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“Oh, it’s depressed.” Karen Chen fell silent, reflecting on what she did wrong. But she didn’t really do anything. She just fed it a little too much, why is it depressed?

“Look, its leaves are big and fat.” Gao Peng held the Dark Dodder’s leaves in his fingers, “Such fat leaves are full of energy, yet every time it’s halfway through evolution, it gets interrupted.”

“Over time, it became more and more obese, more and more ugly. Because of the changes in its appearance, it began feeling inferior, wretched, afraid to talk to other female vines, and finally, it developed depression.”

“???” Karen Chen.

“Alright, go back and give it some fermented bean water so it can digest the extra energy in its body. After a while, it’ll evolve on its own. After that, just spend more time with it, and its depression will get better.”

Karen Chen was doubtful.

After handling the matters here, Gao Peng inspected the Southern Sky Group again.

The new Southern Sky Headquarters has been built on the Continent Emperor Turtle’s back. It was built on the foundation of the original ruins, and it only took ten days to construct the new headquarters.

The new headquarters’ area is more than double the original.

Only a small part of the factory was preserved. A small artificial lake was also dug on the Continent Emperor Turtle’s back.

Everyone else naturally envied the fact that Southern Sky Group moved into the sky, including top tribes like White Dragon.

This type of headquarters is movable and can fly in the sky. Its safety and adaptability are much better than normal bases.

Ji Hanwu took the other tribal patriarchs and elders to tour the new island on the Continent Emperor Turtle’s back.

Gao Peng also saw someone he recognized, You Xuanming from Xuanhu Tribe.

The master of Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha…

A couple of years ago, Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha could still rival Gao Peng’s Familiars, but now it’s left far behind.

As the master of Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha, You Xuanming naturally had very complex emotions when he saw Gao Peng again.

Gao Peng greeted him with a smile.

You Xuanming hesitated for a bit, managed to squeeze a smile, and nodded.

Looking at Gao Peng’s back as he walked away, You Xuanming inhaled deeply and finally sighed.


“Yes, this tree has to be planted here, don’t make it crooked!” An arrogant and irritated voice rang.

Turning around the mountain peak, Gao Peng saw a small, domineering person flying in the sky, their hands on their waist.

“And this Water Dragon Gra.s.s, plant it at a place where the water is 6.74 meters deep and has a swift current, the leaf has to face the middle of the current.”

“And this Geng Dragon Vine, plant one-third of it in the ground, the remaining two-thirds…idiot! Why are you standing so close to the Azure Dragon Flower? Do you want to ruin my favorite little flower!?”

The Dragon Elf King was stamping with rage in the air. This elf king, only the size of Goldie’s palm, had a temper that was completely disproportionate to its body size.

“Ya!” Dragon Elf King turned around and saw Gao Peng, and couldn’t contain a scream. “It’s you!”

“Looks like you’re doing a good job taking care of them,” Gao Peng praised the little elf, looking around at the developmental conditions of the Dragon type plants.

Dragon Elf King was a little unconfident, but after it heard Gao Peng praise itself, it immediately stuck out its chest, its face full of pride.

“Of course. You’ve made a brilliant decision by leaving these things to me.”

“Moneymaker, Silly,” Gao Peng called over the two little treasures, ordering them to take out a bunch of Dragon type plants to give to Dragon Elf King.

Silly was nonchalant, as long as you don’t touch its juice, it’s fine with anything.

But Moneymaker trembled, its loyalty to Gao Peng made it hand over the items obediently.

Each new Dragon type plant can bring new power to the Dragon Elf King. In return, it can also help the Dragon type plant flourish. It’s a mutually beneficial situation.

Moneymaker clenched the plants in its left hand. Dragon Elf King couldn’t grab it the first time.

It blanked for a second.

Dragon Elf King used more force.

Moneymaker pursed its lips, loosening its nails. Dragon Elf King crashed into a tree with a thump.

Moneymaker muttered to itself, looking like it lost its senses.

After having its treasures taken, Moneymaker’s steps were weak. It touched the ground with its toes, floating as it walked like it could be blown away by the wind.

It stood on its hind legs, placing its forelegs on its waist, its mustache quivering.

“What…are you doing?” Gao Peng was speechless.

“I’ve been emptied.” Moneymaker’s eyes brimmed with tears.

“…” Why are you being so dramatic!?

“If you’ve been emptied, then replenish yourself with nutrients.”


Moneymaker picked up a stone on the ground and put it into its s.p.a.ce. It took two steps forward and pulled another tuft of gra.s.s full of dirt.

“Mud, gra.s.s, and cigarette b.u.t.ts. Gla.s.s, sand, and garbage chunks. Whatever you don’t want, give it to me.”

After another two steps, Moneymaker secretly observed Gao Peng from the corner of its eyes. Seeing that Gao Peng didn’t react at all, it continued walking, complaining miserably.

Moneymaker put everything it saw into its s.p.a.ce, whether it be rocks or muddy gra.s.s. Not long after, it dug a great pit in the ground.

“Stop digging, if you keep going the entire Continent Emperor Turtle is going to be penetrated.” Black lines appeared on the corner of Gao Peng’s eyes.

If it keeps going, after a while, the mountain peaks on Continent Emperor Turtle’s back are going to be penetrated.

Moneymaker’s treasure s.p.a.ce is a very peculiar thing. At first, Gao Peng thought it was a limited s.p.a.ce.

But eventually, he realized Moneymaker’s treasure s.p.a.ce doesn’t have any size limits.

In a sense, its treasure s.p.a.ce is infinitely big!

Of course, this is somewhat biased.

Moneymaker’s treasure s.p.a.ce uses a kind of energy called “Treasure Aura.”

When any treasure is stored into Moneymaker’s s.p.a.ce, it creates energy called Treasure Aura after its preciousness, rarity, and value are weighed. Moneymaker’s s.p.a.ce increases continuously with the volume of Treasure Aura. With a dense Treasure Aura, it can even open up s.p.a.ce thousands and tens of thousands of times the size of the original s.p.a.ce.

Everything has Treasure Aura, even a single leaf of gra.s.s, even a single grain of sand.

It’s just that their Treasure Auras are very weak, weak enough that they can’t even open up a s.p.a.ce that can hold them.

“Elf King, all the plants that you’re looking after, aside from giving a share to my grandpa’s group, give the rest to Moneymaker,” Gao Peng said.

Dragon Elf King agreed that it was fine. Its only hobby was planting Dragon type plants and looking after Dragon type plants. It didn’t care who it gave the fruit to.

Moneymaker’s eyes lit up, its head no longer hurt, its back was no longer sore, and it withdrew the claws on its waist.

“Chirp chirp.” A yellow bird flew in from a distance and circled in the sky, “Someone’s looking for you, someone’s looking for you.”

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