MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 517 – The Most Terrifying and Utterly Horrifying Person

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Chapter 517: The Most Terrifying and Utterly Horrifying Person

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The target of the Tuhr Sacred Sword’s attack was not Li Yi. Instead, it was the Orange Bow in his hand, the Wrath of the Stars.

The Orange Bow glowed a faint red hue but was otherwise unharmed. On the other hand, the Tuhr Sacred Sword was thrown off to dozens of meters away from its original position.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword was a divine weapon, but Li Yi’s Orange Bow was not too far behind from that. Even though it still has two seals that have yet to be removed, its overall ability was already on par with the divine weapons. The Orange Bow was even made from the Hunter G.o.ddess’s body! Its durability was profound.

Judging on durability alone, even the Tuhr Sacred Sword paled in comparison to the Orange Bow.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword’s attack has failed. Immediately, it drew a circle in the air where a great suction force suddenly appeared from within. Li Yi was quickly enveloped by the circle.

Li Yi’s HP plummeted at rocket speed. In a blink of an eye, he had lost half of his Health.

“Powered-up Arrow!”


In desperation, Li Yi shot out an arrow that had accurately hit the hilt of the Tuhr Sacred Sword.



The blood-sucking circle dissipated. The Tuhr Sacred Sword stopped dancing in midair to fight against Li Yi, seemingly shocked at the turn of events. On the other hand, right when Li Yi had retaliated against the Sacred Sword, Akna grabbed the opportunity to wave her Skull Sword in the air for a long while before abruptly pointing it at the corpse of Sister Windcloud Nine.

A gust of black air shot at the body. Sister Windcloud Nine’s corpse shot up and stood upright on its feet even when it was still in halves. However, each half of the body has the ability to move on its own. Akna has used her Undead summoning skills to turn her corpse into Undead beings.

Without a corpse, Sister Windcloud Nine was forcefully teleported out of the Altar. There was a temple just outside of the Tuhr Altar, and she would be able to regain a new body when she resurrected herself there.

The body of Sister Windcloud Nine jumped and hopped around before pouncing at the Tuhr Sacred Sword. When the Sacred Sword was busy fighting with Li Yi, Sister Windcloud Nine’s corpse had exploded by themselves.




The explosion was more terrifying than the Enhanced Explosion Trap of the Archers. The Tuhr Sacred Sword was blasted away by a few dozen meters before it disappeared into thin air.

The Tuhr Altar has five floors. The Tuhr Sacred Sword would randomly appear within the second to the fifth floor, and it would escape whenever it suffered severe damage. When the players finally found it again, its Health would have already recovered to full.

The method to tame the Tuhr Sacred Sword has always been a hot topic among the players. Sadly, in the eight years in his past life, no one was able to obtain the divine weapon.

Akna rested for another half an hour before she could barely summon another teleportation door. With Li Yi’s help in summoning, Sister Windcloud Nine has once again rejoined their ranks.

Initially, Li Yi’s Cursing Sect Outfit was no longer in effect after he had forcefully attacked the Sacred Sword. However, in preparation for Sister Windcloud Nine’s arrival, he had donned the Cursing Sect Outfit again. The transformation effect was already in play when she arrived.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, I think I’ve seen you shooting some arrows while I was still lying on the ground. Is that right?”

“You’ve seen wrongly.”


Sister Windcloud Nine’s questions and doubts were easily dismissed by Li Yi’s curt replies.

Akna resumed her rest by sitting on the ground. This time, it took her a longer time to recover her mana.

When Akna finally stood up after a long while, she nodded at Li Yi. “Thank you so much for your help.”

A ding was heard. Her Affinity has increased again.

The three of them marched forward and entered the third floor of the Altar.

The traps installed within the second floor of the Altar was already quite terrifying, but they were entirely blown out of the water by the monsterlings on the third floor.

The third floor of the Altar only had one type of monsterlings – the Stone Guardians!

