Muchuan And Xiang Wan 415 Poisoned By Him

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Xiang Wan lifted her head to look at him. “What did you do? Why would I be angry with you?”

Bai Muchuan could not decipher her mood. He pursed his lips as he gently undid his collar and ruffled her head.

“You’re still pretending!”


“You little thing. The moment you move your eyes, I know there’s a problem with you.” Bai Muchuan’s deep dark eyes gazed at her. Although there was tiredness in his eyes, his tender affection for her was evident to see.


Bathed in his gaze, Xiang Wan chose to look away.

“There really is something…”

“What is it?” Bai Muchuan held her waist.

“The elevator is here!” Xiang Wan pulled his arm.


Bai Muchuan curled up his lips meaningfully.

He did not talk.

He let her be.

Just like usual.

No matter what she was thinking in her mind, he would leave her be and just look at her…

To him, this was also something enjoyable.

They returned to their rooms and changed to slippers.

Huff! Xiang Wan put down the laptop bag and helped him remove his coat and hang it. Next, she took the necessary toiletries for him, filled the tub with water, and pushed him into the bathroom.

“You must be worn out, right? Hurry up, go for a bath and rest well.”


This woman!

There was clearly a problem.

Bai Muchuan’s line of sight swept past her eyes. “Mm!”

Men tend to take quick baths.

Xiang Wan laid on the bed and quickly flipped through the food delivery app.

By this time, he should be hungry already.

Mm, dinner time at the canteen at the Criminal Investigation Unit was quite early!

Give him a meal first, and then interrogate him slowly! She had this thought in mind.

Xiang Wan was not familiar with Xi City. As she scrolled through the restaurants and eateries listed in the app, she had not yet decided if she should really order some supper for Bai Muchuan.

She then heard footsteps coming from behind her.

Bai Muchuan walked over. He then lowered his body and placed both hands on her shoulders.

“Darling, what are you looking at?”

His voice was husky and attractive and she could feel the warmth of his breathing.

Xiang Wan’s body quivered. “You must be hungry, right?” She chuckled awkwardly. “I’m about to order some supper for you.”

Bai Muchuan narrowed his eyes and looked at the little woman who had been behaving abnormally since earlier. “Supper for me?”

Xiang Wan nodded. “Of course! I’m worried that you’ll be hungry! From now on, I need to take good care of you.”

Why is she so nice today? He thought, She must be up to something…

Bai Muchuan gently ma.s.saged her shoulder and smiled as he spoke. “Little Xiang Wan, your behavior makes me kinda nervous.”

Xiang Wan turned her head and revealed a grin, showing her neat row of white teeth.

“Are you thinking that I’m too kind today?”

“Nope!” Bai Muchuan knocked on her forehead. “I suspect you’re going to rebel. You want to do great things huh!?”

“… And here I am, treating you well with all my heart.” Xiang Wan pouted, displeasure written all over her face. “Aye! I’m upset now. I don’t want to order supper anymore!”

“Just order what you want!” Bai Muchuan laughed and lowered his head to give a peck on her cheek. “And get whatever you like.”

“D*rn! You sound like a domineering CEO.” Xiang Wan frowned at his tone and waved her mobile phone in front of him. “I’ll use my own royalties to buy!”

Bai Muchuan noticed how cheerful she was and smiled along with her.

“You’ve gotten your royalties this month?”


“Congratulations! Then you must treat me supper!”

Heh! Xiang Wan was so happy that her eyes were crescent-shaped.

“Although the royalties are not a lot, it’s enough to support myself!”

Bai Muchuan slowly furrowed his eyebrows, looking a little glum. “Didn’t we agree on this?”

Xiang Wan did not understand what he meant. “Mm? What?”

Bai Muchuan responded thereafter, “We agreed that I’ll support my baby, but now, my baby wants to support herself!”


He’s actually pleading to support someone?


He said ‘baby’!

Huff! A maiden’s heart could easily be swayed!

Xiang Wan was grinning from one ear to another when she took his arm and pulled him down to lie on the bed.

“Stop playing around, you stay here and rest! When your supper arrives, I’ll call you.”

“Should I support you or not?” Bai Muchuan showed a half-smile.

Xiang Wan laughed in amus.e.m.e.nt when she saw his expression. “Fine, you’ll support me! I thank you so much, Sir Little Bai!”

Bai Muchuan grunted a laugh with his eyes half-closed.

He was a little hungry.

Not to mention, he was extremely exhausted.

However, when he was with Xiang Wan, he would feel relaxed and extremely comfortable.

Even though he was just lying on the bed, listening to her talking cheerfully, he also considered it a well-earned rest.

In no time, Xiang Wan ordered some food for him using the food app.

When she turned her head, she realized that Bai Muchuan was looking at her and drew closer to him.

“Why are you looking at me like this?”

“Mm?” Bai Muchuan pulled her over to his chest. “You’re not tired after doing so many things for me?”

“Not tired.” Xiang Wan looked at him, eyes sparkling bright. “I’m glad to do all this for you.”

