Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 76 – Coward

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Chapter 76: Coward

Translator: Yunyi

Song Yaoyao lowered her head and played with her fingers nervously. “Actually…I bullied him…”

Uncle Zhang cleared his throat and tried not to laugh.

Next to him, the woman had a strange expression as she looked at Song Yaoyao.

“But Gege…” Song Yaoyao suddenly realized something and grabbed onto Huo Yunque’s sleeve. “Why did you help me when you knew I hit Huo Ningxi?”

Her dense eyelashes cast a light shadow on her cheeks as she smiled with a smug look between her eyes.

Huo Yunque let her grab onto him without taking a single look at Jiang Tao. “Take Miss Song back to her room to rest,” he ordered gently.

He did not reply nor explain.

But Song Yaoyao was joyous; she did not need a response. Sometimes, actions spoke louder than words, right?

As she watched Huo Yunque turn around and leave, Song Yaoyao waved her hand. “Good night, Gege~”

Huo Yunque paused just before he turned the corner, his throat twitched and he lowered his eyes.

“Good night…”

Uncle Zhang looked at Song Yaoyao in surprise.

She actually made the cold Master break out of character and even scold the Young Master.

Although they weren’t usually close, he had never scolded him!

“Uncle Zhang, is this the person that the Master asked me to take care of?”

Jiang Tao stepped forward and stretched out her hand elegantly. “h.e.l.lo, Miss Song, I am Jiang Tao.”

“Miss Song, this is Jiang Tao. From now on, she will take care of you while you stay here. If you need anything, just let her know,” Uncle Zhang introduced them to each other with a smile.

“I understand. Thank you, Uncle Zhang~”

Song Yaoyao curved her eyes, stretched out her hand politely, and shook Jiang Tao’s hand.

“h.e.l.lo, I will have to trouble you from now on then…”

Jiang Tao’s gaze did not change as her back stiffened.

She maintained a smile and nodded her head. “No trouble at all. It’s only right.”

She put on airs like she was the female master of the house, and Uncle Zhang furrowed his brows when he saw this. But when he thought about the way that Jiang Tao normally behaved accordingly, he did not say anything.

Perhaps, he was overthinking things.

“Miss Song, please follow me upstairs. I shall show you to the guest room.”

Jiang Tao stretched out her left hand welcomingly and her right hand shook beside her body.


Song Yaoyao jogged back to grab the desserts and milk that was previously prepared for her and smiled sweetly at Jiang Tao. She then followed her upstairs.

Although it was just a guest room, the decorations were stylish and matched the manor perfectly.

“Miss Song, your bathrobe is ready and we’ve asked someone to buy you a change of clothes. Do you want me to fill the bath for you? Or do you want to eat while you bathe?”


Song Yaoyao took a sip of milk. Her eyes were moist and innocent.

“That’s not a bad idea, but I think I’d prefer that you take care of me. After all, isn’t that what Gege wants?” she smiled slightly with an underlying meaning in her eyes.

Jiang Tao clenched her fists and nodded elegantly. Her att.i.tude was friendly.

“Okay, Miss Song. I will go prepare it for you now.”

She nodded her head slightly, but as soon as she turned around, her smile immediately disappeared.

Song Yaoyao didn’t seem to notice as she sat on a chair and swung her legs while enjoying the desserts from the kitchen.

The flavor was much better than the ones bought from outside.

After the bath was filled, the maids prepared her a change of clothes.

But just before Song Yaoyao walked in to bathe, she suddenly glanced to the side and said, “By the way, before I come out, can you keep guard outside? I’m sorry, I’m a coward. I hope you don’t mind~”


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