The Stone Guardian was a Boss on the first floor, but all of them had become mere monsterlings in the third floor. Similar to the human-faced stone statue, the third floor was densely packed with Stone Guardians. They were just as powerful as the Boss on the first floor.

If Li Yi was facing a bunch of monsterlings, he could simply activate his Area of Effect attacks to deal with them. What the heck should he do when he was surrounded by a bunch of Bosses?

Li Yi felt a headache growing in his head by just looking at the scene.

Akna, on the other hand, looked entirely unruffled. She bit through the skin on her fingers and activated the Sacrificial Summon.

Droves and droves of skeletal crows and skeletal bats appeared once more. They crowded over the Stone Guardians before self-destructing.




Self-destructing could only deduct 1 HP off the Stone Guardians. On top of that, the scene where dozens of Stone Guardians gathered around to spit out countless human-faced stone statues was really a sight to behold.

Thousands of human-faced stone statues appeared and spat out rocks at an insane rate. All of the skeletal crows and skeletal bats had died, and Akna was attacked to the extent where she only had three million HP left. Out of the blue, her body transformed into a puff of black smoke. She had used Dark Exchange and controlled Sister Windcloud Nine like a puppet so she would die in her place.

Akna ran. Before Sister Windcloud Nine could understand what was going on, she was already lying on the ground.

At that moment, the human-faced stone statues came to chase after Li Yi. Li Yi turned and sprinted away, using all of his life-saving acceleration skills that he had such as the Rocket Propellant and the Wind s.h.i.+eld’s Protection. Only then he could manage to make it back to the second floor before the human-faced stone statues could attack him.

Akna stood at the entrance to the second floor, panting in exhaustion. This person has used Dark Exchange and exhausted the upper limits of her HP to exchange places with Sister Windcloud Nine. She finally survived the ordeal.

Li Yi grinned at Akna. “How great it is to have an apprentice.”


Akna loudly snorted at him and continued to rest by sitting on the ground.

“Dark Exchange cannot be done without consent. She had agreed to this.”

Li Yi was stunned.

After a while, Akna opened up the teleportation door. Sister Windcloud Nine was pulled over to them again.

Li Yi asked, “How should we go about this?”

Akna’s eyes remained shut. She did not provide an answer. Meanwhile, Sister Windcloud Nine was busy shaking her head.

It was not difficult to deal with one Stone Guardian. However, how would they be able to handle a whole bunch of Stone Guardians?

“Why don’t we get more people over?” Li Yi suggested.

Li Yi took out the friend summoning tool and put his idea to the test. What happened next made Li Yi speechless again. The friend summoning tool did not even respond to his actions. After that, he had received a System Notification.

[The distance with the sensor tower is too far. The tool is not functional…]

Akna chuckled. “My dark teleportation door could only summon my apprentice. Besides, do you think I have any other friends?”

“I will fall into my slumber. If you cannot wait for me, you can just leave me be.” A layer of black smoke rose from Akna’s body and gradually wrapped her into a coc.o.o.n…

Akna’s injury was so severe that she could only rely on Transcendence to quickly recover her Health.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, are you tired? I’m still doing fine.”

“I’m not tired.”

“You were so speedy during your escape just now. Why did your feet spit fire? Why did a Wind s.h.i.+eld appear over your body? Are you a multi-cla.s.s player?”

“You’re indeed a smart one.”

“Hehe, that’s not true. I’m very dumb.” Sister Windcloud Nine was joyous.

Akna will not be waking up any time soon, but if Li Yi were to leave, it would be very difficult for him to return to this spot.

Li Yi said, “I’m thinking of going over to look at the bunch of Stone Guardians. Are you with me?”

“Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Sister Windcloud Nine nodded and followed Li Yi with her staff clutched tightly in her hand.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, do you know how to use Dark Exchange? If you do, don’t be shy when you’re faced with danger. Just use it on me, I’m not afraid of dying. Hehe.”

