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Chapter 690 The Home I“m Giving You

After she’d calmed down, Lin Nuan used both hands to caress Fu Huai’an’s cold and sharp features. She spoke slowly, “Well then, I’ll leave it to Sir Fu to work on my lung capacity.”

Fu Huai’an’s eyes darkened. “Sir Fu?”

“Nainai told me you used to be their instructor. And a devil instructor at that!” Lin Nuan’s voice was light, and her fair cheeks were flushed after their pa.s.sionate kiss.

Fu Huai’an kissed Lin Nuan’s lips, and his eyes and voice were flirtatious. “Sir Fu is very strict!”

Lin Nuan raised her arms to wrap them around Fu Huai’an’s neck once more. The large sleeves of her black silk pajamas slid onto her shoulders, revealing her slender arms. She tiptoed to kiss Fu Huai’an on the lips, and her voice was as pure as orchids. “How strict can he be?”

Fu Huai’an transformed Lin Nuan from a girl into a woman and, with his own eyes, witnessed her shyness change into the flirty eyes and smile on her face right now. She balanced the two well, and it made her seem seductive.

Lin Nuan’s red rose eventually bloomed for him and him alone…

His hands moved to wrap around Lin Nuan’s slender waist. He couldn’t help but embrace her and kiss her pa.s.sionately, grabbing her perky b.u.t.t and placing her on the counter.

The hair tie, which had been holding Lin Nuan’s hair together loosely, dropped on the counter. Lin Nuan’s thick hair cascaded down her shoulders like a dark waterfall. Under the light, it seemed l.u.s.trous and s.h.i.+ny, making her seem even more fair and pet.i.te. She was so beautiful that he wanted to embrace her even more tightly.

Lin Nuan held onto Fu Huai’an’s firm shoulders with both hands, and the oversized neckline of her silk pajamas fell to her elbows.

Lin Nuan panted as her lips parted from Fu Huai’an’s. Her face heated up as she asked, “Aren’t you tired after fooling around for so long last night?”

“Who was the one that first seduced the other, hm?” Fu Huai’an’s magnetic voice was extremely hoa.r.s.e, and he gently bit Lin Nuan’s smooth shoulder.

Lin Nuan smiled. Her face was flushed red from embarra.s.sment, but she continued to talk back. “Who was the one that didn’t want to tell me what the proposal present was?”

Fu Huai’an gripped onto the counter and held onto Lin Nuan’s slender waist with one hand. Her soft and smooth skin made him want to pin her down to the bed and make love to her…

His Adam’s apple bobbed, and he held back his desire as he looked at her. “Eat your breakfast. Afterward, I’ll take you to see the present to satisfy your curiosity and satisfy me!”

Lin Nuan thought Fu Huai’an meant that she had to satisfy him when they got back, and her ears grew even redder.

Fu Huai’an looked at Lin Nuan’s waist-long hair. The ends of her hair gently caressed the back of his hands as she leaned back. Her pajamas slipped to reveal large areas of her fair and beautiful skin, giving her a casual yet feminine and s.e.xy vibe. She was the best breakfast in the world.

“I like the way you look with your hair down…” Fu Huai’an said as he kissed Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan smiled and raised her chin slightly.

Lin Nuan’s breathing became erratic from their noses touching and their breaths mingling. Her right hand moved up her man’s firm arm and wrapped around his neck, while her left hand couldn’t help but move underneath his home wear, caressing his manly and firm waist and abdomen.

Before their lips even touched, Lin Nuan already felt her man’s abdomen tighten. Her face heated up…

Fu Huai’an’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly, and he gripped his wife’s tiny waist even more tightly. He couldn’t resist her slow and torturous movements, and he tilted his head to kiss her lips forcefully.


Lin Nuan was shocked to hear the doorbell ring. She quickly separated from Fu Huai’an, pus.h.i.+ng him away with one hand and frantically pulling at her clothes with the other!

“There’s someone at the door!” Visibly shocked, Lin Nuan’s voice shook as she spoke.

Fu Huai’an furrowed his brows and was very displeased.

“Move aside!”

Lin Nuan was afraid that if no one answered the door, the person who rang the doorbell would move towards the window here…

If the person saw her and Fu Huai’an in such a state, how could she ever step out of the house in the future?

Fu Huai’an’s lower body hadn’t calmed down yet and was understandably frustrated. Who chose to look for them at this moment?

Lin Nuan pulled up her s.h.i.+rt, which had fallen from her shoulder. Seeing that Fu Huai’an wouldn’t move, she pushed his chest. “Put me down quickly. I’ll put on a jacket and answer the door!”

Displeased, Fu Huai’an slowly and reluctantly moved away from her.

