Monster Integration Chapter 2135: Two Months

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Chapter 2135: Two Months

TING Ting ting

Tens of rhythmic sounds rang across the giant grey phantom of mine, hammers which are bigger than Grimm Monster to the size of ant fell on my body, giving me immense pain but also purifying my body and reinforcing my strength.

It is still as painful as the first time I had practiced it despite going through the process so many times for nearly two months.

Aside from the pain, many things have changed in my art and other things. 

The phantom of mine, which had been very murky two months ago, has now become quite clear. It is still grey in color but not murky anymore, and also, the grey color had become quite lighter than I could see very deep inside the phantom.

TING Ting ting! 

The last of the hammers rang before humanoids moved back and began placing the hammers in the racks. 

This scene is a little different from that when I begin at this time, the fire is burning brightly in the furnace, which means there are still resources inside, but the workers forget to place back their weapons like the furnace is empty.

It is happening because the current state of my body and core could not handle any more refining.

It is repeatedly happening over the past three weeks, and I have to strengthen my body and core by harvesting the bloodline of the Grimm Monsters, but that would not work soon, as my body and core had reached very close to the limit.

Currently, I had reached 66% of 1st stage of my art and would be able to refine up 70% before I reached the limit and have to break into the leader cla.s.s.

The 66% of 1st stage of the art had given me a humongous strength, even I don’t know how strong I have gotten. I have not used my full power in the battle, but looking at the condition of ardon, it won’t be long before I have to use every bit of my strength against the enemy.

The final attack has come very close; either we will be attacking the Grimm Monsters, or it will be the Grimm Monsters who will attack us; the next battle likely is the final battle, for which I had been holding back using all my strength.

As I finished practicing, I got up from the spot and burned away all the vomiting smell around me before summoning my sword.

As I did, I summoned all the internal energy I had while powering up the weight enchantment on my sword with my Inheritance energy before starting to swing it around.

If I had done something like that two months ago, right after the practice, I would have long control over my strength and crashed against the wall, but now, I have gotten a lot better at controlling the strength of my art and not to mention, I only progressed 2% in this session.

I practiced for more than two hours before I had finally stopped. I had got control over the strength I had just got, and now, I am feeling quite hungry with all this intense exercise.

Showering up, I started dinner, and an hour later, there was sumptuous dinner on the table with Ashlyn, Nero, and me eating.

After eating dinner and cleaning up the plates, I went back to my room and entered inside my core which had a huge change compared to what it was two months ago.

My core had become much greener, and the energy inside was denser. The seeds I had planted had grown up; some even began to grow the resources that I needed and would be able to harvest them in a month or so.

The essence tree also had a big change; it had grown slightly big and much more vibrant than I had found it, and most important thing, it had consumed 80% of all twenty-four essences around it

It won’t be long before the first stages of buds of fruits start to appear on the tree.

From what I had observed, the essence tree had taken all the twenty-four essence without any problem, and its speed of essence consumption and growth is a little surprising, but they are the good signs.

While the amazing essence tree has little surpa.s.sed my expectation, the mysterious seed given to me by the Grand Lord is sitting in my core and consuming my resources like being a freeloader.

Except for its continued taking of my resources, there is no change in it, and I don’t know whether there would be any since I had not been able to find anything about it.

A couple of times, I wanted to throw away the seed, but I held myself back. Since I had invested so much on it already, I might as well go all the way up without holding anything back; who knew it might soon surprise me with its budding up.

I checked on my plants before I walked up to my study station near the lake, where hundreds of formations are neatly placed, and in the center is a silver humanoid.

I had made huge progress in my Inheritance in this past month and would be ready for level up in a month if I continued to work on it regularly. 

I worked on my Inheritance for six hours before I took a tome in my lap and opened it. There is no interference in bringing the tome inside my core and using it inside. Seeing how much I am focusing on it, it is saving me tons of time.

I had mastered the 899th recipe and working on the 900th, which is a test and quite a hard one as no matter what I create, it is not enough. The test is too hard, but pa.s.sing it would give me a reward like never before.

From what the being inside have said, the last hundred recipes are on a completely different level than what I had learned before and hearing it say those words, I couldn’t help but become excited about it.

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