“Why are you not afraid of death?”

“I could always grind for all my lost levels, and I could also go and farm for my lost equipment, no?”

“That’s a good way of thinking. Eh? Hold on, that’s not true. Previously, you’ve told me that there’s this great enemy of yours that is simultaneously despicable, shameless, and lewd. From your tone, you seem to fear him a lot, right?”

Sister Windcloud Nine shuddered from head to toe and lowered down her head. She anxiously scanned her surroundings, looking as if that great enemy of hers would jump out of nowhere at any moment.

“I’m not afraid of death, but… Sigh.” Sister Windcloud Nine was conflicted.

Two of them chatted as they walked. It did not take long for them to see the bunch of Stone Guardians again.

The human-faced monsterlings were nowhere to be found, and only the Stone Guardians were hopping around in the vicinity, gathering together before scattering out once in a while. They looked very lively.

How many Ice Rocks would he get if he were to kill all of them?

The more Li Yi pondered on the thought, the less contained his excitement became. He waved at Sister Windcloud Nine. “Take a few steps backward.”

“What’s going on, Mr. Ulumuch?”

“I’m going to transform.”


“Yes, my transformation will be so great that the sky and earth will shake in awe. After my incantation, I will turn into the most terrifying and utterly horrifying person in this world.” Li Yi’s tone was serious.

“Haha, how could that be possible?” Sister Windcloud Nine has a look of disbelief on her face. However, she still backed away obediently.

“I can turn into anyone I like because I am an all-cla.s.s player!” Li Yi continued to make up his bullsh*t. His task now was to convince Sister Windcloud Nine that he could really turn into anyone in existence.

Sister Windcloud Nine laughed and shook her head. It was evident that she did not believe what he said.

“Look closely!”

Li Yi turned and transformed into the Ghost Crab. He then posed a few terrifying actions in Sister Windcloud Nine’s direction.

“Not only I can transform into humans, but I can also turn into monsters too.”

Sister Windcloud Nine’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Look closely, I’ll soon become the most terrifying and utterly horrifying person in this world!”

“Haha, good luck!”


Li Yi dismissed his transformation of the Ghost Crab and regained his original appearance. Then, he grinned at Sister Windcloud Nine.


Sister Windcloud Nine froze for a solid three seconds before emitting a shriek that was tragic beyond compare in this human world. She turned to run but ended up slamming face first into the wall. She then squatted on the ground in pain.

“Transformation dispel!”

Li Yi was speechless. He quickly put on the Cursing Sect Outfit to become Mr. Ulumuchi.

“I have dispelled my transformation. What are you doing?”

Sister Windcloud Nine squatted on the floor and covered her eyes with both of her hands. She no longer dared to look at Li Yi anymore.

Li Yi had no idea if he should laugh or cry. He really had no idea that Sister Windcloud Nine was so terrified of him that one look was enough to scare her until this extent. It was as if she was a rat that had just seen a cat.

After a long while, Sister Windcloud Nine bolstered her courage to turn her head and looked at Li Yi in the eye. Only then did she feel a slight relief.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, was that… was that really your transformation just now?”

“Of course it is, do you still not believe me? Do you want me to transform again?”

Sister Windcloud Nine was fl.u.s.tered. “No, no, no. There’s no need for that, really. No need. I believe you, I believe you.”

“You should go further away. Since I’m about to transform again, it’s best if you could walk to the entrance of the second floor.”

“You’re not going to turn into him again, right?”

“Him? Who?”

“The most terrifying and utterly horrifying person in this world. That’s him.”

“Oh, it’s possible, but I might turn into someone else too. My transformations are random.”

“Oh, I’ll go further away then.”

Sister Windcloud Nine jogged away and stayed clear of Li Yi.

“I’m transforming again!”

Li Yi yelled and transformed again in a puff of white smoke…

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