Bai Muchuan raised an eyebrow. “…”

Hmm, this girl!

What’s wrong with her?

Bai Muchuan’s eyes flickered slightly, staring at her face.

“Little Xiang Wan, you’ve changed.”

“What has changed?” Xiang Wan was startled.

Bai Muchuan chuckled. He licked his gums as a devilish expression loomed on his face.

“Originally, you only like my delicious flesh. Now, you’ve fallen in love with my fine soul, am I right?”

“Hahaha!” Xiang Wan was completely tickled pink. “Cut it out!”

She laid on his arms and hit him gently on the shoulder as she laughed heartily at his joke.

When Xiang Wan noticed that he had shown no reaction, it dazed her for a moment.

She bit her lip; her gaze went from his well-defined chin to his high-bridged nose then up to that pair of alluring, complicated eyes… She puffed a soft sigh while her arms circled his neck and drew closer to him.

“You’re right. I love your appearance, but I also love your soul, a lot.”

“You peeped into my laptop, didn’t you?” Bai Muchuan asked.

Xiang Wan slightly lowered her head and showed a vague smile.

“No, what’s there to see inside your laptop?”

Bai Muchuan lifted her chin. “You’ve seen it, am I correct?”

Xiang Wan kept shaking her head.

“Of course not!”

“Still not admitting to it?”

“… I really didn’t!” Xiang Wan’s cheeks were now slightly red.

“There’s no use denying it,” said Bai Muchuan seriously and turned to land on top of her, nulling all possible resistance from her. “I can already feel it from the adoration in your eyes…”

Xiang Wan’s pupils contracted.

She was dumbfounded!

Yet in the next moment…”You must have peeked at the 50GB of video clips, right?”


This guy!

So he was just teasing her!

Xiang Wan was relieved and managed to free her hands from him and put her hands around his neck again. She sniffed his face like a puppy before retorting him back. “How narcissistic! No wonder I smelt something strange…”

‘What smell?”

“The smell of a beast!”

“Wow, you’re getting bolder…” Bai Muchuan cupped her face. “Seems like I should put to use of those 50GB worth of material to show who’s in charge!”


Xiang Wan was annoyed and shy at the same time.

“Are there really such videos inside?”

“Hurhur! What do you think?”

“… I couldn’t imagine that!”

“Then do it!”



It was purely coincidental that Xiang Wan came across the folder of “The White List”.

She didn’t poke around what else was inside the laptop.

Of course, her stumbling upon the folder of “The White List” was astonis.h.i.+ng enough for her.

Her mind was too preoccupied with that discovery that she didn’t have the time to think about anything else.

Bai Muchuan was actually Second Young Master Mu…

Prior to that, she didn’t even dare to think about it.

This was because she had thought that Second Young Master Mu should at least be 30 to 40 years old.

It was impossible to write “The Grey List” or “The White List” without a rich life experience.

Second Young Master Mu’s book was not only professional, but it also adopted the unique literature language in the writing. Although the book was about criminal cases, it was also narrating the joys and sorrows of people. The book contained humanity, ethics, crime psychology… as well as many others. There was a pulling force, pa.s.sion, and vitality oozing from the book.

People who read it would fall for it instantly.

She had thought that such an essence of life should not be something an iron-willed straight man like Bai Muchuan could comprehend.

Hence, although there was an unpublished draft of more than 1,000 words sitting inside the folder of “The White List”, Xiang Wan still did not dare to think of Second Young Master Mu and Bai Muchuan as one ent.i.ty.

To the extent that she was a little afraid to raise her doubt.

Was it because she was afraid of being disappointed?

Or rather, she was afraid that he would be disappointed with her instead?

“Bai Muchuan…”

Xiang Wan wanted to say something.

“Say it!”

He urged her to continue.

Xiang Wan looked at her man, who was holding her tightly. “There is a folder called…’The White List’ on your laptop.” She said very softly.


He stared at her.

As they stared at each other, both just kept quiet.

Xiang Wan was a little nervous.

“It wasn’t intentional. I saw it when I wanted to create a new doc.u.ment.”

“No need for explanation!” Bai Muchuan pressed his lips together. “You did that deliberately.”

“I didn’t!” Xiang Wan had wanted to continue defending herself when she suddenly realized something. “So you admit it?”

“Admit what?”

“That you’re Second Young Master Mu!”

“When did I admit I’m him?”

“You didn’t object to what I’ve said!” Xiang Wan pointed at him.


Bai Muchuan chuckled. He then took her finger and bit it gently.

“Teacher Xiang, there’s something wrong with your logic. Not denying does not necessarily mean admittance.”

“Hmph, this is not the time to talk about logic! When have you ever seen a woman who would talk about logic with her boyfriend?”

Bai Muchuan was taken aback for a moment.

Then he laughed.

“What should we talk about then?”

“Let’s talk about why you have a folder named ‘The White List’ on your laptop…”

“That’s simple! I’m also a reader of Second Young Master Mu!”

Bai Muchuan put it casually.

Nonetheless, Xiang Wan did not believe him at all.

