sakura Sect, an Earthly level sect.

The Sakura Sect was a sub-sect under the Demon Blade Sect. They stood out first in an attempt to please the Demon Blade Sect.

Qingfeng Li stepped forward. He waved his right hand, and his vital essence formed a giant palm that slapped at the master of Sakura Sect, directly blowing him up.

Seeing their sect master was killed, the elders of the Sakura Sect immediately charged towards Qingfeng Li for revenge, along with some disciples.

Qingfeng Li paid no attention to them and kept moving forward, full of arrogance and conceit, superciliously ignoring the others.

With each step he took, he waved his palm once and killed one man. After ten steps and ten slaps, ten men were killed. Everyone was completely shocked and scared pale.

Killing one man with each step, and leaving no one alive, Qingfeng Li showed his cruelty and cold-bloodedness, turning the ceremony hall deadly silent.

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