Lin Nuan hopped off the counter and grabbed the hair tie to re-tie her hair. However, she remembered that Fu Huai’an said he liked the way she looked with her hair down. Glancing at the frowning Fu Huai’an, she smiled and looped the hair-tie around her wrist. She then quickly walked over to the entryway and put on a hoodie before answering the door.

Standing outside was a stranger Lin Nuan had never seen before. He looked to be in his fifties and was very fit, as he didn’t have a potbelly. His suit was well-ironed, and his hair was graying at the temples. He stood in the doorway and had turned to look at the ginkgo tree in the yard until he s.p.a.ced out…

The pouring rain from last night caused the golden ginkgo leaves to fall to the ground and the scenery in the yard to be picturesque.

Hearing the door open, the middle-aged man turned back. Lin Nuan held onto the door handle with one hand and zipped up her hoodie to keep out the cold with the other.

“h.e.l.lo, may I know who you’re looking for?” Lin Nuan said as she looked at the man in front of her, who had a strong presence.

Upon seeing Lin Nuan, the middle-aged man gave her a friendly smile, and his tone was very amiable. “Is Huai’an in?”

“You are?” Lin Nuan was wary and had no intention of letting the man in straight away.

“I’m Huai’an’s fa-”

The middle-aged man stopped before he finished speaking, as he looked behind Lin Nuan…

Lin Nuan turned back to look at Fu Huai’an. He was standing at the entrance to the dining room, his hands in his pockets. His lips were pressed together tightly, and he gave off a mature and cold aura. His gaze was deep and calm, as always.

“Huai’an!” The middle-aged man flashed a slightly awkward smile at Fu Huai’an. “There’s something I want to discuss with you! Is it convenient to talk now?”

Lin Nuan had no idea who this middle-aged man was. She could only sense that Fu Huai’an didn’t seem to like him.

Lin Nuan turned. “Well, then please come in…”

“No need!” The middle-aged man gave Lin Nuan a kind smile. “I’ll just say a few words to Huai’an outside. The ginkgo tree is beautiful!”

Lin Nuan didn’t force him to come in.

Lin Nuan walked downstairs after showering and getting dressed. Outside the full-length window, Fu Huai’an and the middle-aged man stood side-by-side under the shelter. Fu Huai’an held an unlit cigarette between his long fingers.

Lin Nuan had hidden Fu Huai’an’s lighter.

She said she would let Fu Huai’an slowly stop smoking. However, after getting a taste of the bitter cigarettes, Lin Nuan felt that it was better for him to kick the habit as soon as possible…

She walked into the kitchen and poured away the warm water Fu Huai’an poured for her, which had already gone cold, then poured herself a new gla.s.s of warm water. After taking a sip, her fingers gripped the mug tightly, and she couldn’t help but turn back to look at the two of them. She tried to observe Fu Huai’an’s expressions and figure out their relations.h.i.+p.

The whole Tianfu Bay villa was tranquil. It was so quiet that Lin Nuan could hear the ticking of the grandfather clock in the living room.

Earlier, that man said he was… Huai’an’s fa? Fa what?

Could he be… his father?

Lin Nuan put down the mug in her hands and subconsciously craned her neck to look out the window.

Lin Nuan remembered that Fu Huai’an once said he and Sister Xiangsi’s husband were half-brothers. They had the same father but had different mothers.

Back then, Fu Huai’an went to Iraq to save them!

In that case, what happened between Fu Huai’an’s parents?

Previously, when Huai’an brought Lin Nuan to Jincheng to see Uncle Blessing and Aunt Blessing, he said that he was raised by a grandma who pa.s.sed away when he was off on a mission. He wasn’t able to take care of her during her last days and felt guilty about it. So, he went to find the grandma’s nephew, Uncle Blessing…

Because of the grandma who raised Fu Huai’an, whenever Fu Huai’an went to Jincheng, he would visit Uncle Blessing and Aunt Blessing if he had time.

She remembered that when he took her to visit Uncle Blessing and Aunt Blessing after their marriage, Aunt Blessing said that she and Uncle Blessing never had kids and thus treated Fu Huai’an as their own son!

Lin Nuan furrowed her brows and looked at the two figures in the yard. Then… where was Fu Huai’an’s father all this time?

He had another family with Jiang Ming’an’s mother and chose to abandon his son, even though the child had already lost his mother?

Lin Nuan’s eyes trembled. She had a bad feeling about this…

If this man was really Jiang Ming’an’s father, did he know that Tuan Tuan was Jiang Ming’an and Sister Xiangsi’s child and hence came to take him away?

Lin Nuan’s hands grew cold. She saw Fu Huai’an turn to look at the man beside him, and she subconsciously hid.

Lin Nuan’s heart thumped. This was her home, so what did she have to fear?