Her eyes narrowed as she scrutinized him. “Where did the draft come from?”

“Just some of my speculations about what will happen in the story.”

“Bai Muchuan, why are you denying it?”

“I didn’t…”

“You’re still denying it!”

Xiang Wan’s mouth landed on his forehead, but she did not bite him. She just gave him a peck on the forehead. “If you’re not Second Young Master Mu,” she snorted, “then where did the autographed books come from?”

“From a friend.”

“Fine, I want you to give Second Young Master Mu a call now…”

“Really?” Bai Muchuan’s gaze seemed a little clouded.

“Call now!”

“No problem!” Bai Muchuan wanted to take his mobile phone but seemed to get defeated when Xiang Wan made a remark. “Don’t think of calling Quan Shaoteng or some other people to lie to me… Hurhur, I don’t believe Laowu next-door can write a novel like that!”


Bai Muchuan did not say anything.

Both of them looked at each other.

Although they were looking at each other, their thoughts had flown thousands of miles away.

Xiang Wan managed to catch a glimpse of a smile in his eyes.

“Aye, you little nymph! What should I do with you?”

“Oh, seems like Second Young Master Mu also knows how to write nonsensical romance fiction besides murder mysteries, yes?”

“But, didn’t most girls like to hear all this?”

“Sir Little Bai!” Xiang Wan looked serious. “Back to the topic!”

She was unable to read his mood.

“I don’t understand,” complained Xiang Wan, “this is something good. Why didn’t you want to tell me? I’m not an outsider…”

“If I admit it, will you be angry?” Bai Muchuan’s face was back-facing the light. She couldn’t see his expression clearly due to that. “Little Xiang Wan, I don’t want you to be angry with me,” he said in his husky voice softly.


Xiang Wan did not know what to say.

“Why should I be angry?” She raised her eyebrows, looking at him seriously. “I’ll just beat you up.” She gritted her teeth. “Bai Muchuan, you’ve been deceiving me this whole time!”

Immediately, her little fist moved toward him!

“Heroine, one shouldn’t use their fists so easily! Use your mouth and kiss me instead!”

“You’re annoying!” Xiang Wan laughed.

“You’re really not angry?” Bai Muchuan held her hand tightly and let out a low chortle. “I guess it was wise of me to let you use my laptop!”

Xiang Wan stared blankly at him for a moment.

Before she caught on, Bai Muchuan’s line of sight had locked on to her face and quickly pressed his lips onto hers, directly blocking the words she wanted to say.

“… Bai Muchuan…”

Xiang Wan was out of breath.

“Don’t move!”

Bai Muchuan was breathless as he kissed her eagerly.

“A mouth that doesn’t hurl abuse… is sweet!”


“Close your eyes, silly girl!”

Xiang Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Reflexively, she closed her eyes and channeled all of her emotions and senses into the kiss.

It was a cold winter day outside. She was together with her beloved man in a hotel. All other thoughts and concerns inside her head were drowned in nothingness in no time.

Don’t think anymore.

Don’t think anymore, she thought to herself.

His domineering kisses almost melted her…

As they were getting into the mood, she whimpered.

“I… regret…”

“Mm?” Bai Muchuan’s dark eyes were like blazing in flames.

“I shouldn’t have ordered supper!”

“I can eat you up first before supper!”

Their lips were against each other and their warm breathing intertwined.

“Little Xiang Wan!” Bai Muchuan’s hand brushed her hair at the forehead and looked at her seriously. She could see the fire in his eyes. “From now on, there’s only you and me—no one else, no supper delivery, either!”



Xiang Wan felt a squeeze in her heart!

In the next round of pa.s.sionate kisses, her soul was taken away by the stimulation of her senses.

That night, Xiang Wan had a dream.

In her dream, her idol, Second Young Master Mu, was actually her boyfriend, Bai Muchuan.

That was really incredible.

When she woke up the next day, she was as though still in a daze.

Bai Muchuan went to work very early.

Xiang Wan and Fang Yuanyuan were in a cab on the way to a pet shop. She had been grinning to herself non-stop.

“Seems like Captain Bai had done his homework well last night!” Fang Yuanyuan snickered and teased her directly.

“Stop spouting nonsense!” Xiang Wan rolled her eyes. “Do you think we’re like you two?”

“Hurhur!” Fang Yuanyuan reb.u.t.ted, “You’re so distracted today. Just how deeply poisoned are you?”


Xiang Wan bit her lip and did not deny it.

She’s right.

If there was a poison by the name of Bai Muchuan in the world…

She felt this poison had gotten her slipping under.

The poison had already infiltrated deep within her, and she did not want to receive treatment either.

Even if that meant she might die—

“Come back to earth! If you behave like this again, I have to send you there…” Fang Yuanyuan poked her arm as she pointed at the signboard not too far away from them. “Saw that signboard? It’s a mental hospital!”


Fang Yuanyuan was born an optimist. She could always make everyone around her feel happy.

Xiang Wan frowned at her and then showed a smile.

Immediately, her expression changed.

“I know now!”


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