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Su Qingxue and Chen Ya were both shocked. Only now did they remember that there was still Ye Fan, who was sitting there silently. He had almost forgotten about this guy if he didn’t make a sound.

Lu Jing Er was shocked and immediately said with disdain, “Who are you? Are you Su Qingxue’s man? “

“My name is Ye Fan, I’m CEO Su’s second a.s.sistant, oh, I’m basically a driver.” Ye Fan introduced himself.

“Driver? “Ye Fan?” Lu Jing Er laughed mockingly: “Su Qingxue, your taste is so bad, you actually found such a b.u.mpkin as a driver?

“Sure enough, Mr. Franny’s judgement is correct. If you choose your brocade, then that would be utterly humiliating!”

Lu Jing’er smiled happily, wanting to see if Felini thought the same.

However, when she turned her head to look at Franny, she discovered that the latter was actually using an exaggerated expression as if she had seen a ghost, staring at Ye Fan, dumbfounded and unable to speak…

Su Qingxue and Chen Ya also noticed that Ferdinand’s expression was a little off, as if he had seen something terrifying …

“What’s the matter with you, Mr. This guy is too unsophisticated, did he really scare you? ” Lu Jing’er quickly asked.

“No …” “Impossible …” Felini muttered to himself, carefully stepped closer to Ye Fan.

When he arrived in front of Ye Fan, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch the collar of Ye Fan’s clothes.

The key point was that his hands were trembling! It was enough to see how excited he was!

“Mr. What’s wrong with you!? ” Lu Jing’er didn’t understand why the foreigner acted like he was possessed.

Su Qingxue was also confused. Could it be that Felini was interested in that rustic blue short-sleeved shirt of Ye Fan’s? Did he get used to seeing good clothes and become curious about the goods on the street?

Ye Fan directly grabbed the opponent’s wrist, and frowned, “Hey, why are you touching me?” I’m not interested in men! “

Felini quickly shook his head, and asked with antic.i.p.ation in his eyes, “Mr. Ye, right? “May I ask, where did you get your clothes, oh, and your shorts?”

“An old friend of mine gave it to me. It has been many years,” said Ye Fan bluntly.

“Old friend? Your friend. “May I know your name?” Felini asked with trepidation.

Ye Fan scratched his head, thinking for a moment, “I called him ‘Old Ai’, his full name is … …” “His name is Eric or something …”

“It’s’ Alec von Blumer ‘, isn’t it?” cried Felini quickly.

Ye Fan clapped his hands, “That’s right, that’s the name. That old man is not bad, and his tailoring skills are also very good. He even made some underwear for me!” “Most of my clothes were gifted to me by him. He’s rather generous, haha …”

Hearing this, Freya’s legs went weak. He staggered two steps back, supporting himself on the sofa with his hands, his face dark and uncertain.

“Mr. What’s wrong with you!? “

Lu Jing Er exclaimed. Su Qingxue and Chen Ya were also shocked by the scene in front of them.

An old tailor was actually able to frighten Felicia into losing her composure!?

Felini quickly grabbed a gla.s.s of water from the table and gulped it down, calming himself down.

He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and spoke with reverence and respect, “Grandmaster Alec von Blumer is my master’s teacher. In other words, he is my master’s …”

When these words were said, Su Qingxue, Lu Jing’er, Chen Ya, and the others all had wonderful expressions on their faces, as if they didn’t dare to believe what they had just heard.

Lu Jing Er covered her mouth, after the shock, she felt that something was wrong and asked: “Mr. Fayerney, didn’t you graduate from Lendon University of Arts? How can there be a teacher? “

As if he was mocking Lu Jing Er’s ignorance, he said, “The real art of clothing is not in any academy, but in Svil-Ro, Miss Lü, haven’t you heard about it?”

Lu Jing’er quickly explained, “Of course I know, in the Rendon MAYFAIR area of Savile Street, which is the world’s best tailor-made location, especially traditional male clothing.

The phrase ‘customized’ clothing originated from that very street. The emperors and n.o.bles of the continent all admired the idea of customizing their clothes on Savile Street. Many of the tailoring shops there have centuries of history! “

Su Qingxue had also heard of Savile Street, but she didn’t know that the status of this street was this high.

“That’s right,” Felini said seriously. “As a child, I was determined to be the best designer, so I worked very hard and joined the oldest tailor on Savile Street, Ed Rvnscroft.

I learned from my teacher George and became an apprentice tailor. It’s a pity that my innate talent wasn’t high enough. After failing to become a direct disciple, I had no choice but to leave the shop and continue on to university … “

“What!? Mr. Feleney, are you not gifted enough? How is that possible? I have never heard of it before. Lu Jing’er asked doubtfully.

Felini shook his head and sighed, “Miss Lu, either you are an internationally renowned designer or you are of the highest standard.

My master is Master George, and his clients are the kings and queens of the royal family, princes and princesses, or the richest men in the world …

He did not need his reputation to do all the work. How could he have the leisure to let ordinary people know of his existence? He doesn’t have the energy to customize clothes for ordinary people. “

Lu Jing Er was shocked. In her eyes, Freani was already a top designer in the world, but she didn’t expect that above him, there was still a group of people that even Freeney couldn’t compare to.

The key point was … It was one thing for his master to be so powerful, but … Ye Fan’s clothes were even made by his master!

Su Qingxue and Chen Ya also could not accept this. After all, not long ago, they had just messed up Ye Fan’s attire.

No matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t tell that Ye Fan’s clothes had such an ill.u.s.trious history. These clothes were everywhere on the streets, so how could it be made by a top tailor of the royal rank?

Su Qingxue also remembered that back then, she still wanted Ye Fan to throw away all these dirty old clothes. If these clothes were that precious, then wouldn’t it prove that she was really too ignorant?

“Mr. Ferney, did you see wrongly? This kind of clothes can be seen everywhere.” Su Qingxue still didn’t quite believe it.

“Miss Su, don’t tell me you really don’t see how amazing this Mr. Ye’s clothes and pants are!?”

Not to mention Su Qingxue, even Lu Jing Er couldn’t help but shake his head. They really couldn’t see anything outstanding about them.

Felicia touched her forehead and sighed, “Yes, you guys still don’t understand. As a tailor, the highest realm of returning to its original state…” Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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