Fu Huai’an turned to look at Jiang Chengyuan. Cigarette in the corner of his mouth, he took out a box of matches from his pocket. With one flick… the flame suddenly ignited.

Fu Huai’an covered the flame and lit the cigarette. He took a deep drag and casually threw the extinguished match to one side. Be it his expression or his actions, they both radiated a certain coldness.

“Who told you that Tuan Tuan is Jiang Ming’an and Lu Xiangsi’s child?” Huai’an let out a puff of thin smoke. His eyes were half-lidded and calm, and his defined features were unreadable.

“I’ve seen the way that child looks! It was only a drawing on the show, but he looks just like Xiangsi and Ming’an…” Jiang Chengyuan’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly, and his eyes were unreadable. “Huai’an, you already have a wife, and you two are going to have your own children in the future. Tuan Tuan is my biological grandson. I’ll take good care of him!”

Fu Huai’an tapped away the cigarette ashes with the hand holding the cigarette. “Didn’t you read the news? Tuan Tuan is my and Lin Nuan’s child…”

“Huai’an!” Jiang Chengyuan’s voice was feeble. “You can fool others, but based on your personality, if you really like a person, why would you have a child with her but take care of the child alone? How many years pa.s.sed before the two of you got together?”

Fu Huai’an opened his mouth to speak. “I don’t have to explain my relations.h.i.+p history with Lin Nuan to others. The reason I was taking care of the child was that I couldn’t bear to let the woman take care of the child herself…”

Jiang Chengyuan looked at Fu Huai’an.

Fu Huai’an could open the wounds deep within his heart without a care in the world, without batting an eye. This made Jiang Chengyuan feel that the cold Fu Huai’an in front of him was fearful.

Jiang Chengyuan’s lips parted, but he couldn’t say a word.

Looking at Fu Huai’an’s eyes, which were as calm as ever, Jiang Chengyuan’s eyes reddened. He turned and widened his eyes, fearing that tears would start rolling down his face.

“I know you still hate Dad! I let you and your mom down back then…” Jiang Chengyuan’s Adam’s apple bobbed furiously. “But I’m going to take Tuan Tuan away, and this is for his own good! When the two of you have your own children in the future and have your biases, it will be a blow to the child.”

Fu Huai’an remained silent and simply looked at Jiang Chengyuan. He wanted to hear what he still had to say.

Jiang Chengyuan’s heart ached under Fu Huai’an’s gaze, and his eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears. “I know you won’t believe anything I say! Let me see the child! Let’s see if the child is willing to leave with me…”

Fu Huai’an stood in front of Jiang Chengyuan. As he looked at Jiang Chengyuan’s aging features, the past replayed in his mind. He tapped away the cigarette ashes.

After last night’s rain, the air in Haicheng was cold. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Lin Nuan, who had walked out of the dining room with a worried look on her face. His gaze s.h.i.+fted towards Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan’s hands were tightly clenched at her sides, and her face was full of anxiety.

Fu Huai’an smiled and gave Lin Nuan a smile that put her at ease. His gaze then s.h.i.+fted back onto Jiang Chengyuan. With his deep voice, he said to him coldly, “There’s no need for that…”

“Huai’an, that child is my grandson!” Jiang Chengyuan’s voice was anxious and feeble. “He looks so much like Xiangsi! You went to save Xiangsi and Ming’an. Looking back at the past now, isn’t it obvious what happened?”

Fu Huai’an took a drag of the cigarette. After the gray smoke cleared, Jiang Chengyuan saw Fu Huai’an’s calm expression.

Jiang Chengyuan knew Fu Huai’an’s personality too well. He knew that Fu Huai’an wouldn’t relent, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to see his little grandson. He then said, “Okay… even if you and Lin Nuan are that child’s parents, can’t I see the child?”

Fu Huai’an remained silent.

Jiang Chengyuan grew anxious. “Huai’an, I’m the child’s grandfather!”

Hearing this, Fu Huai’an’s black eyes looked at Jiang Chengyuan. “Your surname is Jiang. My surname is Fu, and so is the child’s. Whose grandfather are you?”

Jiang Chengyuan’s hands clenched into fists at his sides.

When he was younger, in order to marry Bi Wenyan, Jiang Chengyuan followed the suggestion of Bi Wenyan’s parents. In order to not have conflicts with Bi Wenyan, Jiang Chengyuan didn’t even dare to let Fu Huai’an take his surname.

Fu Huai’an’s words made Jiang Chengyuan’s heart ache, but he couldn’t defend himself.

“Don’t come here in the future…” Fu Huai’an glanced at Lin Nuan, who was standing at the entrance to the dining room. “And don’t let Lin Nuan know who you are!”

