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Chapter 261: 261

Whenever Yuan Xuan had the intention of ravaging her, he would dazzle her over and over again with his slightly hoa.r.s.e voice .

Mu Chenyan felt her ears burning, so she pushed the blanket towards him . Then, she said fiercely, “I’ll give it to you! I’ll give everything to you!”

Instead of getting angry, Yuan Xuan laughed when he saw her getting a little annoyed . “No wonder Little Fur Ball Ginger is so violent and malicious . Cats usually take after the traits of their owner!”

Mu Chenyan became even angrier when she heard him comparing her to that fat cat, Little Fur Ball Ginger . “You’re the one who’s a perverted cat!”

Yuan Xuan chuckled and his hands started to move around while he whispered, “Mistress is right . I’m indeed a perverted cat . Briquet convinced me to come back just now and ravage you nicely . I’m an easily convinced man and I’ll listen when a cat convinces me…”

By this time Mu Chenyan knew that she was in trouble, she was being tightly pressed underneath Yuan Xuan already…

This G.o.dd.a.m.n man was using cats as an excuse to sleep with her!

Brisquet told him to sleep with me, so he slept with me?

Mu Chenyan rolled her eyes internally, but she had already entangled her arms around his neck .

Yuan Xuan saw her blus.h.i.+ng cheeks and he thought of an idea to tease her . He blew warm air onto her neck and whispered in a low voice, “Good girl!”

His kisses traveled downwards and the tip of his tongue swept through her curves . Mu Chenyan’s entire body trembled continuously…

Suddenly, Yuan Xuan stopped at her…

Mu Chenyan suddenly exclaimed, “Not there…”

Mu Chenyan was considered rather traditional and conservative . Thus, she could not accept many different kinds of techniques, but she was continuously forced by Yuan Xuan to step out of her comfort zone .

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Yuan Xuan chuckled .

Mu Chenyan was lost in a daze already and her little face was burning red . She bit her lips and nodded her head heavily .

“If you’re uncomfortable, beg your husband!”

Yuan Xuan continued to giggle while he looked at the Mu Chenyan .

Mu Chenyan shook her head, she was not willing to talk . Yuan Xuan saw this and thought that it would be another round of torture .

Mu Chenyan’s lips were hurting from the torture and she sobbingly asked, “How?”

Yuan Xuan could not help but laugh in his heart . This naive woman!

“Say, husband!” Yuan Xuan commanded .

Mu Chenyan did as he asked obediently .

Yuan Xuan increased his pace without hesitation and Mu Chenyan moaned even louder .

Throughout the entire night, Yuan Xuan ravaged Mu Chenyan until the sun came out . The woman’s aching body was being loved over and over again .

Mu Chenyan felt as though she was being beaten up and was hurting everywhere .

The satisfied Yuan Xuan woke up early in the morning and went out for his usual work out, whereas Mu Chenyan laid on the bed and thought about life…

After having breakfast, Yuan Xuan grabbed his car keys and got ready to go to work . Suddenly, a maid reported to him nervously, “The Eldest Young Mistress from the Peace Mansion was sent to the hospital last night!”

When Mu Chenyan heard that something had happened to Wen Ya, her entire body became drenched in cold sweat . “What happened?”

Yuan Xuan had a cold look on his face and did not say anything, but Mu Chenyan asked hastily anyway .

The maid continued, “I heard that she had an argument with the Eldest Young Master and he pushed her down the stairs…”

Before Mu Chenyan knew about this, she did not think that it was a problem . However, she had seen Yuan Zhe hit Wen Ya before . This was most probably a domestic violence case and Wen Ya must have been heavily wounded .

“Which hospital was she admitted to?” Yuan Xuan asked in a low voice, he had a dark expression on his face .

The maid was frightened and she dared not raise her head . “I heard from the maids in the Peace Mansion that she went to Sheng Yu…”

Mu Chenyan rushed upstairs . “I’ll go after I change my clothes…”

Yuan Xuan sighed when he saw how Mu Chenyan could hardly retain her composure . He raised his phone and called Tian Qi, “Follow the Mistress today!”

Sheng Yu Hospital .

Tian Qi followed behind Mu Chenyan with some fruits in his hand . He looked like a log with his huge build as he followed behind her closely .

Mu Chenyan did not know what Yuan Xuan was worried about . She looked at Tian Qi as a loyal puppy and she could not help but laugh .

Mu Chenyan came here often to visit her mother, so she was very familiar with this hospital . She took a few turns and found the ward in the orthopedics department . Mu Chenyan saw the defeated look on Wen Ya’s face through the ward’s window, as though she was a b.u.t.terfly with broken wings . She looked beautiful yet pitiful .

Wen Ya had a cast on her left leg and it was hanging in the air . As expected, she had quite a severe injury .

Mu Chenyan pushed open the door and walked into the room . Only then, she saw the bruises below Wen Ya’s neck that spread all over her pale arms to spots where even the patient gown could not cover .

As a woman who has had s.e.xual experiences, how could Mu Chenyan not know the meaning behind the bruises?

However, the bruises that Yuan Xuan left on her were bruises made out of affection . Whereas the bruises on Wen Ya were clearly made out of brutal violence .

“Wen Ya, what happened to you?”

Mu Chenyan was not a sentimental person, but when she saw Wen Ya’s pale lips, she recalled the time when she had to endure her pain silently . Thus, she choked on her voice unintentionally .

Despite how Wen Ya constantly distanced her self, Mu Chenyan had always treated her as a friend…

A hint of liveliness appeared in Wen Ya’s hollow eyes . She moved her lips and said calmly, “Just as you can see, I’m not dead…”

The woman smiled bitterly and a teardrop rolled down from the corner of her right eye .

Mu Chenyan was puzzled . Back when she had studied in the UK, Wen Ya was her senior . She was a gentle and beautiful woman who was the dream lover of many guys . Who would have thought that Wen Ya would end up like this today?

Mu Chenyan sat on the chair next to the bed and held Wen Ya’s hand . “Wen Ya, why don’t you get a divorce if you’re suffering so much to keep this marriage together?”

Mu Chenyan knew that it was irresponsible of her to say that .

There must have been a reason as to why she did not get a divorce . Even so, they were once friends and Mu Chenyan did not want to see Wen Ya living in misery .

“Divorce?” Wen Ya muttered . She turned towards Mu Chenyan, there was a confused look on her eyes . “Divorce so that he can live a carefree life?”

Mu Chenyan was left speechless by what she had heard .

When Wen Ya saw how Mu Chenyan did not understand what she meant, her eyes turned dull . She laughed coldly . “I want the status as his wife even if I die . I want to see him suffer in the Yuan Family Mansion…”

“Xue Meiwei has been forcing me to bear a child for Yuan Zhe . If I get a divorce, Yuan Zhe will marry a socialite and have kids . He will live a carefree life and I will have nothing left! Why should I do as he pleases?”

Mu Chenyan felt her heart tighten and she held Wen Ya’s hand with more force . “Wen Ya, what is the point?”

Wen Ya smiled gloomily . “Yeah! Why?”

She paused for a moment and looked towards Mu Chenyan . Her voice sounded pitiful, “My whole life has been ruined just like that! Chenyan, you’re not me, you will not understand my pain! Yuan Xuan’s love for you is as deep as the seas . There’s no one in this world who understands my pain!”

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