Jiang Chengyuan looked at his only remaining son. “Huai’an… what do I have to do in order for you not to hate me anymore?”

Fu Huai’an remained silent, and Jiang Chengyuan had a sudden realization. “You don’t hate me, you never even acknowledged me as your father!”

Fu Huai’an nodded and said, “When I helped you after the Jiang family company closed down and underwent liquidation, did you think we had a deep father-son bond? I helped you… only because you helped to send off Grandma.”

The “Grandma” Fu Huai’an was referring to was Uncle Blessing and Aunt Blessing’s grandaunt, the person who raised Fu Huai’an…

Jiang Chengyuan’s heart clenched in pain. It hurt so much that he could barely stand.

Jiang Chengyuan tried to trick himself into thinking that Fu Huai’an did this to get back at him for all the pain he had caused him, but Fu Huai’an’s eyes were so honest that Jiang Chengyuan didn’t even dare to look at them.

Fu Huai’an noticed Jiang Chengyuan’s driver standing beside the black sedan parked outside the villa. He asked, “Do I need to ask your driver to send you to the hospital?”

His voice was devoid of any warmth.

Jiang Chengyuan shook his head. All he could see were the white cigarette ashes at Fu Huai’an’s feet.

“Can I please meet the child just once? I won’t say a word!” Jiang Chengyuan’s tone was almost humble as he begged him.

Fu Huai’an tapped away the cigarette ashes and remained silent.

He stood under the shelter and watched Jiang Chengyuan walk through the gate and take out the toys he bought for Tuan Tuan from the trunk…

Jiang Chengyuan stood at the gate with the toys in hand. He looked at Fu Huai’an with lifeless eyes, suddenly losing the courage to step foot into Fu Huai’an’s villa again.

He hung the toys he got for Tuan Tuan on the gate and opened his mouth, but he didn’t say a word. He then got into the car and left.

Once Lin Nuan saw that Jiang Chengyuan had left, she opened the door and walked out of the house.

Fu Huai’an extinguished the cigarette in his hand, which had been fully lit, and walked towards Lin Nuan. His eyes didn’t have the anger Lin Nuan expected them to have. They were as calm as stagnant water. “It’s cold outside. Let’s go in…”

Lin Nuan nodded.

Fu Huai’an followed Lin Nuan into the house. Just as he closed the door, Lin Nuan reached out to hug Fu Huai’an’s waist. His body was cold from standing outside in the chilly, moist winter air.

Lin Nuan didn’t know if his heart was as cold as his clothes. She instinctively hugged him tighter, wanting Fu Huai’an to feel warm.

Fu Huai’an smiled and grabbed Lin Nuan’s slender shoulders. He held Lin Nuan’s head with one hand and kissed it.

Under the lights in the entryway, Lin Nuan’s soft eyelashes were a golden color. Her eyelashes fluttered slightly…

“Was that guy… your biological father?” Lin Nuan didn’t look up at Fu Huai’an, instead putting her ear close to his chest to listen to his calm and steady heartbeat.

Lin Nuan looked up when she didn’t hear Fu Huai’an respond. She tiptoed so that her forehead was against his jawline. “Did he want to see Tuan Tuan, or… did he know that Tuan Tuan is Sister Xiangsi’s child?”

“What are you afraid of?” Fu Huai’an smiled. “We won’t lose Tuan Tuan. He’s our son. No one is going to take him away!”

Lin Nuan felt relieved after hearing Huai’an say that. She adjusted her emotions before smiling at Fu Huai’an. “Didn’t you say you were going to take me to see my proposal present? I’ve been ready to leave for so long, and I’m really curious!”

Lin Nuan had already changed and was ready to leave anytime…

Fu Huai’an’s mood was lifted after seeing Lin Nuan’s bright and cheerful smile. “We can leave after I get changed…”

“Okay! I’ll wait for you!”

After Fu Huai’an went upstairs, Lin Nuan stood in front of the full-length window and looked at the presents Jiang Chengyuan left at the gate. She could tell they were toys for Tuan Tuan. She didn’t know how Fu Huai’an wanted to deal with them.

When the two of them left, her eyes were glued to the toys hanging on the gate. As Fu Huai’an pushed open the small gate, she asked, “How should we deal with the presents hanging on the gate?”

Fu Huai’an said, “Leave them there. We’ll see if Tuan Tuan wants them or not when he comes back!”

Lin Nuan pursed her lips and stepped into the car with Fu Huai’an.

On the way, Lin Nuan held herself back from asking Fu Huai’an what the proposal present was. After a half-an-hour drive from the city to the suburbs, Lin Nuan could clearly see Nanshan from the front pa.s.senger seat.

She grew confused and couldn’t help but turn to Fu Huai’an and ask, “Just what present needs you to drive to the suburbs?”

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